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Following its launch from Deep Space Nine on Stardate 64691.4, the U.S.S. Jericho ventured forth into the Gamma Quadrant to revisit a protouniverse that had been long forgotten for seventeen years. When the Ambassador-class starship arrived to its destination, the crew discovered that the protouniverse had expanded in size by a considerable amount and that its continued expansion posed a risk to not only the quadrant but the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Upon further investigation, the crew of the Jericho discovered a rift in the protouniverse and when it was decided to take a closer look with a handful of probes, the worst happened. Four energy tendrils sprang out of the rift and latched onto the Jericho. The ship, along with all its crew were lost on that day. The story, however, does not end there. The Jericho emerged on the other side of the rift, within the protouniverse itself.

After meeting with the residents on the other side of the rift, it became clear to the Jericho's crew that their arrival wasn't by accident. The Paragons, leaders of the Lumenite Concord, charged the Starfleet crew with a daunting task; to save their dying universe before all is lost.

These are the adventures of the Federation Starship Jericho. Join us in our epic adventure as our crew is put to their limits to stop the annihilation of an entire universe. While that is at the forefront of the crew's minds there is one other thing that occupies their thoughts. Every single day, the crew of the Jericho yearn for that one opportunity that will allow them to return home.

Here on the Jericho, we value quality over quantity. We want players who put some effort into their characters and are driven to telling good stories that will spark one's imagination. There is nothing more important here than one's character. We also aim to return to the days where Star Trek was about exploring new worlds and new civilizations as well as going where no person has gone before.

If you have the time at your disposal and want to be part of some engaging and thrilling stories, and most importantly, if you like everything that you've read about the ship so far, then why not give us a chance? Join us on the Jericho today!

Current Mission: Death By Devotion

Stardate Unknown. The discovery of wall carvings in a cave on Choss has led the Jericho to the Logidu System - a star system whose position happens to be along Veriathan's last known trajectory.

Latest News Items

» Mission Update (October & November 2016)

Posted on Thu Dec 1, 2016 @ 5:36pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hello everyone!

So it looks like that I forgot to do the mission update post for October, so it'll be included with this one. In October we completed two posts, while in November we did not complete any. I'm not really concerned about that right now because there are four posts currently being worked on and I expect them to be completed over the next couple of weeks. All I will say is to keep getting to your TAGS as quickly as possible. I expect that we should be able to bring this mission to a conclusion in December.

The Mission: Recap
Once the hostage situation with Jodan in Main Engineering was dealt with, the senior officers returned to the bridge and resumed their original plan to scan for verteron particles on Logidu Prime, starting with the city where they found the Lumenite. When initial scans showed negative signs of the particle, the search radius was expanded and trace amounts of verterons were found underground several kilometers away from the city. Commander Rismore ordered his First Officer to assemble an away team, and to take Jodan, to look for any sign of Veriathan, the Destroyer of All-Things.

As I mentioned above, I think that we should be able to bring this mission to a close this month. We are in the process of working on the final post so if everything seems to be going according to plan. My aim is to start the next mission in January. I'll also be hoping to recruit some new players as we'll finally have a means of bringing them aboard the ship from the Gamma Quadrant.

I'd like to encourage people to start posting with each other more. The friendships that our characters can forge can go a long way to making missions interesting. I know that there's going to be a period of time of a couple of days where nothing is really going on (MD3 and MD4). The away team will be back to the ship by that time minus one person (that's a secret!). I expect that the Jericho will be traveling to a remote area of space during that time to test out the Space Bridge. So do posts with each other but we only have this month to do that before the mission is closed off.

Site Things
As of right now, I am having to put the LCARS database on hold. It's still something that I want to get done but I'm really feeling overwhelmed by the workload from both real life school and my three ships. The truth is that I'm having to come up with a deck listing for one of my other sims and it has 95 decks.. so it's taking me a really long time to get through it. Once that's done however, the LCARS database is the next thing I'll be working on. If anyone did want to lend a hand though, just let me know via PM and we can discuss it further.

