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Changes In Bravo Fleet

Posted on Wed Jan 11, 2017 @ 12:25pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Hey everyone!

I've been asked to send this your way from our Task Force CO.

* * * * *

To all members of Task Force 9,

Bravo Fleet is undergoing massive changes, while many have experienced the Fleet has been in decline the Bravo Fleet Admiralty is seeking to address these problems head on by taking the measures needed to resolve the problems. To do this however it requests your help. As members of Task Force 9 and Bravo Fleet at large you are what makes the Fleet. Without players there would be no CO’s and without CO’s there would be no Admiralty. To involve you the Bravo Fleet Command Council, following a vote by the Bravo Fleet Admiralty, has decided to form Community Work Groups. Each of these groups is chaired by a member of the Admiralty but is open for anyone to participate in with each voice being offered a platform. Four Work Groups have been created to address rules(constitutional and by-law reform), canon(smoothing out the different canons), player experience(improve the enjoyment of players) and community outreach(what steps need to be taken to make the Fleet more accessible to outsiders and attract new members). I would like to ask you to sign up for one or more of these groups so that your voices will be reflected in the future of Bravo Fleet.

For a more in depth overview of the groups you can read the topic here:

To sign up you can fill in the form here:

Thank you very much for reading and I look forward to interact with you all in the work groups.


a.k.a. Vice Admiral Lauren A. Archer,
Task Force 9 Commanding Officer


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