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End of Month & Mission!

Posted on Sat Aug 1, 2015 @ 1:03pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today marks the end of our fourth mission - Natural Instinct. There is one last post that needs to be finished and sent out. It's one that Shannon (Stross) and I are working on. I think it's nearly done. Just need a few replies to finish it off. So hopefully in the next couple of days.

A bit of bad news on a few fronts. The details of our next mission haven't been finalized yet. I think we're nearly there, so again expect something in the next couple of days. I'm going to try to be more clear on my expectations for the mission once we know what we're doing.

I've had to remove Lt. JG Finn Simmons and Lt. JG Andru Tinman from the Jericho's roster. Unfortunately both hadn't logged into the site for a while, nor did they answer the role call. Sad to see them go, but I wish them the best.

As it stands right now, we only have four active players, with three others currently on LOA (although Wilkins did tell me he'd be off of LOA soon). I know that it's going to be difficult to get posts out with only four of us writing, but I'm going to try to push things along. I've asked Karen to chip in by playing some NPCs in other departments. If anyone else would like to do so as well, then let me know. The NPCs that are currently there are mine, but it doesn't hurt to have more! There are alot of people on our ship after all.

On to some better news. Everyone who contributed in a post last mission will have a new shiny commendation in their bios. Yay. I hope you like it. For the past two months, as part of our monthly report in Bravo Fleet, we've had to select a player of the month. Now, as of right now I still have no idea what being selected as player of the month is supposed to do in the Fleet which is why I never mentioned anything about it last month. With that being said, I'll let you guys know who I chose for the past two months. So without further ado:

June PotM: Lt. David Stross (played by Shannon)
July PotM: Lt. Arnulf Keistler (played by Kaylee)

Congrats to you both. Keep up the good work. And that goes for everyone.

Just an advance notice that Karen and I will be away for two weeks starting on August 29th. During that time, the mission will be postponed but if anyone does have any ongoing posts they can continue writing them.

That's all from me. If anyone has any questions let me know. Have a good weekend!


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