Crewman Apprentice Yana Azarova

Name Yana Azarova

Position Tactical/Security Officer

Rank Crewman Apprentice


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 18
Date of Birth September 2
Place of Birth SS Rubicon
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm
Weight 68 kg
Hair Color Dark blond
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Yana is a young woman with a medium build and height. Her dark blond hair reaches slightly below her shoulders and is usually kept out of the way in a tail or braid. She has greyish-blue eyes.

Due to the physical work she had to do in her life so far, and still does, she has a rather toned body, but hardly ever does anything to show it off.


Father Nicolai Azarov
Mother Valentina Azarova
Brother(s) Alexei, Dimitri and Yuri

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Azarova-Three-Iota-Seven
Security Clearance Level Delta-Two
Data Access Level Level Two
Living Quarters Deck 12 - Section 23, Quarters 31
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yana comes from an environment where she had to prove herself a lot. She was constantly challenged and provoked by her three older brothers and had to work hard not to be seen as the baby of the family. Because of this she still thinks she has to prove herself and usually takes criticism as a challenge. And she is used to fighting for everything, so isn’t afraid to take any challenge.

In her family’s business she had to work hard too and quickly learned not to complain about that. So she has no problems with working long shifts or doing a lot of work, but will be annoyed by people who do complain. She simply has been taught you don’t do that.

Other than that, Yana is a very happy, friendly and outgoing person. She is a little cautious around new people she meets, but once she gets to know someone, she can be a very loyal friend.

Personal History Yana was born on the SS Rubicon into a family of freighters and traders. Both her parents families had been in the civilian trading business for many generations and they assumed it would always stay that way. Yana and her three older brothers were all supposed to work there when they were old enough, and pick up the tricks of the trade while they were working. They received little formal education, because this was how it had gone for generations now.

Yet Yana always secretly dreamed of joining Starfleet. She occasionally saw the people in uniform when they were docked or trading and had always admired the look. She also heard their stories of exploration and other heroic tales, so she was set on enlisting. Unfortunately when she talked about it at home she was ridiculed. Nobody wanted to do that. Starfleet had all sorts of silly rules you had to live by and you always had to help others and put yourself in danger for them. You would be crazy to join an organization like that.

Despite that, Yana kept dreaming. Whenever they were near Starfleet officials, she would sneak away and try to gather as much information as she could, hoping that would be enough to join them one day. That day came only a week after she turned 18. Her family had business to do on Earth and Yana used that opportunity to enlist. Her family laughed at her again, but let her go, telling her that she would come running back in no time.
Starfleet History Enlisting was a lot more difficult than Yana had imagined. Because she had no official education, she had to go through a number of tests and checks and in the end they had some disappointing news for her. Yana would have loved to work in the medical department, or even go to the Academy to become a doctor, but although the tests showed she was pretty intelligent, she simply didn’t have the right educational levels to join.

Yana was crushed, but was still determined to join. The recruiter told her that her best bet would be to try for Security. She was strong, driven and definitely motivated and they hoped she was smart enough to make it through the more theoretical parts of the training. On top of that, it didn’t require any experience and less academic preparation, so she could start right away. Being in the Fleet would also mean that she could use her spare time to get properly educated and work on her future like that.

So not long after that Yana finally got her enlisted training. Yet it wasn’t as glorious as she had hoped. She managed some aspects pretty easily, mainly the physical and practical parts, but when it came to theory she was clueless. The environment was totally different than she was used to. She suddenly had to learn and read and do exercises she saw no use in. Some of the other students started to make fun of her slow progress which inevitably led to arguments and eventually even to a fight between her and a fellow recruit.

There were teachers who told her she wasn’t going to make it and tried to convince her to go another direction, but Yana had set her mind on this. After the fight, one of her instructors had a serious talk with her about what she was going to do now. She realized that if she ever wanted to accomplish her goals, she had to do this. On top of that, she didn’t want to give up and run back to her family, as they had tried to predict.

So Yana dragged herself through it. It took a lot of extra tutoring, testing and retesting and nights of cramming, but she finally made it. Barely, but she made it. The day she finally was allowed to wear the full uniform and got promoted from Crewman Recruit to Crewman apprentice was the happiest day of her life. And now she is awaiting her first posting on the USS Jericho.
Service Record 2387 - Earth, Starfleet Academy Enlisted Training School
2387 - USS Jericho, Security Officer

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