Lieutenant JG Hans Hazelwood

Name Hans Hazelwood Ph.D

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Ba'ku
Age 53
Date of Birth 2335
Place of Birth Ba'ku
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0''
Weight 155 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Junior Grade Lieutenant Hansel Hazelwood is not an individual that should be judged by his appearance. He appears to be a very young human adolescent, perhaps firmly into his teenage years and hardly old enough to hold the rank and degrees that he has earned. However, he is not a human. Lieutenant Hazelwood is much older than he looks human, he is a member of the species known as the Ba'ku (“the peaceful), their home world located in the Briar Patch.


Father Ashan
Mother Na'vu

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Hazelwood-Two-Eight-Chi
Security Clearance Level Level 8
Data Access Level Level Three
Living Quarters Deck 4 - Section 04, Quarters 09
Personal Office Location Deck 11 - Counselor's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because of his many years of being considered a child on his home world, Hans Hazelwood still acts very much like a child from Earth. He enjoys having fun when he is not on duty and when he is not overwhelmed with responsibilities. He has a strong passion for the sciences, for justice and for peace. He is often quite friendly, outgoing and adventurous which can sometime lead his astray from his formal duties. Hansel is a tried and true blue shirt Starfleet Officer who studied sciences and medicine at Starfleet Academy.

Hansel, like many members of his species, has excellent mental discipline allowing for a strength in focus and hand-eye coordination. He also has a keen eye for detail and what very well may be a borderline photographic memory. Strong cognitive abilities to absorb and retain information has shaped him into being an excellent student.

Easily lead astray, Hansel's greatest weakness is his attention span and sense of wander. This sense of adventure and wander has lead Hansel to wander off at times and disregard caution. However, the past few years in Starfleet have begun to tune him a bit and form a more mature and cautionary officer.

When he was a child on Ba'ku, Hansel Hazelwood had a flare for Botanical studies and ornacology. Flowers and birds were his passion and he enjoyed lying on the grassy knolls sketching them both in his books. Sometimes, he would even paint them. He adored the ecosystem and how everything was connected. He still continues with these passions by studying plants and birds whenever he gets the chance to. He also still enjoys sketching things and other artistic avenues to express himself.

Personal History Born on the planet of Ba'ku in the 2350s, Hansel had a usual upbringing on the planet. He was not exposed to technology and had only a limited knowledge of his warp capable ancestors. His mother was a spiritual leader on the planet and his father was a healer in their village. Hans was the typical Ba'ku child who often played in the fields and grassy knolls, running up and down hills with his childhood companions. Sometimes, he would help the village farmers with their harvesting. However, Hansel mostly played well into puberty.

When Hansel hit puberty, the onset of his teenage years, his aging slowed and came to a near halt in the late 2360s/early 2370s. After he hit puberty, the young man took up an interest following in his father's footsteps and become a healer. He often accompanied his father around the village and tended to the usual aches and pains, scrapes and bruises that many of the Ba'ku suffered during day to day manual labor.

First contact with the United Federation of Planets in 2375 had caused change in Hansel's life. It was the first time that his people were in serious danger and it had been with the help of a starship crew and their technology helped save the Ba'ku. It was a difficult time for the peaceful peoples who gave up their technology centuries ago. This encounter with the Federation had eventually lead to the Federation and the Ba'ku forming a relationship which blossomed over the years as Ba'ku became a member world of the Federation in 2377.

With the planet of Ba'ku becoming a formal member of the United Federation of Planets, it thus made Hansel a Federation citizen and eligible to apply to Starfleet Academy without a sponsor. It was not a decision that his family was all too pleased with. Even as newly admitted members of the Federation, the Ba'ku tended to remain on their home world and continued to go about their lives with manual labor and the bare minimum of technology. It was somewhat of an insult to his family and rebellious behavior when Hansel opted to submit an application to Starfleet Academy. The entrance examinations were quite demanding. Hansel was not confident that he had performed to the best of his abilities or as well as the other prospective cadets. However, his overall performance was good enough for his application to be taken into consideration.
Starfleet History He was fully expecting to hear the unfortunate news that he had not been accepted into Starfleet Academy. However, Hansel was delighted to receive word that he had been accepted to Starfleet Academy where Hansel quickly decided to pursue an educational path in medicine via the Academy's Nursing program. At first, it was difficult to leave his home world behind for the massively populated planet of Earth. Ba'ku had only ever been the home to less than a thousand individuals. Earth was a Goliath in size and population. However, that did not scare Hansel away. He embraced it and continued to focus on his academic studies and pursuing his goals and aspirations.

The Academy helped mature Hansel into more of a professional as he became what a Starfleet Officer should be. However, he still retained much of his own personality and philosophies in life. He had come from a society that had surrendered their warp technology and had turned away from being an advanced militaristic bunch of explorers into being a peaceful society of farming, agriculture and art. This was something that had caused Hansel to struggle with at the Academy. He had to learn a lot about the history of Federation and Starfleet technology. In order to do so, he picked up a minor in Operations. Many of the cadets held some unspoken hostility towards Hansel for being less knowledgeable in technology than them. There was still a lot of tension around Starfleet over the Ba'ku incident.

Hansel graduated with moderate grades in his classes but with some praise from his Academy instructors. He received the commissioned rank of Ensign and was assigned to the USS Eclipse, a Defiant-class starship as the ship's nurse. It was a small ship with crew of fifty. The tight space and low crew compliment caused for the majority of the crew to become like a family. It was something that Hansel appreciated as his own family had no interest nor the necessary means to keep in contact with him. Hansel spent a few years aboard the Eclipse before deciding to advance his career with Starfleet. He had learned the basics of modern Starfleet technology and had proven himself to be a good nurse. However, Hansel had begun to take a serious interest in psychology and sociology after getting close with the Eclipse's one and only Counselor.

With Counselor Holland's supportive guidance and recommendation, Hansel was granted an academic extended leave of absence from Starfleet in order to continue his career pursuits. Hansel was accepted
into the University of Massachusetts where Hansel worked hard and studied vigorously to earn a Ph.D in Xeno Sociology. It had taken a few years for Hansel to complete the program and degree requirements and had taken him away from active Starfleet service. However, title of Dr. Hansel Hazelwood, counselor gave the man a sense of self-value and purpose with Starfleet.

His first assignment as a Starfleet counselor was aboard the USS Vornholt as the Assistant Ship's Counselor. The Vornholt was a larger starship than the Eclipse, but it was something that Hansel quickly adapted to. His new position and educational achievements had earned him a promotion to Junior Grade Lieutenant. Counselor Hazelwood enjoyed the work of a starhip counselor and the responsibilities that came along with the position. Working aboard the Vornholt for a handful of years had prepared Hansel to request transfer to the USS Jericho. Hansel was not aboard Jericho too long before he found himself presented with an opportunity to advance to the position of Chief Counselor. He quickly expressed interest in taking the position.
Service Record 2377-2378 Starfleet Academy (Freshmen Year)
2378-2389 Starfleet Academy (Sophomore Year)
2379-2380 Starfleet Academy (Junior Year)
2380-2381: Starfleet Academy (Senior Year)
2381-2383: USS Eclipse; Nurse (Ensign)
2383-2385: University of Massachusetts (Doctoral Student)
2385-2387: USS Vornholt; Assistant Ship's Counselor (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
2387: USS Jericho, Assistant Chief Counselor (Lieutenant Junior Grade)
2387-Present: USS Jericho; Ship's Counselor (Lieutenant Junior Grade)

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