Lieutenant Orrin Durol

Name Orrin Durol

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Cardassian
Age 30
Date of Birth 9th September 2357
Place of Birth Cardassia Prime
Marital Status Single
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11
Weight 210
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Orrin Durol has short black hair, like most of his people. It keeps it kept back with a modern laser comb. At 5’11, he is of average height for a Cardassian. His body weight of 210 pounds, is in proportion for his height. As the Cardassian bone structure is a lot more dense than with most humanoid species, this accounts for the above average humanoid weight.

Physically Orin is fit and maintains his fitness with regular exercise to keep in accordance with Starfleet regulations and above.


Father Meret Durol
Mother Zenu Durol

Character Details (Official Use Only)

Security Code Durol-Three-Eight-Pi
Security Clearance Level Alpha-Two
Data Access Level Level Four
Living Quarters Deck 8 - Section 02, Quarters 27
Personal Office Location Deck 2 - Executive Officer's Ready Room

Personality & Traits

General Overview Orrin is bright and intuitive, one of the reason he decided to join Starfleet Academy. The Education systems on Cardassia were limited. It was a long time ago since Cardassian Naval Forces completed any exploration and thus Orrin was limited on the knowledge he could gain.

When he finally joined the Academy, on the 4 year Officer program, Orrin was able to learn a great deal more, about the world and the political situations surrounding the Dominion.

Although Orrin doesn’t truly hate his own people, he finds their behaviour inexcusable during the Dominion War and previous to that during the Bajoran Occupation and is sometimes embarrassed when he meets Bajoran’s.

Occasionally, Orrin has found it hard to integrate with crews because they found it difficult to socialize with him, something Orrin struggled to accept. However, Starfleet Counsellors offered him training in being assertive and his recent jaunt in the Command School has given him extra assertive skills to ensure this isn’t an issue.

Personal History Life on Cardassia Prime
Orrin was born 2357 to Zenu and Meret, Cardassian civilians, working as simple traders, although quite substantially wealthy. Orrin’s parents were not the norm for Cardassian parents, they didn’t seek to corrupt their child like so many others had been. Although never openly, Meret and Zenu were strong opposers to the Dominion-Cardassian alliance, fearing for war in the Alpha Quadrant, that not only would it hamper trade but also create upheaval for the people of Cardassia.

Orrin was an avid learner, requesting more information that sometimes the teacher could teach. This upset his parents when they realised their son was not destined to be a soldier or a Military man, but Orrin had an interest in scientific subjects, but was unable to fully learn on Cardassia.

Life During the War
In 2373, a few weeks after Orrin’s 16th Birthday, War was officially declared and the Alpha Quadrant was plunged into war. The people of Cardassia continually suffered at the hands of the Dominion, although Dominion propaganda would’ve had you believe that it was the Federation alliance that was causing the suffering of the people.

In 2374 whilst out walking in the streets of Cardassia, Orrin attempted to rescue an older Cardassian man from the hands of the Jem’Hadar and was given a severe beating by the Dominion soldiers. It was this point Orrin attempted to learn all he could about Combat Training.

In 2375, Legate Damar successful organised a Resistance Movement that saw the end to the Dominion Occupation of Cardassia and was key for the Federation in ending the war.

Meret decided that for his son to meet in his potential that they would need to leave Cardassia. They moved from their home on Cardassia Prime, to Torkos 2, a Federation Colony on the Federation side of the DMZ. From there, Orrin was successful, after many interviews, in his application to Starfleet Academy.
Starfleet History Starfleet Academy
For a Cardassian to be at Starfleet in 2375 wasn’t a very good thing. Orrin was unable to make any friends in his first year, spending the majority of his time alone, when he wasn’t in class. He assumed that many of these Cadets had lost people during the war.

At the beginning of his Second Year, he made friends one human Cadet, Jessica Matthews. Jessica and Orrin became inseparable. In truth Jessica had been tasked by Starfleet Intelligence to study Orrin, ensure he wasn’t a risk, despite only being a Cadet herself. Fortunately for Orrin, they both developed a friendship that enabled her mission to be even more thorough.

