Lieutenant JG Finn Simmons

Name Finn Koroth Simmons

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human / Klingon
Age 29
Date of Birth 2359
Place of Birth Juliana IV
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 196 cm
Weight 92 kg
Hair Color blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Finn's Klingon heritage is not instantly visible from the outside. His parents had his cranial ridges removed shortly after his birth and never told him. Other less visible Klingon characteristics like his eight chambered heart, his tricipital lobe, the additional stomach and liver, the third lung and the double-lined neural pia mater do stem from his Klingon ancestry. He has the typically ridged Klingon spine as well as ridges on his feet. Though both are somewhat smoothed over by his human ancestry.

His strength is in par to that of Klingon and his stamina is augmented in the same way due to his Klingon internal physiology. He engages in regular training and can be considered at his physical peak.

While his heritage offers advantages he dislikes cold environments. He is not as susceptible to the cold as a full blown Klingon would be but longer exposure can be very dangerous. More so than it would be for a Human.

Annotation: His favored holosimulation, a reconstruction of the lava caves of No'Mat, poses a threat to normal humans and other species with little tolerance to the high temperatures encountered there. Within the acceptable parameters for his species he has the authorization to bypass certain holodeck safety protocols.


Father Korris Simmons (born in 2336, winemaker)
Mother Shenara Simmons (born in 2338, winemaker)
Sister(s) Julia Tavana Simmons (born in 2363, student of Agricultural engineering)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Simmons-Six-Seven-Omega
Security Clearance Level Level 8
Data Access Level Level Three
Living Quarters Deck 7 - Section 03, Quarters 10
Personal Office Location Deck 9 - Chief Operations Officer's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview During his puberty an incident lead to him embracing Vulcan culture and meditation based control over ones feelings. While he has become somewhat less strict with this self-imposed way of life most Vulcans do usually find him and his conduct very acceptable for a human and especially a human with part Klingon heritage.

A Vulcan neighbor taught him meditation techniques during his Jak'tahla. His temper is usually far to calm even for someone only part Klingon like him. Though he wouldn't let that insult get the better of him. Usually. He has a great respect for the Vulcan philosophy, culture and tradition. His quarters reflect that and are very simplistic.

He is, up to this day, at odds with his Klingon heritage and struggles to find his own path. After learning that his parents had both his and his sisters forehead ridges removed after birth he is confused about his heritage and the degree to which he is Klingon. He is currently contemplating reconstructive surgery for his forehead ridges. In the recent years and months he has started to look deeper into his Klingon heritage even though with tentative steps.

- Restricted access -

- for authorized Medical Personnel only -

Closing statement by Starfleet Counselor Dr. Sirak

During the psychological evaluation prior to being accepted into Starfleet he, like many other Starfleet officers, had to face his greatest fear. Remarkably he had to face a mirror image of himself. His mind did not conjure up a childhood scare, like I have observed with many other Humans, but a simple double. Even though the further development of the psychological evaluation is not at my liberty to disclose and the files have by now been sealed under orders of Starfleet Intelligence I am able to say that his aggressive tendencies are unusually strong. Even after taking his Klingon heritage into account. The fact that he picked up Vulcan meditation techniques to control his violent urges is now very understandable to me. Whoever taught him was wise to do so.

- end of restricted content -

Personal History Finn was born to Shenara and Korris Simmons. He was born in an independent Colony in the Alpha Quadrant. Inhabited by many Hybrids from across the region it was a refuge for those in mixes relationships or of mixed heritage. His parents, both Klinogn/Human hybrids, had grown up there together and married fairly early after reaching legal age. His mothers family had a tradition of winemakers back on Earth and Shenara and Korris picked up on it, mixing their Klingon heritage into the tradition. Since business was good it allowed them to afford high quality home schooling for their boy. Finn proved to be a bright student early on.

Growing up amongst a diverse group of aliens made it impossible for Finn to grow up xenophobic. Most couples in the colony were in a mixed species relationship and some like his parents were even hybrids themselves. There were few children like him that could claim that his parents were in a way the same species. Finn had no problems getting along with any kind of alien life he encountered. He had lots of friends and to this day stays in close contact with many of them.

A few years after he had been born his parents had a daughter. His sister Julia Tavana. Finn instantly fell in love with his sibling. During their time growing up they spend much time together. So much indeed that their infatuation with each other was starting to grow unhealthy when both of them were nearing puberty.
Starfleet History After reaching appropriate age to join Starfleet he did so after passing the exams, undergoing the “psych test” and going through the six weeks of preparatory program.

The adoption of Vulcan meditation techniques, which he practices rigorously, did help him through his time in Starfleet Academy and his bright nature soon had him in Red Squad. He graduated amongst the top of his class and was handed on to be groomed for the higher levels of Starfleet. With a bright future ahead he soon insisted he be put on a starship to serve his time like everyone else.

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Brush with Starfleet Intelligence and Section 31

During his time in the Academy he caught the eye of a Starfleet Intelligence Operative. After graduating he entered into a secret selection program for promising young officers. During the intensive program he underwent rigorous training in different combat disciplines and the basics needed for successful intelligence work. He finished a two year program and was released into active duty. Soon afterwards his life changed and not for the better. When he was approached by a Section 31 operative he was, at first, shocked. Disgusted by the idea of such a organization existing inside the Federation he took several days to fully digest the information. After that his young mind quickly rationalized the existence of the Agency and he entered into it. Due to his predisposition he was sent to Klingon territory on multiple occasions. This and the cosmetic surgery that went along with this is one of the core reasons he is now more than ever at odds with his heritage. After he realized that many of his assignments were based on pure speculation and lacked any footing in reality he took a leave of absence, returned to his parents winery and withdrew from the Agency. Finn had been driven away from this line of work. After his leave was up he requested a transfer and was off to his new post not even two full days later. Knowing that one does not really leave the Agency he is ever watchful.

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Service Record Starfleet Academy Courses
- Advanced Subspace Geometry
- Astrophysics
- Astrosciences
- Plasma physics
- Starfleet Emergency Medical Course
- Academy Extension Course #4077
- Red Squad

- Starfleet Headquarters Logistical Support

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