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The Jericho's Storyline

Posted on Fri Jun 26, 2015 @ 8:52am by Captain Garridan Rismore

Hey everyone!

I'd like to thank Kaylee, Andreas and Shannon for answering the PM I sent out earlier in the week regarding the current state of the Jericho and how we can hopefully set out to making things better.

From what you guys wrote, it seems that you're a little unsure as to where things are going and that in turn is causing some problems in regards to what you should be doing in the way of posts. That's understandable. I'm going to try to clear some of this up in this news item.

Episodes and Seasons: First thing's first I want to talk about seasons. We all know what these are. They are the amount of episodes made in a specific time frame. Eg: TOS had 3, TNG had 7, etc. On TV there were usually about 20-26 episodes per season. Obviously, there's no way that we can do that on a sim because it just takes too long sometimes to get missions done. For simplicity's sake I've rounded that number down to 10 episodes. Each mission is an 'episode' and thus on all of my ships I run about 10 missions per season. Generally these seasons have themes that are overarching.

Jericho and the Protouniverse: I'd always intended for the Jericho's journey in the Dax Protouniverse to be our story much like Voyager's story was to get home from the Delta Quadrant. I have said in the past that I expect this storyline to last the entire life of the sim, however I do want to put out that it's a detail that's not set in stone. Obviously if people don't want to be doing this specific storyline forever, we don't have to. Sims don't tend to last forever (even though I'd love them to) so I was basing that detail on that. The reason why I chose to set my ship in 'another universe' was because I didn't want the Jericho to be just another random ship that a person could join anywhere. I wanted something that set it apart from everyone else and I do strongly believe that with this storyline I've achieved that.

The Story So Far...: Here is what we've done thus far.

- Jericho sets out from Deep Space Nine and goes to the Gamma Quadrant.
- Mission is to study the protouniverse left by Dax in the DS9 episode 'Playing God'.
- Jericho arrives at protouniverse, finds it has grown immensely in size.
- When analyzing the protouniverse, the Jericho is pulled in.
- Jericho survives the trip into the protouniverse. Crew is incapacitated.
- Veriathan, the Destroyer of All-Things inhabits Crewman Chulos' body.
- Jericho crew meet the Lumenites for the first time.
- Jericho is escorted to the Lumenite Concord homeworld of Celestia.
- Commander Rismore and some of his crew are brought before the Paragons.
- Paragons reveal that they brought the Jericho to their universe so that they could save them.
- Protouniverse is unstable and dying because of its rapid growth.
- Crewman Chulos 'explodes' revealing Veriathan to everyone for the first time.
- Veriathan 'kills' the leaders of the Lumenite Concord and then flees.
- Jericho's Away Team is held by the Lumenite authorities.
- As the Lumenites have no proof as to who killed their leaders, they hold Commander Rismore responsible. There is a trial.
- During the trial, a new leader - Danael the Young is chosen to lead the Lumenites.
- The trial shows without a doubt that the Jericho crew are innocent.
- Danael the Young orders the Jericho to bring Veriathan to justice.
- Commander Scott (former XO) and Doctor Myers (w/ kids) stay on Celestia.
- Jericho follows Veriathan into an anti-matter nebula.
- Jericho engages Veriathan.
- Veriathan disables the Jericho by causing severe damage to its port nacelle.
- Veriathan flees again.
- Jericho heads for Choss to mine materials needed to repair nacelle.
- While on Choss, the Away Team is attacked by a yeti creature, and Lieutenant Tinman is taken captive.

The Current Mission: So right now in our mission 'Natural Instinct' a few things have happened. The Away Team went down to start mining, they found a cave with markings depicting Veriathan. A crewman was attacked and killed by the yeti creature. Lieutenant Tinman was taken by the yeti. And now we're mounting a rescue attempt. Obviously, the people on the away team are taken care of but what about the people on the ship itself?

- Life is more or less going on as normal on the ship.
- Science should be working on a way to get into contact with Starfleet. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways (which will be left up to the writers). At the beginning we established that there was a listening outpost close to the protouniverse. Breaking through the galactic barrier and back into the Gamma Quadrant can probably be achieved by getting help from the Lumenites and reverse engineering some of their technology. The goal here is to essentially let Starfleet know that we're okay and also eventually open the door to allow us to transport objects and people between universes (thus facilitating the arrival of new players). For this mission though, I just want to concentrate on the getting in contact part.

Where Is All Of This Leading?: Our current mission 'Natural Instinct' is our fourth mission out of ten for this season. While all of the details between now and then haven't been worked out yet, I'd always envisioned that we'd have our next big encounter with Veriathan in mission #10 (if not before). How we get there, and what happens is yet to be determined. Again, some things I'll have to consider when we get there. I definitely want to get to know Veriathan a little more and even had the idea that we might have to team up with him in the future ;). That would be a fun twist.

I hope that all of this gives you guys a little bit of insight into my thought process as well as what there is to do right now in our current mission. It's possible that I might have left some things out, or that I might have not answered a specific question. If that is the case, then please let me know and I'll address it.


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