Phoebe Myers

Name Phoebe Annaliese Myers

Position Civilian


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 14
Date of Birth December 24, 2371
Place of Birth near San Francisco, CA
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 110
Hair Color Carrot-red
Eye Color green
Physical Description Carrot-red hair, lots of freckles, much like her dad.
Phoebe is tall and lanky like her father. She has long carrot-red hair that she usually wears in a braid down her back.


Father James Myers M.D.
Mother Hannah Myers, deceased
Brother(s) Adam Myers, 10 years old

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Living Quarters Deck 10 - Room 1011

Personality & Traits

General Overview Phoebe is a typical teenager of fifteen. In her eyes she knows everything, her dad not so much. She’s often moody and acts as though the world revolves around her. She’s quiet and somewhat a loner. Like her dad she gravitates toward music and painting. Her grades are only mediocre, though she could definitely improve if only she'd attend more to her studies. One endearing quality she has is her genuine love for her little brother. Because of her mother’s death when Adam was only seven and her father’s emotional absenteeism, she has become his protectorate, teacher, and companion.

Personal History Phoebe was born December 24, 2371 near San Francisco, California. She spent her first years mostly in the care of her maternal grandmother as her father was incredibly preoccupied with Medical School and her mother was a full-time teacher. But that was not all bad. Her Nana was so kind and loving. They became very close. So it was hard on her at the age of three when her family moved to Echelon Station. She cried for days no understanding why she couldn’t see Nana.

Her father became even more distant as he was busy with residency, extra-training, off-world missions. Her mother Hannah again began teaching on the station putting Phoebe in the care of a hired nanny. It was miserable. She was cold, totally business-like and rarely showed Phoebe any affection at all.

A year later, in July of 2376 her little brother Adam was born, and her mother took a year off. It was a wonderful year. Phoebe basked in her mother’s love and attention, and Phoebe became quite the little helper in caring for Adam. Her mother used to joke that Phoebe didn’t even need to have a doll to play with; she had Adam to help take care of.

A few years went by. Phoebe started school on the station. Her mother went back to teaching, but it wasn’t so bad because her mother was home at night to help her with homework.

Phoebe was nine. She’d excelled in third grade and had made many friends at the school aboard the station. And although she rarely saw her father, there were a few family outings where they’d been together. Her favorite had been the one where they’d gone camping on a nearby planet. She’d never forget the one night she’d sat in his lap as the two looked at the stars. She thought he had to be one of the smartest dad’s around as he showed her one constellation after another. She never questioned his love. But in July of 2381 everything changed yet again.

She’d tried crying, staging temper tandrums, even threatening to hold her breath under she turned blue, but nothing had helped. Her dad gave her and Adam a perfunctory hug and a brief goodbye, barely spoke to his wife and quickly walked out of their quarters. The morning of August 1, 2381 she found herself, Adam and her mother boarding a ship headed for earth, and no amount of begging could get her mother to explain just was a divorce was going to mean.

They returned to San Jose outside of San Francisco to be near family. Unfortunately her Nana had passed away. She missed her grandmother a lot, but there were cousins and aunts and uncles to get to know. She was excited to learn that she had a girl cousin Lisa just about her age, and Lisa was going to be going to the same school. She settled into her new life, and even though she only saw her father once during the next three years she didn’t really care. She rarely had time to miss him.

A tragic accident in March of 2384 changed her life yet again, and this time it would have profound consequences. Her mother Hannah was killed in a spring avalanche in the Rocky Mountains. It was supposed to have been the best spring vacation in history. Her mother had let her bring Lisa and two of her other friends. They’d been laughing and enjoying the incredibly white and sparkling snow framed by equally incredibly blue sky when heard a roar. She turned just into time to see a wall of snow plow into her mother and two other adults. It was over in seconds. They found her mother about an hour later.

Her father showed up for the funeral. He was quiet, introspective, and barely gave his kids a hug. The three sat in the front row for the service; each grieving to himself. Adam was only seven and he was having trouble even coming to an understand of what the coffin meant, Phoebe kept having flashbacks to the incident and wondering if she could have done something and trying to put down flashes of guilt. James, well James’ feelings were much more complicated. His hovered closer to anger. His career had been going so well. He had his own life. And now what? Was he supposed to just give up everything and come back to earth to care for these two children he barely knew?

But he did give up everything. He did stay. He applied and was accepted as a professor in the Starfleet Medical department. Life continued on. He taught, he was quiet at home, rarely even asking questions about their school life. Phoebe drifted and got caught up with a rough crowd. By the age of thirteen she was quite often truant from school, drinking and trying drugs. On more than one occasion James was called away from a lecture to retrieve Phoebe from the police station.

In 2386 at the age of fourteen Phoebe’s life changed yet again. Her father applied for and was accepted to the USS Jericho, and this time he insisted that they all go together.

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