Lieutenant JG Yusei Makimura

Name Yusei Makimura

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 37
Date of Birth 3. June 2350
Place of Birth Owase, Mie Prefecture, Japan, Earth
Marital Status Widowed
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 1,72
Weight 80
Hair Color Brownish-Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Athletic, yet not bulky appearance. Short, messy and spikey brownish-black hair. A short-cropped moustache and goatee adorn his face.


Spouse Makimura Yumi (deceased)
Children Makimura Ai (deceased)
Father Makimura Heihachi
Mother Makimura Akiko
Brother(s) Makimura Jinbo
Other Family Makimura Vastroxa (Great-grandmother, Betazoid)
Makimura Mara, Daughter of Qen (Sister-in-law, Klingon)

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Makimura-Three-Three-Omicron
Security Clearance Level Beta-One
Data Access Level Level 3
Living Quarters Deck 7 - Room 0703
Personal Office Location Deck 8 - Chief Science Officer's Office

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yusei is a silent thinker and a bit secluded from others. He still is plagued with grief about his wife and daughter who died in an earthquake as their hab-dome collapsed. Yusei grew up in a more rural region of Japan in Mie prefecture and being a descendant of one of the 53 founding families of Koga-ryu style he was trained in the martial arts of Koga-Ninpo from his childhood on.

Yusei strived for academic career path and advanced his studies in sciences while privately upheld traditions of old like cha-no-yu, the tea ceremony, calligraphy and Kyu-do, the way of the bow together with his clan's martial arts. Yusei likes music and reads often in his leisure time. He is fluent in Japanese, English and has basic knowledge in Klingon which runs in the family since his brother married Mara, Daugher of Qen, after defeating her father in a battle for her hand. One of his Grandfathers was married to a Betazoid woman named Vastroxa. Though the Betazoid genetic heritage does not run deep, it enables Yusei at least a bit of feeling the emotions others have towards him. He is no empath, though.

His favorite beverage is Genmai-cha, a green tea with roasted rice, Whisky and German beer (because like many Asian people, he has a problem with metabolizing alcohol, he often uses anti-toxines to avoid a hangover).

He is a skilled material scientist well educated in inorganic chemistry and industrial processes as well in matter analysis and promoted with a thesis on inter-phase-metal transitions in industrial alloys.

Personal History Yusei grew up in the outskirts of Owase, Mie Prefecture in Japan.
He was trained in the Koga-ryu style at age 6.
Attended Owase Gakou
Later on he attended Suzuka Daigakou International University to study chemistry and applied sciences gaining a Ph.D during the progress. It was there, where he met his late wife Yumi and they married just after graduation and had a daughter, Ai. 3 years later, his wife and daughter died in an earthquake, crushed in the collapsing hab-dome while Yusei was at work.
Starfleet History After his wife and daughter died, he got depressed and wanted to leave his old life thus he signed up for Starfleet at age 30 and trained Astrochemistry and Astrophysics to prepare him for a role as scientist in Starfleet. He studied the fields of Astrochemistry and Astrophysics to become a useful scientist in Starfleet. His knowledge in the fields of chemistry helped him a lot to get through the material. His teachers were content with his advances. He excelled in close combat training due to his knowledge of Koga-Ninpo (6th Dan). He studied Denshos, scrolls of the arts in his pastime and continued to practice Ninpo, adopting new skills learned at the academy. He also proved to be a good marksman with Zen-like calm trained in Kyudo.
He wrote articles about chemical reactions on protean worlds and their impact on weather and geology.
Shaving off 1 year because he attended similar courses in chemistry during his student times he finished academy in 2383 with recommendations and was promoted to Ensign.

His first assignment was aboard the Oberth-Class U.S.S. Musashi to study the M2-9 nebula in the Ophiuchus Constellation. He learned much about astrogation and practical analysis of stellar bodies. He was promoted to Lieutenant (j.g.).

After his 2 year tour of duty he was transferred to Deep Space nine into the Science Department to study the wormhole and its effects on inter-system matter. In 2388 an opportunity opened to become Chief Science Officer aboard the U.S.S. Jericho so he applied for that position.
Service Record 2380 - Attended Starfleet Academy at Toudai Daigakou University, Neo-Tokyo

2380 - Enlisted as Cadet

2383 - Finished Starfleet training 1 year short because of his previous academical history.

2383 - Promoted to Ensign

2383 - Assigned as Science Officer aboard the USS Musashi, Oberth-Class

2385 - Promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.)

2385 - Assigned as Science Officer on Deep Space 9

2388 - Assigned as Chief Science Officer aboard USS Jericho

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