Ensign Laren Shar

Name Laren Shar

Position Engineering Officer

Second Position Engineering Officer

Rank Ensign


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Wed Sep 13, 2017 @ 3:33pm

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Andorian
Age 29
Date of Birth 4-15-2359
Place of Birth Latar City Planet Andoria
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 7"
Weight 150 lb
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Shar has the blue skin and white hair along with the two anatine on the top of her head common to the Andorian species.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Servan
Mother Tlen
Brother(s) Morven 1 year older
Sister(s) Gratar 3 years older
Parlet 2 years younger
Other Family None

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Shar-One-Four-Beta
Security Clearance Level Delta-Two
Data Access Level Level 2
Living Quarters Deck 20 - Room 2015
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

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