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Following its launch from Deep Space Nine on Stardate 64691.4, the U.S.S. Jericho ventured forth into the Gamma Quadrant to revisit a protouniverse that had been long forgotten for seventeen years. When the Ambassador-class starship arrived to its destination, the crew discovered that the protouniverse had expanded in size by a considerable amount and that its continued expansion posed a risk to not only the quadrant but the entire Milky Way Galaxy.

Upon further investigation, the crew of the Jericho discovered a rift in the protouniverse and when it was decided to take a closer look with a handful of probes, the worst happened. Four energy tendrils sprang out of the rift and latched onto the Jericho. The ship, along with all its crew were lost on that day. The story, however, does not end there. The Jericho emerged on the other side of the rift, within the protouniverse itself.

After meeting with the residents on the other side of the rift, it became clear to the Jericho's crew that their arrival wasn't by accident. The Paragons, leaders of the Lumenite Concord, charged the Starfleet crew with a daunting task; to save their dying universe before all is lost.

These are the adventures of the Federation Starship Jericho. Join us in our epic adventure as our crew is put to their limits to stop the annihilation of an entire universe. While that is at the forefront of the crew's minds there is one other thing that occupies their thoughts. Every single day, the crew of the Jericho yearn for that one opportunity that will allow them to return home.

Here on the Jericho, we value quality over quantity. We want players who put some effort into their characters and are driven to telling good stories that will spark one's imagination. There is nothing more important here than one's character. We also aim to return to the days where Star Trek was about exploring new worlds and new civilizations as well as going where no person has gone before.

If you have the time at your disposal and want to be part of some engaging and thrilling stories, and most importantly, if you like everything that you've read about the ship so far, then why not give us a chance? Join us on the Jericho today!

Current Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore

Stardate Unknown. The Paragons are no more. In the wake of their apparent deaths at the hands of Commander Garridan Rismore and his Away Team, the Lumenite justice system is spurned to life for the first time in centuries. Without the guidance of the Paragons, current events have risked throwing the entire Lumenite Concord into chaos. Even though general knowledge of the Paragons' demise cannot be avoided, Rismore and his crew must do all that they can to maintain the peace and tranquillity that has lasted for millennia.

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» Happy Birthday to the Jericho!

Posted on Tue Feb 25, 2014 @ 8:40am by Commander Garridan Rismore in Sim Announcement

I can't believe I forgot about this! I'm a few days late but I wanted to post this anyways.

It was a year ago yesterday that the Jericho became active and started recruiting. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that we'd be where we are today. I'm very proud of everyone who has made this journey possible. We've had our ups and downs, mostly in regards to our flaky first officers, but overall it's been a pretty smooth ride. Thank you.

Some will already know about how the theme of our story was first conceived. But for those who don't I'll try to keep it short! Naturally, it was over a year ago that I started putting the pieces together. I'd been re-watching DS9 at the time and watched the episode 'Playing God'. When I'd finished watching that episode I was like... 'I wonder what happened to that protouniverse after Dax put it back?'. That was pretty much the spawning point of the idea. The main thing that I want to do on the Jericho.. both in the past and in the future is to have that sense of adventure and exploration where no person has gone before. I wanted to do something that would be considered 'new' to our characters. In my opinion, there's only so much that a person can do in regards to dealing with the Klingons, the Cardassians or even the Borg. I wanted to deal with something that was untouched.

Long story short, YES we are going to be in the protouniverse for the long run. This is our story much like getting home was Voyager's story. The over-arcing theme of our story, based on what happened in the last mission is going to be Us VS. Veriathan. I wonder who's going to come out on top of that one? :P Nevertheless, it's how we get from the now to then that is the most important. I look forward to the character development that is to come on all fronts. I'm already seeing some really great things from people.

In closing, I want to say thank you but I also want to put an idea forth to you guys. As of right now there isn't a specific mission that is set in stone following our current one. I'd like to put it to any one of you guys to come up with a mission for us to do. Be imaginative! Be creative! Come up with something that has never been done before in Star Trek! We're in a realm where anything is possible. I'm also a huge fan of plots that involve specific characters. So come up with some ideas and let me know! I'm open to anything. This is our show. Let's continue to make it awesome.

I look forward to what's to come!

Happy birthday U.S.S. Jericho!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» End Of Mission Awards

Posted on Fri Jan 24, 2014 @ 2:22pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in Sim Announcement

As it is now Friday, it's time to reveal who has won the three awards for the mission 'In The Lap Of The Gods'. Due to the fact that half of the crew did not vote for these awards this time around (it really only takes five minutes :P), the awards will be discontinued from this moment forward.

Without further ado... our winners.

Cochrane Medal Of Excellence - Lieutenant James Myers / Kaylee!

Starfleet Medal Of Valor - Lieutenant JG Alexander Varrenbek / Andreas!

Prentares Ribbon Of Commendation - Lieutenant James Myers / Kaylee! Everyone really seemed to enjoy your posts about the little ones.

Thank you to those who voted and congrats to the winners.

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» 'In The Lap Of The Gods' Comes To An End

Posted on Fri Jan 17, 2014 @ 12:46pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in Sim Announcement

Good morning everyone!

After six long months, our first mission (but second episode) has come to an end. I was hoping we would have finished this a few months ago but it is what it is. With Bravo Fleet's new time format of 1 in-game year equalling 4 real life years this won't be a problem anymore.

For the observant ones here, you'll see that I have updated the main page of the site to reflect the changes to the story. I've also put up what our next mission is going to be. Episode 3 of our simm will be called 'The Trial Of Garridan Rismore'. Essentially he, and the Jericho crew will need to answer for the deaths of the Paragons. We'll see how they manage to get themselves out of this one. I'm hoping that this mission will be a shorter one. The outcome of this mission will very much set things up for us story-wise for the next while.

