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Following its launch from Deep Space Nine on Stardate 64691.4, the U.S.S. Jericho ventured forth into the Gamma Quadrant to revisit a protouniverse that had been long forgotten for seventeen years. When the Ambassador-class starship arrived to its destination, the crew discovered that the protouniverse had expanded in size by a considerable amount and that its continued expansion posed a risk to not only the quadrant but the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Upon further investigation, the crew of the Jericho discovered a rift in the protouniverse and when it was decided to take a closer look with a handful of probes, the worst happened. Four energy tendrils sprang out of the rift and latched onto the Jericho. The ship, along with all its crew were lost on that day. The story, however, does not end there. The Jericho emerged on the other side of the rift, within the protouniverse itself.

After meeting with the residents on the other side of the rift, it became clear to the Jericho's crew that their arrival wasn't by accident. The Paragons, leaders of the Lumenite Concord, charged the Starfleet crew with a daunting task; to save their dying universe before all is lost.

These are the adventures of the Federation Starship Jericho. Join us in our epic adventure as our crew is put to their limits to stop the annihilation of an entire universe. While that is at the forefront of the crew's minds there is one other thing that occupies their thoughts. Every single day, the crew of the Jericho yearn for that one opportunity that will allow them to return home.

Here on the Jericho, we value quality over quantity. We want players who put some effort into their characters and are driven to telling good stories that will spark one's imagination. There is nothing more important here than one's character. We also aim to return to the days where Star Trek was about exploring new worlds and new civilizations as well as going where no person has gone before.

If you have the time at your disposal and want to be part of some engaging and thrilling stories, and most importantly, if you like everything that you've read about the ship so far, then why not give us a chance? Join us on the Jericho today!

Current Mission: Death By Devotion

Stardate Unknown. The discovery of wall carvings in a cave on Choss has led the Jericho to the Logidu System - a star system whose position happens to be along Veriathan's last known trajectory.

Latest News Items

» New Maps!

Posted on Mon Jul 4, 2016 @ 8:19am by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey folks!

So I've finished the couple of maps that I promised you guys. One is of the Dax Protouniverse as a while. The other one is a zoomed in shot of Lumenite Space and where we've been. You can check both of them out in the 'Tour' Section of the site.

Or, just click the following LINK!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Mission Update (June 2016)

Posted on Fri Jul 1, 2016 @ 5:21pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Good afternoon everyone!

This monthly mission update is something I've started on one of my other sims and I'm going to be doing it here too now. The purpose of this is to make sure that everyone is up to date on what's going on in the mission as well as reassuring anyone who might be interested in joining our merry band of writers that we are in fact active. So with all of that being said, here we go!

Month of June

Post-wise, we didn't really do well in the month of June as we only got one post out. With that being said, there are a number of joint posts currently being worked on. Four or five I think. I also have another solo post that I need to do. I expect July will be much better for us.

The Mission

Here's what you need to know about what's currently going on in the mission:

Lieutenant Stross, Lieutenant JGs Oldan and Ren returned to the Jericho with their guest - the Lumenite Jodan Kubota. While they waited for Commander Rismore to return from the planet, Tehja took Jodan do the mess hall for a little bite to eat. About an hour later, Garridan and Counselor Keistler returned to the ship and were briefed on the current situation involving Jodan. The Commander ordered the Counselor that he have a word with him in order to get a read on his current state of mind.

Following the crew’s failed attempt to get in contact with a listening post in the Gamma Quadrant, Ensign Genevieve Devaux, a science officer (NPC) under Lieutenant Varrenbek, spoke with a technician from the Elpis Arch. The Arch was what brought the Jericho to the Dax Protouniverse in the first place, so it was her belief that if she could find out how they managed to get their trans-universal gate to work, that they could do something similar to communicate with Starfleet. Gen discovered that the Lumenites had encountered a similar problem to theirs but unfortunately they could not just openly disclose that information. The technician suggested that he’d have to speak to his superior. Well, later that morning, Ensign Devaux received another transmission from the Arch with a schematic on how to deal with the wayward neutrinos, giving hope that they would be able to contact their home galaxy very soon.

Site Things

There's only a couple of things that will be happening with the site in the month to come. First, I will be putting the finishing touches on an updated map of the Dax Protouniverse / Lumenite Concord Space. This will take into account our trip to the Logidu System! The other thing is that I'm going to be making some NPCs.. most notably for tactical and security. With Wilkins no longer with us, there is a bit of a void that I'd like to fill there. If anyone does want to create NPCs for other departments, just make sure to ask the department head first. In most cases it shouldn't be a problem. I'd like to start putting in more into the every day life things on the ship.

