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Brief LOA!

Posted on Fri Aug 28, 2015 @ 9:57am by Captain Garridan Rismore

Hey everyone!

Karen (Tehja) and I will be going on a brief LOA starting on August 29th that will last until September 13th. We're going to visit my family in Canada whom I haven't seen for over two years now.

During this time, due to our current number in active players, we'll be effectively 'pausing' the mission until we get back. This doesn't mean that the remaining people can't write. We'll be arriving at Logidu Prime on MD1 at 1400 hours so you have some time to do posts if you want to!

We both should still have access to the internet while we're away so if you need to get a hold of either of us then you should be able to. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Last but not least, August's player of the month award goes to Shannon who we all know plays Lt. David Stross Jr. Was a bit difficult to choose someone as we didn't really do much but Shannon has been very helpful behind the scenes with planning the mission and whatnot. Once I get back from Canada I'll work on something to show who has won the player of the month award so that we can all keep track of it.

See you guys in a couple of weeks!

J.P. / Cmdr. Garridan Rismore


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