With that out of the way, there are a few other things I would like to address.

No Executive Officer
As mentioned to you earlier in the month, Drew unfortunately, is no longer with us. This has put us short an XO. Story-wise it really wouldn't make sense to have an XO just appear out of nowhere so I'm making the call that we're not going to have one for this mission.

I'm going to be up front about this. Once the end of our new mission does come around it is likely that I am going to make Karen (Lt. Oldan) my XO. This isn't to slight anyone here on the simm. I just need to have someone in that position that I know I can trust. I have already been burned twice with that. Not to mention that tactical / security does have the extra hands currently.

I am willing to consider others, but you need to show me in the next several months that I can trust you with this simm. If anyone else is interested in taking up the XO position at the end of this mission, please let me know so that I am at least aware of it. Thank you.

End Of Mission Awards
It's that time! Starting today, you guys will have until January 24th to vote for two awards. You guys are going to want to be voting for the following:

Starfleet Medal Of Valor: Voted on by the crew of the Jericho. No real criteria, just the player which the crew feels excelled during the last mission.

Prentares Ribbon Of Commendation: Voted for by the crew, awarding their favourite post of the mission.

I would appreciate if you all took the time to vote for these two awards. For post of the month, please make sure to vote for each individual who took part in the post (only player characters). I want to make sure everyone gets the credit.

To vote, all you need to do is go to your Control Panel and then on the left hand menu go down to Award Nominations. Then, select the award you want to put a vote in for and select the appropriate candidate. Only I will see all of the nominations and on the 24th I'm going to count up the results and let you guys know who won what.

I also wanted to let you guys know that I've attached a Mission Ribbon to each of your bios for 'In The Lap Of The Gods'. So just go to you bio and then to awards to see the new shiny. Shannon, for some reason you didn't have one for the first mission but that has now been fixed.

Roll Call
As we are about to start a new mission, please let me know if you do not have any interest in continuing on with us here on the Jericho. If I do not get any responses, I'm going to assume that you want to continue. Activity is important for us here and I need everyone to pull their weight so that we can continue making the Jericho awesome.

I think that's all I needed to tell you guys today. I've definitely babbled long enough. Over the course of the day I'll be putting together a couple of joint posts for people so stay tuned for those.

Thank you for your continued simming here! I'm having a blast and I can't wait to begin this new chapter.

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore

» End Of Mission Awards - Start Thinking!

Posted on Mon Dec 30, 2013 @ 9:16pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Hey everyone!

I've come up with names for the three awards we'll be giving for the current mission we are doing. They and their descriptions are as follows:

Cochrane Medal Of Excellence: Awarded to the most deserving crewmember for the last mission as decided by the Captain and First Officer.

Starfleet Medal Of Valor: Voted on by the crew of the Jericho. No real criteria, just the player which the crew feels excelled during the last mission.

Prentares Ribbon Of Commendation: Voted for by the crew, awarding their favourite post of the mission.

Voting is currently NOT open but start thinking about who you want to award the Medal Of Valor and the Ribbon Of Commendation as once the final posts go out I'll be calling upon you guys to vote.

For those who aren't too sure how to vote well don't worry about it yet... I'll give you guys instructions when the time comes. This is pretty much just a heads up.

Happy holidays!


» Happy Holidays From Me To You!

Posted on Wed Dec 18, 2013 @ 12:20pm by Commander Garridan Rismore in General News

Seasons greetings crew of the Jericho! I would just like to take a few moments here to wish everyone a Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Happy Hanukkah and a Happy New Year from both me and Karen (Tehja). As it is a busy time, between December 20th and January 2nd you guys won't be required to work on posts if you do not have the time to do so. It would be cool if you still could but it's understandable if you can't as family is more important than anything else. During this time, both Karen and I will still be available as a computer is always near to us. So, if anyone has any questions or concerns feel free to continue sending them my way. Otherwise, have a great holiday and be safe! The fun here on the Jericho is just beginning!

J.P. & Karen

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Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore
Posted on Sat Apr 12, 2014 @ 11:35pm by Phoebe Myers & Adam Myers

Phoebe sat up straight and slid her Padd forcibly across the dining table. It slammed into several other Padds causing the whole pile to topple over crashing to the floor. Adam, who was sitting on the couch playing a video game jumped.

“What the…..,” he exclaimed turning around.

“Sorry,” his…

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Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore
Posted on Thu Apr 10, 2014 @ 9:11pm by Commander Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant James Myers

It had taken almost an hour and a half following the away team's return to the Jericho for Commander Rismore and Ensign D'hikatsi to be moved from the Crystal Cathedral's library to the caverns that Commodore Zembosi spoke of. These caverns, named the Abbasin Caverns, were located in a distant…

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Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore
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Lieutenant David Stross entered the bridge from the observation lounge.

"Mr. Wilkins hail Commodore Zembosi."

"Sir." Chris answered with a quick nod. A quick dance of his fingers loaded in the command on his console.

It took a few minutes longer than usual for the communications to get through to…

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Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore
Posted on Fri Mar 14, 2014 @ 5:37am by Lieutenant James Myers & Lieutenant JG Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant JG David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant JG Alexander Varrenbek PhD & Ensign Chris Wilkins

Having ensured her department was primed and ready to react if the occasion called for it, Tehja made her way to the observation lounge, stopping by the replicator to order a cup of elderberry tea on the way by. Seeing she was the first one here, she selected a seat…

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Mission: The Trial Of Garridan Rismore
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All was quiet on the bridge of the Jericho. Despite everything that had happened thus far, the crew appeared to be composed and they continued to do the work that was given to them. It was all any of them could do for the moment. It was expected that some…