Lieutenant Janel Vegal

Name Janel Vegal

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Angosian
Age 47
Date of Birth 2340
Place of Birth Angosia III
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8m
Weight 85 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Janal is a slim man, though not without a physical presence. His long years of military service established firm habits of personal fitness that he has continued to maintain. He has a strong rather than an attractive face and several prominent scars from his wartime experiences.


Spouse None
Children None

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Vegal-Zero-Four-Epsilon
Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level Three
Living Quarters Deck 8 - Section 03, Quarters 10
Personal Office Location Deck 11 - Counselor's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Janal is, under most circumstances, a very relaxed man. He has to be, to control the deadly forces trapped within him. He is not unemotional by any means. In fact, he actively works to encourage and exude positive emotion. He must be cautious about undue excitement however, to prevent activation of his conditioning. He has a competitive nature, enjoying games of skill but avoiding sports or other activities that require high intensity exertions.

As a result of his Angosian military conditioning, Janal is undetectable by standard sensors. He has been programmed to respond violently to perceived threats, although he has largely learned to compensate for this.

His other conditioning is keyed to the production of the Angosian adrenaline analog. When he becomes excited, modified glands in his body release specialized substances which enhance endurance, strength, mental acuity and reflexes. Pain perception is sharply decreased, though not eliminated and physical exertion activates the pleasure centers of his brain. In this state, his supercharged metabolism renders him unusually resistant to phaser stun. He has also been subjected to intensive subconscious neural programming, providing him with a remarkably wide range of military skills.

These abilities do not come without a down side however. While highly enhanced, his "combat mode" responses operate faster than and largely outside the control of his higher cognitive processes. He can, under the right circumstances, kill while consciously desiring not to do so and be unable to prevent this action. Survival and mission accomplishment become his only priorities. A side effect of this process makes him short tempered and highly aggressive when under these influences. He is subject ti nightmares, far more terrifying than most because they can activate his conditioning. He generally sleeps as little as possible and, when forced to, does so wearing a device which can monitor his vital signs and force him awake if he begins to get out of control.

There have been physical consequences as well. The constant stimulation of his metabolism to unnatural levels during nearly a decade of war has aged his bodily systems prematurely. Though only forty seven years old by Terran reckoning, he has the body of a much older man. He is very fit, but subject to numerous health issues for which he is under nearly constant treatment. Even with high quality Federation medical care, he is unlikely to live past his mid-fifties.

Personal History Janal Vegal was born on Angosia III in the year 2340, by Federation reckoning. Like all of his generation, he grew up happy in a peaceful, contemplative society until the dark clouds of the Tarsian War closed in overhead. At age 19, with the war going very badly for the Angosians, he volunteered with thousands of his contemporaries for the enhanced soldier initiative. Subjected to an intensive and highly experimental program of physical and mental conditioning, in combination with biochemical and genetic manipulation, he was shaped into a highly optimized instrument of war. He served honorably and well unto the war's conclusion in 2363.

After the War, Janal and his fellow veterans tried to return to their homes, but there were difficulties. Their experiences, combined with the hair-trigger reflexes and programmed reactions of their conditioning, caused many incidents with the non-veteran population. A referendum was held and measures passed to restrict the veterans to a variety of specialized communities for the safety and comfort of all. Janal was assigned to the Lunar Five facility, which had been designed to accommodate the most highly trained and successful of the soldiers.

Although this community was comfortable and the veterans were well provided for, they quickly realized that something was amiss. Originally promised therapy to reverse their conditioning and help them re-integrate into society, they saw little effort in this regard. Meanwhile passes, never easy to get, became increasingly unavailable. When some of the veterans raised objections, additional security was added to the facilities and it quickly became apparent that they had been designed all along or rapid transformation into detention facilities. In short order, the veterans became prisoners. They were still well-provided for, but their movements and communications were closely monitored and sharply restricted.