Orrin studied hard and worked hard, achieving many extra qualifications in the Sciences, Astrophysics namely. Along with this, he had no wish to ever feel helpless again, like he did when the Jem’Hadar beat him.

He joined an extracurricular program Beginners Combat Training and at the beginning of his 3rd year, enrolled on the Intermediate Combat Training and the subsequently, in his 4th year Advanced Combat Training. These programs pushed him hard, but giving him the tools to be a formidable hand to hand combatant.

On the day of graduation, his long-time friend, Jessica Matthews broke down and told him what Starfleet Intelligence had requested that she do and that it had gone far beyond that for her. Orrin had become her best friend and she couldn’t keep the secret from him any longer.

He forgave her immediately, reassuring her that there was nothing to forgive. After graduation Jessica was snapped up by Starfleet Intelligence, where she went onto become a successful undercover Operative.

USS Hood
As a newly graduated Ensign, Orrin was assigned to the USS Hood, an aging Excelsior Refit, but nonetheless a capable ship in most situations. The Hood was on its last 3 years of mapping a remote region of the Beta Quadrant, which slightly annoyed Orrin as he wasn’t only supposed to catalogue spatial anomalies and rare Nebula’s that he was unable to study.

At the end of the first year, he had managed to impress the Chief Science Officer and the Commanding Officer and was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. He wasn’t well liked by the crew before this, much less after. His main friend was the Chief Science Officer, a Vulcan by the name of Savok.

After his 3rd year on the Hood and there return to Utopia Planitia, Mars, the Commanding Officer recommended and sponsored Orrin for the Command school program.

Command School
At the behest and the sponsor of his former Captain, Orrin once again returned to San Francisco, Earth to complete the Command School program. Orrin found the 1 year long program invaluable in developing his social and work abilities, including the Psychology of Management.

When asked, Orrin fondly remembers his time at the Command School, remembering as it as pivotal moment in his life and career as a Starfleet Officer. At the end of the Command School, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

USS Renegade
The Renegade was a New Orleans vessel, although specifically earmarked for scientific study the ship had enough of a sensor suite to keep Orrin very busy. The Renegade was only ever tasked with one proper scientific study during his time there.

A star was collapsing and Orrin was tasked with modifying various probes, with the assistance of the Chief Engineer and Operations Officer’s for the probe to be protected long enough to get more data on the chemical reactions going on further into the event, utilizing new techniques and algorithms compiled by the Daystrom Institute and Starfleet Science.

USS Endeavour
At the end of 2385, Orrin was again transferred to the USS Endeavour, a Nebula Class starship as their Second Officer and Chief Science Officer. The Endeavour engaged in various scientific studies, utilizing the massive sensor arrays attached to the Nebula Class. He was also able to properly put his Command skills to the proper test, having to take Command of the bridge many times and also leading away teams.

At the end of 2387, his Commanding Officer, Captain Amasov, felt his skills and abilities were wasted on the Endeavour, when there were several ships now going through the Bajoran Wormhole. Amasov put in transfers orders and within a few weeks, an Executive Officer spot came open.

USS Jericho
Orrin was very surprised when Amasov had given him his orders to report to Deep Space 9 for assignment aboard an Ambassador Class starship for a First Officer position on a ship bound for the Gamma Quadrant.
Service Record 2375 – Enters Starfleet Academy
2379 – Graduates Starfleet Academy
2379 – Assigned to the USS Hood as a Science Officer
2380 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and Assistant Chief Science Officer
2382 – Sponsered by former CO for entry to Command School
2383 – Graduates Command School, Promoted to Lieutenant
2383 – Assigned to the USS Renegade as their Chief Science Officer
2385 – Transferred to the USS Endeavour as their Second Officer & Chief Science Officer
2387 – Transferred to the USS Jericho to take up position of Executive Officer

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