Lieutenant James Myers

Name James Myers

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38
Date of Birth 2349
Place of Birth Unknown
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 175
Hair Color Red, Auburn
Eye Color hazel
Physical Description Reddish, auburn colored hair, brown eyes, freckles. Slender build.


Spouse Hannah, ex/deceased
Children Phoebe
Father Sam Myers
Mother Francine Myers

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Myers-Nine-Three-Rho
Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level 3
Living Quarters Deck 10 - Room 1011
Personal Office Location Deck 8 - Sickbay / Chief Medical Officer's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview James, Jimmy to his family and friends, is quiet and tends to be on the shy side. Many assume he is arrogant and standoffish. It’s actually his shyness that tends to make him stay to himself so much.

He is an accomplished surgeon, and has a tremendous ability to multitask. He is a great asset during an emergency situation and has had many off world experiences with triaging. He does tend to get short with the nurses, almost bordering on bossiness. He’ll have to work on that if he wants to further his career. He does have one item on his permanent service record regarding an altercation involving another medic that has caused him to be passed over on more than one occasion.

He tends to be a loner and spends considerable time in his quarters playing music. He plays the flute. He is also quite adept at chess having won many tournaments, and loves to paint. He usually keeps his painting and music to himself after getting ribbed about it by some Klingon’s at Starfleet Academy. Guess it wasn’t manly enough in the eyes of the Klingons. I also found out, but don’t tell him I told you, that one of his other passions is sword fighting in Medieval/Renaissance holodeck programs.

Personal History This and Starfleet History are sort of mingled together.

James “Jimmy” was born on a star base in 2349, but spent most of his life aboard a freighter. Jimmy didn’t have any sisters, but he did have one brother who was also his twin. They were very close. At the age of ten, Jonah, drowned in a boating accident while the family was on a vacation to the Florida Keys. It was hard on James, and even to this day he avoids water like the plague. His father was an enlisted crewman in the engineering department. James has a soft spot for the enlisted personnel and feels he can relate to them. As a teenager, he got to help out in the Sickbay. The doctor saw his interest in medicine and took him under his wing mentoring him. The hands on training he’d received aboard the freighter definitely helped during his medical school training. By the time he entered Starfleet Academy he had had more real life experiences than most of his upper classmates.

In 2367 he was accepted to Starfleet Academy in the pre-med program. During his junior year he met Hannah, his future wife. They had a tumultuous on and off again relationship. In April, just before they both graduated she found herself pregnant. In June they married. In August, James entered Starfleet Medical. In December of 2371 their daughter Phoebe was born. The next several years were difficult. James had very little time to devote to his new family. His wife Hannah went to work teaching, more because of loneliness than a need for money. Their son Adam was born a year after James graduated from Medical School. His first assignment was aboard the USS Independence. He was gone a lot leaving Hannah alone aboard the star base with the responsibility of caring for two small children and a full time job teaching.

In 2381 James was assigned to the USS Tripoli as the acting ACMO. Hannah took the children and returned to earth rather than continue to raise them on yet another station. She feigned the excuse of wanting more family connections for the kids. James and Hannah’s relationship just continued to deteriorate. He became distant, a work-a-holic, career-minded, and when he was home on leave he wasn’t “there” there. They separated in December of 2381.

March 30th of 2384 James received a communiqué that Hannah was killed in a tragic snowshoeing accident. She’d taken Phoebe and several of their friends on a back country ski trip in the Colorado Rockies, when an avalanche swooped down on their party. It was especially hard for Phoebe because she’d actually looked back at the exact moment the wall of snow buried her mom. Poor Adam, only seven at the time, had stayed back with his grandmother. For days he just kept asking when his mom would be coming home. James took leave and attended the funeral.

He decided in August to accept a teaching position at Starfleet Medical. But the lure of an assignment aboard a Starfleet vessel became too great to resist. And in February of 2387 he applied to several ships for the position of Chief Medical Officer, but….that pesky note in his permanent Starfleet record continued to dog him. After several rejections, he finally received and accepted an assignment aboard the USS Jericho. Against all advice from well-meaning family members, he disregarded everyone’s advice and pulled his kids from their familiar surroundings, school and friends and insisted they accompany him on this assignment. He argued with them that he had no other alternatives. So he brings aboard a defiant fifteen year old teenage girl and a rambunctious, curious and energetic ten year old son.
Service Record 2375 Graduated Star fleet Medical
2375 Residency on Echlelon Station
2377 USS Independence, Medical Officer
2381 USS Tripoli, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2384 Reassigned to teaching at Starfleet Medical
2387 USS Jericho Chief Medical Officer

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