Lieutenant JG Dralex

Name Dralex

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Denobulan
Age 24
Date of Birth 2363
Place of Birth Denobula
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 172 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description By competing in numerous sporting activities, Dralex maintains a slim and athletic physique. He is six feet and one inch in height and weighs about one hundred seventy-two pounds. He has very short brown hair and piercing blue eyes. As is customary with other members of the Denobulan race, Dralex has a pair of facial ridges that run down on either side of his forehead to the cheeks. He has an enlarged brow ridge under a high receding hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead, and a ridged chin. He also has ridges on his back along the spine. Like the others of his race, Dralex is able to enlarge his face when he feels threatened. Humans often refer to this as looking like a puffer fish. He can also smile wider than most other humanoids.

Dralex doesn’t wear casual clothing very often. He is a working man and prefers to wear his uniform almost all the time, even when it’s dirty. It has led him to getting ordered to change his clothes on a number of occasions. When he does wear something else, it usually isn’t anything too spectacular.


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father Mirton
Mother Vobel
Brother(s) n/a
Sister(s) Zelessa, Ceezal
Other Family n/a

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Dralex-One-Seven-Pi
Security Clearance Level Delta-Two
Data Access Level Level 3
Living Quarters Deck 20 - Room 2009
Personal Office Location n/a

Personality & Traits

General Overview Dralex has inherited many of the common personality traits of his kin. He is overly positive and cheerful. In fact, it’s quite difficult for him to ever get angry or frustrated even in the most dire of circumstances. Somehow, he seems to always look upon the brighter side of things. He is also very patient with other people and his career in Starfleet. He isn’t in any hurry to progress in rank although he would like to one day. Right now, Dralex is happy enough to be working on his research. As is typical of Denobulans, Dralex does not enjoy solitude at all and he will often go in areas of the ship where there are other people. He is socially curious and is unafraid to try new things. As a result of his love for sports, he is also very competitive. While he enjoys winning, he has never been a sore loser when he has lost. Instead, he just looks forward to the next match.

Personal History Early Life:
Dralex was born in the year 2363 on Denobula to his parents Mirton and Vobel. From a very young age, they always challenged his skills with puzzles and problems. They hoped that by doing so it would help to develop his mind and intelligence. It did, except, not in the way that they expected. Dralex became very creative and could work wonders with his hands. He was a very practical young man. He could create things out of virtually nothing. And, he could almost always solve problems simply by looking at them long enough. He also excelled at sport and enjoyed reading science fiction novels when he was able to. The young Denobulan quickly developed a vibrant imagination. He played with toy blocks for a time and eventually moved on to building models of Denobula’s most famous starships. That was, of course, until he found the one thing that held his interest above all others. Robots.

In his teenage years, Dralex amassed a rather large collection of robot-themed items ranging from toys, statues, shirts and even videos (although many of his fellow Denobulan friends didn’t much care to watch them with him). Some people would say that he was a little obsessed with robots. On his fourteenth birthday, his hobby took on a completely new form when he received, from his parents, an advanced robot kit which allowed him to build and program his very own robot. Using this kit and his uncanny imagination, Dralex was able to create all kinds of interesting machines. One time he’d created a small man that could carry things. Another time he’d created a mechanical arm that could grab objects. For him, this proved to be the roots of his future career. A career which would have him enlist in Starfleet to pursue his wildest dreams.
Starfleet History Joining Starfleet:
In the year 2381, Dralex successfully completed his entrance examination for Starfleet Academy and he was permitted to enlist. He had reached a point in his young life where he needed to decide his future. When he weighed all the pros and cons in his mind regarding his various choices, he came to the conclusion that Starfleet had much more to offer him in the long run. He saw a greater potential in continuing to learn while exploring the galaxy. He also hoped to work alongside some of the greatest engineering minds in all of the Federation. More specifically, he wanted to work closely with Bruce Maddox, one of Starfleet’s greatest cybernetics experts. While studying on Earth, Dralex had a few opportunities to visit the Daystrom Technological Institute where he hoped to meet Maddox. He also went to a few of his lectures although he was never able to meet him in person. Despite that, the young Denobulan used all of his time at the Academy wisely. It was important to him that he did well academically. He studied diligently and as often as he could. This didn’t impact his social life on Earth. In fact, he spent quite a bit of time observing and interacting with other people at the 602 Club and the Riverside Bar in Iowa. He made quite a number of friends on Earth, some of which he still remains in contact with today.

U.S.S. Foundation:
Dralex graduated from the Academy in the year 2385. While he hoped to get a position at the Daystrom Institute in whatever capacity that was available, he would get assigned to a starship instead. Even though ten years had passed since the end of the Dominion War, Starfleet was still recovering from the losses it had suffered then. Dralex’s engineering expertise was more urgently needed out in the final frontier. The Denobulan was promoted to Ensign and assigned as an engineer aboard the Nova-class starship, the U.S.S. Foundation. Dralex would serve with distinction on the Foundation for a total of two years. During that time, he made significant progress on the development of a new artificial intelligence which he hopes may one day revolutionize the way cybernetics experts perceive robots and androids in the modern age.

U.S.S. Adelaide:
Following the annihilation of Romulus and Remus by the Hobus Supernova in 2387, Starfleet implemented a directive to provide aid to the Romulan people. Dralex was reassigned from the Foundation to the U.S.S. Adelaide as its Chief Engineer. Additional to those duties, the Lieutenant was also responsible for the operation and upkeep of Starfleet's new Mark II Long-Term Medical Holographic program. While the LMH proved more than capable of doing her duties as the Adelaide's Chief Medical Officer, there were several glitches and problems with her programming. After a handful of missions aboard the Adelaide, Dralex returned to Earth with the LMH to address those problems.

U.S.S. Jericho:
For a number of months, it had been assumed that the U.S.S. Jericho was lost in the Gamma Quadrant. However, late in 2387, the Jericho was able to make contact with the U.S.S. Black Hawk. Starfleet discovered that it had actually been pulled into the Dax Protouniverse. Seeing this as an excellent opportunity to recommence the field tests on the LMH program, Dralex was reassigned to the Jericho as an Engineering Officer with the expectation that he would spend the majority of his time working closely with the hologram.
Service Record 2381 - Enlists into Starfleet Academy.
2385 - Graduates from Starfleet Academy, majoring in Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence.
2385 - Promoted to the rank of Ensign and assigned to the U.S.S. Foundation (Nova-class) as an Engineering Officer.
2387 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade and re-assigned to the U.S.S. Adelaide (Intrepid-class) as Chief Engineering Officer.
2388 - Re-assigned to the U.S.S. Jericho (Ambassador-class) as Engineering Officer.

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