Ensign Isamu Takato

Name Isamu Takato

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22
Date of Birth 23-01-2365
Place of Birth Earth
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Bisexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5 feet 219⁄32 inches
Weight 130 pounds
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Short (shoulder length) black hair, Isamu is quite short and stays this way. Due her height she stays light on her feet and is summed up as a energetic young female that loves to be part of something. Note that she has come out of class as one of the brightest in navigation controls and star coordination.

Instructors were impressed by her handling of the controls and got her shuttle flight brevet within her first academic school year at Starfleet Academy. Medical has stated that her health and condition are in perfect status.


Father Kei Takato (Captain of USS Bradley)
Mother Rinko Takato (Chief Science Officer of USS Bradley)
Sister(s) Ryoko Takato - Elder sister (36) - Stationed at Starbase 37 as Chief Operation Officer.
Other Family Rika Takato - Ant (42) - Stationed at USS Searcher-B as Captain (TF38).

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Takato-One-One-Lambda
Security Clearance Level Beta-Two
Data Access Level Level Three
Living Quarters Deck 4 - Section 04, Quarters 06
Personal Office Location Deck 20 - Chief Flight Control Officer's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isamu is a friendly and cheerful young lady, she is always open for new interactions with new species that she does not know yet. Her interest lay in the astronomical discovers of the universe and the propulsion of vessels of old and new.

Some might say that she is more of a Engineer then a Helm officer, yet her love for navigation has been clear since the day she was born. Isamu is quite social and loves to go towards game nights, parties of any kind and weddings. With her is always her lovely cat "Minkes" that reach quite a old age (24).

Personal History Born on 2365 as second child of Kei and Rinko Takato at the General hospital of Starfleet Medical Command at Earth. They spend for the next 7 years at Earth so that their be loving daughter could get the right and proper education and social interaction with any kind of species that they knew.

Isamu was on her younger days already marked as a energetic little girl and was obsess with shuttles and starships flying patrons. After 7 years of serving at Starfleet Command as adjunct at the Admiral office, Kei Takato was promoted finally towards his own vessel the USS Bradley (Nova class). His wife and mother of his children Rinko was assigned as Chief Science Officer of the Bradley and they were send towards the Romulan borders to learn more about the scientific discover of some unknown nebula's.

The little girl was not to be found close towards any children activity, but rather was taken away from the bridge or astronomical lab a few times. Yet her parents were proud of her how she interacted with the other children, also her early starts of reading into educative lessons and starfleet history. Isamu received science and helm reports of her Ant Takato of the USS Searcher. Discovers of Task Force 38 in Delta were always great!
Starfleet History At the age of 17 she was accepted towards Starfleet Academy, a rare happening as you can apply for the Academy at a age of 18 years old. But Isamu grades were good ...no excellent on every front and therefor was her application granted towards the Academy sooner.

Her instructors were observer of her education, in their opinion she was to young for this education level and were not happy with the choice of the application department of the Academy. Yet their words were solid taken back after they also were witness of her knowledge in certain area's. They started to flush out the knowledge and interest of Isamu to see where she would fit in the best. It did not take long as she gained her shuttle brevet in her first academic achievement.

For quite some time she learned the basics of being a cadet and officer towards Starfleet and the Federation. Enjoyed her time of becoming a excellent helms officer, she did in her free time a lot of sports (swimming and field hockey, even hiking large mountains). At her fourth year she was marked as student of navigation of the year and was granted to be part as internship at the USS Sobek a Nebula science vessel.

Her fourth year she spend most of the time learning the ways in real action and even doing the unthinkable...navigating the large vessel. Sobek was one of those special vessels that allowed students to learn for their future task at hand. The ship was assigned towards the Cardassian borders to keep a eye out towards their activity.

At 2387 Isamu pass all classes and courses and was assigned towards the USS Jericho as ...Chief Helm Officer. This was of course on probation to see if she was fit for the duty at her current age. At this time she was full Ensign and Chief Helm Officer on ...probation.
Service Record 2365 - Born

2382 - Joined starleet

2385 - USS Sobek - Student Helm Officer/Helm Officer

2387 - USS Jericho - Chief Helm Officer

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