There's not much else for me to report even though I missed the update from October. I hope that you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Mission Update (September 2016)

Posted on Sat Oct 1, 2016 @ 7:41pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hello everyone!

So, after winning sim of the month for August, this past month was a little disappointing activity-wise. The post that we worked on took a really long time to complete. I'm not blaming anyone. With the amount of active players that we have right now, replying to posts takes time and things go a little slower. I would like to encourage people to try and get to their tags as quickly as they can so that we can keep pushing this mission forward and to a completion. We're almost there. I will go into a bit more detail in a bit about what is still coming. I'd like to see us try to get two or three posts out this month. Let's try to make it so!

The Mission
Following the news that Jodan had taken some people hostage and had sequestered himself in Main Engineering, Commander Rismore and Counselor Keistler made their way down to deck twenty-two to confront him. When they arrived, they found that Lieutenant Oldan was already there coordinating with her security teams. Garridan spoke with Jodan from outside of Engineering and after revealing to him that Veriathan murdered the Paragons, he was able to get the Lumenite to surrender himself to them. This information, as we know, has never been revealed to anyone outside of the Jericho crew, or the current Paragons, and thus came as a shock to Jodan when he heard of it. Jodan was confined to his quarters and put under guard.

As mentioned, there are a few things we have left to do before we bring this mission to a close. With Jodan taken care of, we need to scan Logidu Prime for verteron particles to see if there's any trace of Veriathan. I can tell you that we will find some residual particles and an away team will be sent down to take a look. Whether or not they find anything, remains to be seen. After the away team is done, the science and engineering departments are going to finish working on the 'ring' (we need a better name for it) and we're going to make an attempt at contacting Starfleet! That's more or less where we're headed for the rest of this mission. There are a few other minor things but they're not really worth mentioning until they happen.

Site Things
This was mentioned to you guys in the OOC but I thought I'd put it on here anyways so that everyone is kept in the loop. Some of you might have noticed that there is now an LCARS link at the top (along with all the other links). This is going to lead to a Jericho wiki! The reason I am going to be putting a wiki together is mainly because in our short time that the Jericho has been in the Dax Protouniverse, we've had a ton of lore thrown at us about the Lumenites. It's getting a bit difficult to remember it all! The amount of lore that is currently not really accessible to new players might make them also feel a bit overwhelmed. So the plan is to try and put as much information about the Lumenites and the Dax Protouniverse in this wiki to not only help us, but to also help any players who might be interested in joining us in our adventures. I have no timetable for when it'll be done. If anyone did want to help I'd be more than grateful for it. I think I might have to go through each post (again) to pick out any details that we may have created for the lore.. and although it's a mighty task, I think that when it's done it'll be a very good thing for us to have.

That's it for this month. Please get to your tags as quickly as possible. Keep writing!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Task Force 9 Simulation Of The Month!

Posted on Thu Sep 15, 2016 @ 6:50pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey everyone!

Just a little good news to send your way today! I found out within the last few days that the Jericho won the Task Force 9 Sim of the Month award for the month of August! Congrats all and good job. I know that things have been a bit slow on the posting side of things here but hopefully this small bit of encouragement will help us continue to push things forward. I really want great things out of this ship and I think we still have many great stories to tell. I've attached the little award graphic to your bios so look for it in there! Congrats again! Keep on getting to your posts and replies!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» Mission Update (July, August 2016)

Posted on Sat Sep 3, 2016 @ 8:15pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey everyone!

I'm sure that you probably noticed that I didn't post a mission update for July. That was because we didn't complete any posts in that month. We did, however, complete a total of four in August which I'm extremely pleased about considering there are only about four or five of us who are actively writing. As always, if you're not sure what you can write about, send Shannon or I a private message and we'll try to help you out! Sometimes in missions, just like in episodes of Star Trek, not every department is used. I do my best to try and include everyone but it can be difficult depending on what's going on. Let's aim to get a total of five posts out in September. I know that we can do it. I write with the majority of you elsewhere and know what you're all capable of. No pressure but let's put in a bit of work here.

