Lieutenant JG Andru Tinman

Name Andru Tinman

Position Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vorban Android
Age 4358
Date of Birth August 12th 2344BC
Place of Birth Vorban
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'
Weight 23Lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Andru's body is largely coated in an immovable layer of rust. His face is composed of a low resolution, primitive blue transparent hologram, projected from his otherwise featureless rusty head. He has a humanoid shape and body plan other than the 12 long digits which project from his hands.


Spouse None (widower 73 times)
Children None
Father None
Mother None
Brother(s) None living
Sister(s) None living
Other Family None living

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Tinman-Zero-Four-Epsilon
Security Clearance Level Level 6
Data Access Level Level Three
Living Quarters Deck 20 - Section 02, Quarters 19
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Andru is an android, designed millennia ago by a now extinct species, to fulfil whatever particular task was appointed to him with such proficiency that he has been left with an obsessive personality. He can never let an obsession simply pass until it is fulfilled to his quite exacting standards.

Though, to anyone who knows him socially he is a positive, optimistic, vivacious quirky character with an elderly outlook and attitude.

Personal History Andru is one of the last remaining androids produced by an ancient and extinct species known as the Vorban. They built Andrew's kind as vessels into which they would transfer their dying selves' consciousnesses but went extinct before they could build many or successfully perform a transference.

He spent several millennia delving into various obsessions: cataloguing the remaining life on Vorban, the geology, mapping the planet on foot, describing the collapsing ecosphere in detail - but none could he have done simultaneously (see "special interests.") In fact his most final and long lasting obsession was with maintaining the myriad carvings he had done into bedrock in order to record all of this data.

No other androids of his kind exist. He seems to remember that he was a prototype and only a few such models were built - but all but him were destroyed in the great upheaval of his creators' dying race.

Special Interests: currently - anthropology. His limited memory (similar to a humans) means that he engages in an obsession for a few decades - currently in humans and the federation - replacing his last obsession (human physiology and mortality). He generally recalls the subject about which he obsessed in the past and an overall message but has to wipe all other information before continuing with a new one.
Starfleet History Decorations, awards, distinctions: Noted for his instrumental work in developing several cures for minor human diseases in early federation days (when he was focused on medicine) and later as a diplomatic envoy to some peripheral federation worlds. His name is spoken of widely on these worlds but he probably wouldn't remember which or why.

Reprimands: Lost rank of Cmdr. and position as CMO, and court-marshalled due to his forceful imprisonment for 2 weeks of an Admiral in order to find a cure for his repeating stress headaches. (2201AD)

Service Record Aboard several dozen federation ships since the 2150's when he was found by a starfleet crew on Vorban.

USS Valiant 2153-2168 (Medical officer)
USS Shannon 2168-2179 (Assistant Chief Medical Officer)
USS Versailles 2179-2201 (Chief Medical Officer)
USS Kyoto 2201-2223 (CMO)
Starbase 39 (CMO) 2223-2356
Starbase Gamma-3 (CMO) 2356-2378

Court-martial 2378

Starfleet Academy 2378-2381
USS Blackwater 2381-86 (Science officer)
DS9 2386 (Science officer)

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