Ensign Brogan McConnell

Name Brogan McConnell

Position Nurse

Rank Ensign


  • 10 Mission Posts

Last Post

Sun Apr 9, 2017 @ 10:06pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 25
Place of Birth earth
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 180
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Stocky, struggles a little with weight as he doesn’t really enjoy working out. He’d rather diet for a week before weight checks than to do his pt workouts. He’s missing his ring finger and pinkie at the first joint due to a childhood accident. He also ports a large scar that reaches from his right temple down to his jaw line. This also was due to the accident.


Spouse none
Father Sean McConnell
Mother Janice McConnell

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code McConnell-One-Seven-Omicron
Security Clearance Level Delta-Two
Data Access Level Level 2
Living Quarters Deck 15 - Room 1506
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview He’s very bright, almost too smart. In school he often was bored which led to some bad behavior. He has a natural aptitude for technical devices. And, although he has finished his nursing degree he finds he prefers the solitude of his machines to the interaction of his patients.

Right now he has one ambition and that is to successfully finish out a posting, and to make his newly-found mom proud.
Brogan has a variety of hobbies. Besides tinkering with electronics, computers and a myriad of other technical devise, he loves to read and hang out with friends. He fancies himself quite the Casanova, and weekends will find him trying to impress the ladies.
He continues a childhood passion of astronomy. Given that his Casanova pursuits most always fail, one can most likely find him hanging out in stellar cartography. His interest in astronomy sometimes has him wondering about his future as a nurse.

Personal History Brogan was raised on a mining colony. There were not too many kids his own age. As a small boy he relished all the attention by the other miners, calling most of them ‘uncle somebody’. When he was twelve he was caught in a mining cave-in with two his adopted ‘uncles’. He was severely injured by a large rock that fell from the ceiling grazing the right side of his head. As he stumbled and fell, another falling rock pinned his hand and leg to the ground. The rock severed two fingers on his right hand. It was the beginning of his parents’ breakup. His dad couldn’t help but blame himself and became depressed and irritable. His mom blamed his dad for incompetence. The arguing grew until one day while Brogan was at school, his mom packed her bags. She was already gone when he got home from school—no note, no goodbyes, nothing.

Brogan dreaded the dark claustrophobic tunnels of the mines. He loved instead to gaze at the stars and dream of a different life. As twelve turned into fifteen, then sixteen, his quiet introspective nature turned angry and beligerant. He fought and argued at every turn and with anyone available.

It was the eve of his seventeenth birthday. Brogan ran his hand through his fiery red curls, dried his face but left the sparse stubble of a sort-of beard, he thought it made him look older; then made his way to the front door.

As he grabbed ahold of the door opener, his dad challenged him on just where he was going and with whom. The argument escalated until they were both red-raced and shouting over the bad company of his new miner buddies—two young men in their early twenties who’d just been hired. Suddenly it came to a head as they were almost nose to nose. Brogan took a step back, took aim and landed an upper cut just below his dad’s lower lip. The force of the blow knocked his dad backwards. As he tried to catch his balance he tripped over a chair falling and catching the back of his head against the table. He then slid limply to the floor unconscious, blood beginning to pool beneath his head. Brogan, in shock, and with trembling fingers hit the com button to summon help. Then he too slid to the floor with his back against the nearest wall to wait for help. The anger still seethed underneath—or maybe it was mostly frustration.

He turned his head as he heard the Med Techs entering their quarters. He slowly got up and surprisingly wiped a tear.

His dad lived. But that last year of Brogan’s schooling deteriorated from bad to worse. Between fights, suspensions and injuries, he was out of class more than in. By mid-spring it became clear that Brogan in no way was going to follow his father’s footsteps down into the mines. His misdemeanor record was growing weekly. The night of April the twentieth he found himself handcuffed and led away to the mining camp’s brig. This time he was facing possible felony charges.

He had been charged with aggravate robbery with a deadly weapon—a phaser he’d stolen. His dad got the store owner to drop the charges if Brogan agreed to enlist in Star Fleet. He saw his ticket away from this ‘hell-hole’ of an existence and agreed. His dad had worked the ‘magic’ of this opportunity by calling in some favors owed. A nebulous, unknown voice alone in a darkened office whispered softly “Computer, delete the following records for Brogan Fitzgerald.” But it was only probational—based on his keeping a clean record. One slip up and he’d be heading for prison.
Service Record 2380 (June) – Star Fleet enlisted boot camp and Medic Training School

2381 (January) – USS Valkyrie – medic crewman

2382 (February) – Avalon Fleet Yards Infirmary – received certificates in Emergency Medical Triage, Trauma and Radiology

May 2384 – graduated LPN from the two-year nursing program

2384 (June) – USS Endeavor – LPN in the Medical Department

2385 (September) – Star Fleet Medical, Hospital in San Francisco

January 2387 graduated as Registered Nurse (RN)

2387 Nurse, Medic USS Jericho

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