The Mission

After the away teams returned to the Jericho, Lieutenant Oldan and Counselor Keistler took their Lumenite guest, Jodan Kubota, to the mess hall to try and get any information they could get out of him regarding his beliefs and how they tie into Veriathan. Sadly, they were not able to get much out of him. Just vague answers. The next day, Commander Rismore met with him but again, was not able to get much information out of the Lumenite. A few hours later, the senior staff met in the observations lounge to discuss where to proceed with their search for Veriathan. Each away team reported on their findings on the planet and it was decided that they would scan for verteron particles on Logidu Prime, as well as get the science teams started on examining the wall carvings that were found at the Grimsbury Rings dig site. As the meeting was coming to a conclusion, the senior staff were alerted to an incident that was taking place in main engineering; Jodan had taken some people hostage and was threatening to blow up the ship! Earlier that same morning, Ensign Devaux reported her findings of their neutrino problem to Lieutenants Varrenbek and Stross. Stross ordered her to begin constructing the ring device that would help contain the neutrinos that were previously obstructing any of their attempts to communicate with the nearest Starfleet listening post in the Gamma Quadrant.

There isn't much else to report on. Both Steve and I have created a couple of NPCs for Tactical / Security in order to beef it up a bit. If you'd like to create one as well, go ahead! Just let me know so that I can link the character to your account. I'm hoping that with more NPCs it'll give some of our main characters some extra people to interact with.

Keep on writing everyone! Let's see where the rest of this mission takes us.

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» New Maps!

Posted on Mon Jul 4, 2016 @ 8:19am by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey folks!

So I've finished the couple of maps that I promised you guys. One is of the Dax Protouniverse as a while. The other one is a zoomed in shot of Lumenite Space and where we've been. You can check both of them out in the 'Tour' Section of the site.

Or, just click the following LINK!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

Latest Mission Posts

» The Search For Verteron Particles

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Sun Oct 30, 2016 @ 3:40pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan & Ensign Laaris

With the hostage situation in Main Engineering now resolved, Garridan returned to the bridge to get everyone started on their next task; the search for Veriathan on Logidu Prime. During the briefing about an hour ago, the senior staff had come up with a plan to scan for verteron particles…

» Testing the New Shuttle

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Sat Oct 29, 2016 @ 9:25am by Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Ensign Laren Shar

Ensign Shar sat in the copilots seat of the Shuttle ruining diagnostics on the shuttles systems. It had taken a lot of work to construct the shuttle and test it in preparation for the first test flight and she wanted to make sure that the Halley Two was ready for…

» A Hostage Situation

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Fri Sep 30, 2016 @ 3:47pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Crewman Lucas Moore & Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan & Chief Petty Officer Rakin Tarif

It was the first time in his career that Commander Garridan Rismore had to deal with a hostage situation and he felt woefully unprepared for it. While all officers received training at the academy on what to do should such a scenario arise, the fact that they did not deal…

» The Calm Before The Storm, Part Two

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Mon Aug 8, 2016 @ 10:39pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Alexander Varrenbek PhD & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan

Following his talk with the Lumenite, Jodan Kubota, earlier in the day, Commander Garridan Rismore scheduled a meeting for his senior staff so that they could discuss and share the progress that they'd made since arriving at Logidu Prime. Once everyone was on the same page, the Elaysian expected that…

» Very Little Progress

Mission: Death By Devotion
Posted on Mon Aug 8, 2016 @ 10:39pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler

Arne glanced up at the timepiece on the opposite wall…0940…and sighed. He pushed a PADD he was studying over to the left side of his desk knocking the only picture of his fiancée, Maggie, to the floor. Thanks to his quick reflexes he managed to grasp the wooden frame just…