I think that's it for this month. Please try to get to your tags promptly. I'd like to see us bring this mission to its conclusion in the next couple of months. If you're not writing and you've signed up to play here.. then there's a problem! Please do your best to contribute and as always if anyone ever has any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to either come to me or Shannon (Mr. Stross). Let's put in a good effort this month!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» A Little Mission Update

Posted on Fri Apr 1, 2016 @ 7:10pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey everyone!

I know that things have been a little bit slow. It's not totally unexpected. We're only a handful of players and it's taking time for everyone to get to their tags. The important thing is that we're all getting to them and we're still getting posts out. So good job on that front!

With regards to our mission, it looks like everyone is going to be returning to the ship shortly and that's where the big climax for this mission is going to take place. So I don't see this mission going on for that much longer. I've been really impressed with the little storylines we've been working on for this mission. So all I really wanted to say is to hang in there! There will be more for you guys to post about, and react to very, very soon. :D

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Moving On To 2016!

Posted on Tue Dec 29, 2015 @ 5:05pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hello everyone!

I hope that everyone has had some nice Christmas holidays. Unfortunately all things must come to an end though. With the holidays coming to a close, that means that we need to get writing again! If everything goes well I'd like to try and finish this mission in the next 2-4 months. I know that we can do it, but this means that everyone is going to have to work hard on getting to those TAGs. We should be answering them every 2-3 days (especially now that the holidays are over).

2016 marks Star Trek's 50th anniversary. Let's make this a really good year for the Jericho!

Happy New Year!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Happy Holidays!

Posted on Mon Dec 14, 2015 @ 5:04pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hello everyone! Happy holidays!

So, things have really slowed up in the last few weeks. I think that it's pretty normal at this time of year as people are busy with real life. That's completely okay. I myself have been busy with a number of things. I have a university astronomy assignment due tomorrow (that I'm not very confident about), and I'll also be doing some shopping and cooking this week. Oh, and it's Karen's (Tehja) birthday on Wednesday too. Lots to do. So with all of that in mind, for the next two weeks, don't worry too much about posting. Do it if you can. If you have time. That would be great. Don't feel obliged to do it though if you have other stuff going on although I do expect people to resume posting after Christmas has passed.

I hope that everyone has some super holidays with lots of Trekkie gifts. If you did get some Trek-themed gifts let us know in the OOC post. :D Be safe everyone!

J.P. / Cmdr. Garridan Rismore

Latest Mission Posts

» To Capture A Neutrino

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Thu Jun 30, 2016 @ 7:35pm by Ensign Genevieve Devaux

Considering the late hour, it really came as no surprise to Gen that she and Lieutenant Varrenbek were not able to get in touch with Commodore Zembosi. While it was imperative that they find a way to communicate with their own galaxy, it wasn't a life or death situation. It…

» The Calm Before The Storm, Part One

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Sun May 22, 2016 @ 12:40pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Ensign Andrew O'Reilly

O'Reilly landed the shuttle on the Jericho and began powering down the systems.

"Good work Ensign," Garridan said as he got up from the co-pilot seat and headed aft towards the boarding hatch. He pressed one of the buttons on the panel beside it which made it start to open.…

» Arrival Of The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Mon May 9, 2016 @ 12:48am by Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan

As the shuttle came to a gentle halt on the floor of the Jericho's main shuttlebay, Tehja turned to Jodan and asked "So what did you think of our ship on the approach? Pretty as a picture isn't she?"

Even the Lumenite had to admit that it was impressive. "Yes,"…

» Back Up To The Jericho

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Sun Apr 10, 2016 @ 1:08pm by Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu

The shuttlecraft Rutherford's hull began to glow red as it entered the planet's atmosphere. Lieutenant Ren guided the shuttle through safely and began searching for the landing coordinates.

He had to admit that Starfleet's shuttles were overall better than the Bajoran counterparts, but he still missed the Bajoran vessels he…

» On To The Grimsbury Rings Dig, Part Three

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Tue Apr 5, 2016 @ 9:13pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Ensign Andrew O'Reilly

"Watch your step!" the Jericho's Commanding Officer called out as he descended further into the Grimsbury Rings Dig site. He shone his wrist beacon down and ahead of him. The steps were narrow and it was evident very quickly that they needed to be careful as they proceeded.

"Darn," Dr.…