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End Of Mission Awards - Start Thinking!

Posted on Mon Dec 30, 2013 @ 9:16pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Hey everyone!

I've come up with names for the three awards we'll be giving for the current mission we are doing. They and their descriptions are as follows:

Cochrane Medal Of Excellence: Awarded to the most deserving crewmember for the last mission as decided by the Captain and First Officer.

Starfleet Medal Of Valor: Voted on by the crew of the Jericho. No real criteria, just the player which the crew feels excelled during the last mission.

Prentares Ribbon Of Commendation: Voted for by the crew, awarding their favourite post of the mission.

Voting is currently NOT open but start thinking about who you want to award the Medal Of Valor and the Ribbon Of Commendation as once the final posts go out I'll be calling upon you guys to vote.

For those who aren't too sure how to vote well don't worry about it yet... I'll give you guys instructions when the time comes. This is pretty much just a heads up.

Happy holidays!



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