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Mission Update (July 2017)

Posted on Thu Aug 3, 2017 @ 5:49pm by Captain Garridan Rismore

Good day everyone! Here's your regularly scheduled sim monthly update.

July wasn't a very good month for us. We only managed to get one post out and were hit by delays in our posts from various sources. Things should be different in August. We have a couple of posts that are nearly ready to be sent out and Karen is one day away from being on maternity leave so she'll have a little bit more time to reply to posts. I'm hoping that we can turn things around and start making progress in this mission. The posts coming up will certainly help us in doing just that. As always, please get to your TAGs as quickly as possible.

Monthly Mission Recap
An away team comprised of Lieutenant Commander Stross, Lieutenant Dernah, Lieutenant Junior Grade Ren, and Doctor Myers beamed over to the P.V.L. Mavis to render aid to the Lumenites. They spoke to Captain Padma who gave them a run-down of all the damages they sustained thanks to the Dominion battle cruiser. A plan was then formulated. The medical teams would stay on the bridge and tend to those who were wounded, while Stross would take a team down to deck six to begin repairs on the environmental system located on that deck.

Crew Changes

Just one minor change on this front. Jason, who played Ensign Eric Compton has opted to leave the Jericho due to lack of time. I would like to wish him all the best.

August is the last month of summer. Enjoy it while it lasts but remember to get to your posts too. Have a good one fellow Trekkies. Star Trek: Discovery is coming soon too. Yays!

J.P. / Captain Garridan Rismore


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