Lieutenant Commander Yvonne Scott

Name Yvonne Scott

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 35
Place of Birth Feros II
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'1"
Weight 90lbs.
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Scott is a slight and unassuming figure standing a good head shorter than most of her male colleagues within Starfleet. She consistently keeps her hair just below shoulder length to keep it away from her eyes during situations that could mean life or death. She keeps herself in shape and well presented at all times.


Spouse Tristan Banks (Deceased)
Children Evelyn Banks (Deceased)
Father Kevin Scott (Deceased)
Mother Judith Scott (Deceased)
Brother(s) Ian Scott (Deceased)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Scott-Zero-Seven-Rho
Security Clearance Level Alpha-Two
Data Access Level Level Four
Living Quarters Deck 8 - Section 10, Quarters 20
Personal Office Location Deck 2 - Executive Officer's Ready Room

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yvonne will often use her height to her advantage in situations finding that her slight figure can be used to gain certain advantages over others and play the damsel card to great effect, but at heart she is a gentle and independent being. She has a strong sense of family despite all of her family having been lost in the attack on Earth by the Breen during the Dominion war. Because of that however she does find it difficult to be around families as it will dredge up memories of her own family, most vividly her Husband and seven year old daughter.
Yvonne always has a ready smile and easy laugh as well as a relaxed command style, but one that still demands respect and loyal obedience should the need arise.

Personal History Born to a Starfleet officer and a civilian school teacher living on the outer rim of Federation space, Yvonne was raised in a loving family that had a strong belief in discovery and exploration. Her father was the school teacher at the local school of the colony they lived on while her mother was the Science advisor at the Starfleet Outpost in orbit. Her role was to analyse the data coming in from the Romulan Neutral Zone while her fathers was to educate the children of the colony. It was almost idyllic but from an early age Yvonne knew she would be destined to leave the colony and explore space, and equally from that young age she expressed her desire to join Starfleet and become a Science Officer.

The rest of her childhood had little excitement to speak of until she turned eighteen and she submitted her application to Starfleet and was accepted on the Science career track. This was the time her life started to take a large leap forward in both reality and the cruelty that could also come from it. In the year that followed her colony world vanished without any evidence being left.
Starfleet History She dedicated her life to Starfleet and the pursuit of an answer to the disappearance of her homeworld and friends and family but that answer would not be forthcoming. Then the Dominion made their steps towards dominating the Federation.

Several years passed, and her career continued to cut its path through the ranks of Starfleet Science until she met a young officer called Tristan Banks. The two struck up a friendship that soon turned into far more and within a year the two were married with a child on the way. Evelyn Banks was born and it was decided that they would take assignments on Earth to raise her in peace despite the war that was brewing on the Horizon.

During the war she was called away to aid a deep space telemetry station and while she was away Earth was attacked by the Breen who used this incident to announce their alliance with the Dominion. During the attack her Husband and Daughter were killed.

Now 27 years old and holding the rank of Lieutenant JG as well as Chief Science Officer of the Federation Starship USS Genesis. She stayed with the USS Genesis during the war until its completion at which point she had been promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.

Once the war was finished she returned to Earth and took up a teaching job at the Academy for a few years before finding her calling was in deep space. She was then transferred back to a deep Space assignment. This lasted another few years before Starfleet transferred her to the Command track claiming she was being wasted in her role as a Science Officer.
She spent several years training and working towards her new goal, taking several classes in tactical defence and assault and also working on her approach to commanding others. Finally she was signed off and again transferred; only this time she was wearing Command red. Her first posting was the USS Jericho.
Service Record Graduated Starfleet Academy
USS Normandy – Ensign – Junior Science Officer
USS Gettysburg – Ensign – Junior Science Officer
Maternity Leave – Daughter Evelyn Banks born
Returned to Service – Earth – Starfleet Science
Family killed in Breen Attack on Earth
USS Genesis – Lieutenant JG – Chief Science Officer
USS Genesis – Lieutenant – Chief Science Officer
Starfleet Instillation on Vulcan – Lieutenant – Command Training
USS Jericho – Lieutenant Commander – Executive Officer

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