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Mission Update (June 2016)

Posted on Fri Jul 1, 2016 @ 5:21pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Good afternoon everyone!

This monthly mission update is something I've started on one of my other sims and I'm going to be doing it here too now. The purpose of this is to make sure that everyone is up to date on what's going on in the mission as well as reassuring anyone who might be interested in joining our merry band of writers that we are in fact active. So with all of that being said, here we go!

Month of June

Post-wise, we didn't really do well in the month of June as we only got one post out. With that being said, there are a number of joint posts currently being worked on. Four or five I think. I also have another solo post that I need to do. I expect July will be much better for us.

The Mission

Here's what you need to know about what's currently going on in the mission:

Lieutenant Stross, Lieutenant JGs Oldan and Ren returned to the Jericho with their guest - the Lumenite Jodan Kubota. While they waited for Commander Rismore to return from the planet, Tehja took Jodan do the mess hall for a little bite to eat. About an hour later, Garridan and Counselor Keistler returned to the ship and were briefed on the current situation involving Jodan. The Commander ordered the Counselor that he have a word with him in order to get a read on his current state of mind.

Following the crew’s failed attempt to get in contact with a listening post in the Gamma Quadrant, Ensign Genevieve Devaux, a science officer (NPC) under Lieutenant Varrenbek, spoke with a technician from the Elpis Arch. The Arch was what brought the Jericho to the Dax Protouniverse in the first place, so it was her belief that if she could find out how they managed to get their trans-universal gate to work, that they could do something similar to communicate with Starfleet. Gen discovered that the Lumenites had encountered a similar problem to theirs but unfortunately they could not just openly disclose that information. The technician suggested that he’d have to speak to his superior. Well, later that morning, Ensign Devaux received another transmission from the Arch with a schematic on how to deal with the wayward neutrinos, giving hope that they would be able to contact their home galaxy very soon.

Site Things

There's only a couple of things that will be happening with the site in the month to come. First, I will be putting the finishing touches on an updated map of the Dax Protouniverse / Lumenite Concord Space. This will take into account our trip to the Logidu System! The other thing is that I'm going to be making some NPCs.. most notably for tactical and security. With Wilkins no longer with us, there is a bit of a void that I'd like to fill there. If anyone does want to create NPCs for other departments, just make sure to ask the department head first. In most cases it shouldn't be a problem. I'd like to start putting in more into the every day life things on the ship.

I think that's it for this month. Please try to get to your tags promptly. I'd like to see us bring this mission to its conclusion in the next couple of months. If you're not writing and you've signed up to play here.. then there's a problem! Please do your best to contribute and as always if anyone ever has any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to either come to me or Shannon (Mr. Stross). Let's put in a good effort this month!

J.P. / Commander Garridan Rismore


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