Master Chief Petty Officer Marcus Garcia

Name Marcus Deangelo Garcia

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Tactical/Security Officer

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 48
Date of Birth 25/05/2339
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia - Earth
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 191 Ib
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Marcus is a human male, of average height and build. Sporting heavy set shoulders, and a large chest. Although, for his age, he still maintains somewhat of an athletic physic. Being of Southern Italian decent, his complexion is of deep olive, his facial features boasting of dark Mediterranean features, wrinkles and age lines are starting to show, much to his own denial. Dark brown hair with whisks of his aging greys, that he keeps medium to long in length, yet still abiding by Federation grooming standards. Marcus also keeps a neatly trimmed, thinly haired salt and pepper beard, that he has gladly owned for nearly half of his Starfleet career.


Spouse Never Married
Children None
Father Deangelo Antonio Garcia - Senior Chief Petty Officer - Deceased.
Mother Cate Leigha Garcia (Payne) - Deceased.
Brother(s) Nathaniel Dominic Garcia.

Nico Anthony Garcia - Lieutenant - Assistant Chief Science Officer - USS Sussex.
Sister(s) None
Other Family Large Families from both parents

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Garcia-Three-Zero-Alpha
Security Clearance Level Level 4
Living Quarters Deck 16 - Section 04, Quarters 15
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview A straight up, honest truth speaker, Marcus can be at times be a little, too honest for his own good. He can come across quite blunt, and abrasive at the best of times, he is direct, and straight to the point. He can be, viewed as arrogant and small minded. But, to the contrary he is very tolerant, open to constructive criticism, and approached in the right manner, makes a wonderful advice giver. Not, much of a front man, Marcus prefers to work behind the scenes. A real go getter, a lets get the job done personality, with a good work ethic, and never shying away from either hard work, or a challenge.

Emotions are defiantly to one of his strong suits. Marcus, can be quite cold and distant, and prefers to spend much of his valuable free time, away from other life forms, only seeking out friendship and interaction when he requires to break his self inflected solitude. On the rare occasion, when needed he can be a warm, caring, almost father/big brother figure, to the some of the junior crew...almost. A strange mixture of live by the manual, and live by the day kinder NCO. He has remarkable self discipline...majority of the time. He struggles with respect and equity towards Junior Officers, even stating once or a few dozen times, "Commissioned teenagers, give them a pip, and they know everything about nothin' ". He much prefers the Senior Officer types to the Junior ones. Quite hard man, to win over his respect and trust. But, once one has accomplished this, they have gained an extremely loyal, trustworthy, true friend. Even having stating on occasion a quote his father gave to him when he was a young boy. "If you stand next to me, you'll never stand alone."

After, thirty years of service to the Fleet and Federation as a Security/Tactical Officer, a veteran of three wars, and countless actions, postings, and missions, Marcus retired from Starfleet late last year. A retirement that lasted a whole, six months, before making his return to the Fleet, earlier this year. The 'Crusty', 'Grumpy', 'Old', 'Tired' NCO had returned to his first lady love...the Fleet.

Personal History Marcus was born on the 25th day in the fifth month of 2339, in Carlton Women's hospital, Melbourne Victoria. Australia. The eldest born, of Deangelo and Cate Garcia, named for his great grandfather and father. Marcus, was a happy baby, and with time grew to be a happy young boy. Deangelo and Cate added two new additions to their small family, Nathaniel Dominic born on the 28th in the second month of 2341, and Nico Anthony born the 22nd day of fourth month of 2347. Deangelo, being a Senior Master Chief within Starfleet, was posted to many star ships, and bases. So, the family enjoyed the Fleet brat life style, following their father from posting to the next.

Sadly all that would come to end in 2351, on a vacation home to Australia after a year long posting to the USS Pathfinder. Deangelo and Cate were killed in hover car accident, the boys were else where at the time of accident, with family. The accident was never fully explained, and even to this day Marcus, doesn't know the full story. The horrible accident left the three boys, aged 12, 10, and 4 orphaned. They bounced around from Grandparents to Grandparents. Aunt and Uncle to Aunt and Uncle. Before, finally settling with Cate's sister. Cynthia, and her husband Gerry West and their five children. The three boys, were bought up in a very full house. But, it was a loving home, they were provided for, and educated. A special bond grew between Marcus and his Uncle Gerry, more of best friends, then of Uncle and Nephew, a bond that still is strong, to this day.

At the age of 17 and 9 months, against his Aunt Cynthia and Uncle Gerry's wishes, he enlisted into Starfleet. Both, his Aunt and Uncle boycotted his Starfleet training, as they didn't want him to leave for long period of time or "go off and fight in some bloody war". After three month of basic training and another nine of his service training, Marcus graduated, both his Aunt and Uncle attended his graduation parade, all teary eyed and proud of their nephews accomplishment.
Service Record Garcia, Marcus Deangelo.

Born - 25/05/2339.

Enlists, Starfleet as Security/Tactical - Crewman Recruit - 05/03/2357.

Graduated, Starfleet Security/Tactical - Crewman Apprentice - 25/04/2358.

Posted, USS Avalon - Crewman Apprentice - 16/06/2358.

Promotion, USS Avalon - From Crewman Apprentice to Crewman - 23/05/2358.

Posted, Starbase 14 - Crewman - 11/11/2358.

Promoted, Starbase 14 - From Crewman to Petty Officer Third Class - 01/02/2360.

Posted USS Nightingale - Petty Officer Third Class - 13/09/2360.

Posted USS New York - Petty Officer Third Class - 05/09/2361.
Posted USS Hawksbay - Petty Officer Third Class - 10/11/2362.

Promoted, USS Hawksbay - From Petty Officer Third Class to Petty Officer Second Class - 02/12/2362.

Posted, Starbase 27 - 23/12/2364.

Posted, USS Iron Duke - 01/07/2366.

Promoted, USS Iron Duke - From Petty Officer Second Class to Petty Officer First Class - 05/08/2367.

Posted, USS Ark Royal - 15/01/2369.

Promoted, USS Ark Royal - From Petty Officer First Class to Chief Petty Officer - Sat bi-annual promotion board. 26/04/2371.

Posted, Starbase 14 - Chief Petty Officer. 05/09/2373.

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