Lieutenant Alina Jeran

Name Alina Jeran

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human / Betazoid
Age 36
Date of Birth April 15, 2351
Place of Birth Kathmandu, Nepal, Earth
Marital Status Divorced
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1.65m
Weight 58 kg
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Alina shares the south Asian features of her father's family, but has her mother's dark long hair and black eyes. She is of average hight and has a lean physique.


Spouse Gideon Cooper (ex-husband)
Father Arjun Dahal
Mother Sahnara Jeran

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Jeran-Zero-Six-Rho
Security Clearance Level Level 7
Data Access Level Level 3
Living Quarters Deck 7 - Section 06, Quarters 04
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alina is an ambitious and driven woman, determined to make the most out of her life. She is a perfectionist and works hard, some say too hard, but she disagrees. Alina is the happiest when she knows she is doing something useful. And you can rest when you're dead, or on a well deserved leave. Only then can she truly relax.

She is a quick thinker and has a strong analytical mind. She has no problems making quick decisions. Verbally she is very straightforward and will tell people what she thinks. She also isn't afraid to play the devil's advocate, but only to help a case or argument.

Personal History Alina was born in 2351 to Sahnara Jeran and Gideon Cooper. Her Betazoid mother was an accountant and her human father was a surgeon at a local hospital. Both were very busy during the week, but they often retreated to the beautiful Nepali mountains during weekends and holidays.

Alina learned young that hard work was important, if you wanted to achieve something in life. Her parents taught her to do her best in everything she did, no matter if it was at school or in sports or other hobbies. They only wanted the best for her and Alina went along with it.

By the time it was time to decide what to study, Alina had discovered debating and had also realized she was quite good at it. So she decided to leave Earth and go to Tellar Prime to study Law with the absolute experts in arguing and debating. After a short period where she had to get used to the different culture, she learned to love her new life and she dove into her studies. After three years she graduated and she moved to Vulcan to complete a masters degree. When that was finished too Alina moved back to Earth again.

Her career immediately took off at high speed. She quickly got a reputation as being a fierce defence lawyer and she represented many different people. In her spare time she also took on some pro deo cases, because she believed in doing good too. During that time she also met Gideon Cooper. They were opponents in a long lasting case, where they got to know each other pretty well. Despite being opponents they respected each other and when the case was over they started to meet on more personal grounds. The two fell in love and married about a year later.

The first couple of years were fairly happy, but Alina was slowly getting more fed up with her way of life. She still liked her job, but the amount of work was weighing on her. She was seeing Gideon less and less and she couldn't remember the last time she had a real break. There was hardly any time for hobbies any more. All she lived for was her work.

Her doubts were causing difficulties in her marriage too. Gideon didn't understand her doubts and told her that it was just the way it was in this world. If she wanted to make it big, she had to work for it. Alina bought this for a while, but finally she just had to break with her life. She took some time off and went back to Nepal. There she went into a retraite and tried to find a meaning in her life again.

It soon became clear to her that she needed a new start. Her old life was slowly killing her and she wasn't happy. There was one place she had always felt free and that was the sky. Alina had been a hobby pilot for years and had always dreamt of going to space one day and fly there. If she wanted to make a career out of that, there was only one place she could go. Starfleet.

Gideon didn't understand her decision, but the two had grown apart so far already that a divorce seemed the only option. Now free and ready for a new start Alina went to the Academy at 30.

Starfleet History Getting into the Fleet obviously was a whole change for Alina. She was back in school again and a pretty strict one at that. But because this was what she truly wanted Alina adapted again and started to enjoy the courses and the regime.

After her break from her hectic old life, Alina had promised herself she would take it slower this time, enjoy life more, but it's hard to change a person. Her extreme ambitiousness came back from time to time, but it did help her with her studies and she graduated with good marks.

Alina's first assignment was on the USS Scimitar, a small but fast Saber class. She saw some action chasing pirates and was having a lot of fun with the ship and her colleagues. Yet, when she had the possibility to become Assistant Chief Flight Controller on a Constitution class her ambitiousness got the best of her and she moved ships.

She stayed there for about a year, before finally being moved to the Jericho.
Service Record 2381 - 2384 Earth, Starfleet Academy
2384 - 2386 USS Scimitar, Flight Control Officer
2386 - 2387 USS Mariner, Assistant Flight Control Officer
2387 - current USS Jericho, Chief Flight Control Officer

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