This situation persisted until 2366 when one of the Lunar Five inmates, one Roga Danar, exploited a diplomatic visit by the USS Enterprise-D to the Angosian system to both escape and bring the plight of the veterans to Federation attention. Captain Picard was, of course, not able to intervene directly in Angosian internal matters, but Danar was able to free and rally a number of veterans and lead them in a revolt against the government. Janal was one of these.

In the aftermath of the revolt, the Federation was invited back to Angosia III to assist in negotiations. An agreement was concluded to allow Starfleet to establish and manage a small research and treatment facility on Lunar Five to assist in efforts to reverse the conditioning of the veterans and assist with their reintegration into society. All Angosian security was removed from the facility and a program of monitored visitation was set up under the supervision of the Federation staff to allow those under treatment more freedom of movement.

A number of the veterans, including Janal, were thoroughly disgusted with their mother society by this point however, requesting expatriation and Federation citizenship. Like a number of these, Janal found his way into the Marines where his experience and skills were most useful. By 2368, Janal was actively serving in the Corps.
Starfleet History Predictably, Janal did very well in the Marines. His company served two cadre tours in Federation space, then was drawn into the dirty war along the Cardassian DMZ, where the inequities of the treaty that ended the Federation-Cardassian War had led to the formation of the Maquis. Later contact with the Dominion led to war and the company was assigned to a raiding duties, embarked aboard the Nebula Class USS Puller. The Puller and her Marines earned a sterling reputation throughout the period, serving with distinction against Klingons, Jem Hadar and Cardassians in all major theaters of the War. These victories were not bought cheaply however and casualties among them were shockingly high.

After the War, the Marines were sharply reduced in size and Janal was released from service. Joining Starfleet, he attended the Academy. He initially entered on a Security track, but had great difficulties at the Academy, narrowly missing being dropped from the program several times in his first two years. His grades were excellent, but his aggressive nature, greatly enhanced by the still active conditioning, made him a discipline problem. Dedicated effort by several counselors and instructors who saw his potential kept him in the Academy and helped him to overcome his issues. In the process of learning to control his impulses and deal with his personal demons he became fascinated with the idea of helping others to do the same. Near the end of his second year, Janal switched to the Counseling program. The War, the most catastrophic event in Federation history, had left many of it's survivors with deep-seated issues and he wanted to use what he had learned to try and help them.

Graduating in 2381, he was commissioned an Ensign and found himself back aboard the USS Puller where he had served during the War. Her spaceframe and core systems aged prematurely by extensive battle damage during her wartime service, Puller had failed to pass the requirements for post-war technological upgrades and continued front-line service.

Instead, she had been seconded to an experimental program as a support vessel for Defiants and other small, limited-capability starships. She had been fitted with a specialized pod incorporating a maintenance docking cradle and much of her interior space given over to repair facilities for these small vessels and recreational facilities for their crews.

Puller was the support ship for a small escort group of Defiants, working patrol routes along the Federation border. Janal served well in his junior counseling position and continued working on his own issues, leading to his promotion in 2384 to Lieutenant, Junior Grade. Offered two options, he declined the Asst. Chief Counselor position aboard the Puller to become Ship's Counselor of one of the Defiants, USS Owl. Service aboard the Owl, with it's cramped quarters, limited facilities and high-stress environment even under the best of conditions, gave him great insights into the challenges of spaceborne counseling. Wanting to expand his horizons and explore new challenges, he began preparing and applying for a deep space exploratory mission.

His efforts paid off in 2387 when his promotion to Lieutenant arrived in company with an assignment to the USS Jericho, then preparing for a scientific survey mission deep into the Gamma Quadrant.
Service Record 2367-68 Marine Drop Camp
2368-77 Bravo Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment (various
assignments from Rifleman to Platoon Sergeant)
2377-81 Starfleet Academy
2381-84 USS Puller (Counseling Officer)
2384-87 USS Owl (Ship's Counselor)

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