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Mission Update (March 2017)

Posted on Fri Apr 7, 2017 @ 5:14pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Happy Friday all!

I almost forgot to do this today! Here it is though. Phew! Overall, I'm pretty pleased with our activity in March. We completed six posts. I know that doesn't seem like much but considering that we are in the midst of a mission it is quite a bit. I'm not sure if we'll attain that in April but just as long as we keep the mission moving forward then I'm fine with it. So, all I have left to say at this point... is to keep answering your tags as quickly as you can! Good job everyone!

Monthly Mission Recap
The Jericho arrived in the Qosnone System and set up the Space Bridge to communicate with the Gamma Quadrant. Once activated, they made contact with the U.S.S Abeona. Through the Space Bridge, the Jericho was able to transport some supplies and a handful of new crewmembers. The interaction was cut short though when the Jericho received a distress call from a Lumenite starship that was under attack. As the only vessel in the area, the Space Bridge was returned to the ship, and the Jericho set an intercept course to render aid.

I have a few vague plans for what's going to happen moving forward, but nothing I can divulge at the moment. Steve (Ren Kannu) has volunteered to play the Vorta of the Jem'Hadar Battle Cruiser and I'm sure we might need a couple of Jem'Hadar as well. If we do then I will let you guys know.

Okay so as you guys may have seen, I went back to using the built in wiki software for Nova and this time I managed to get it working for me. I will be continuing my work on that in the coming weeks in the hope of getting most of it completed sooner rather than later.

Bravo Fleet Management System
There are still a number of people who have yet to sign up to the new Bravo Fleet Management System. While it is not mandatory to do so, I would highly recommend it if only so that I can put you guys on the roster for the ship. You just need to go to this link: and click on 'Create a Fleet Account' to get started. If anyone has any questions or problems when trying to figure it out, let me know or even visit the discord chat room to ask about it.

Join Discord and have a chat with us. There are a few of us in there from time to time. The more the merrier, as they say.

Have a great weekend everyone and a Happy Easter too!

J.P. / Captain Garridan Rismore


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