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Meeting the Doctor

Posted on Fri Feb 24, 2017 @ 5:51pm by Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant James Myers
Edited on on Fri Feb 24, 2017 @ 9:29pm

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 24 - Transporter Room 2
Timeline: MD1 - 1020 Hours

The doors to the transporter room slid open allowing Lt. Commander David Stross to enter. It was not hard to find the person he was looking for in the small room.

"Welcome back to the Jericho Doctor." He said approaching Dr. Myers.

"Hey, Commander, it's great to be back. The land-based assignment was nice...for a while...but it's nice to back aboard ship. I'm no ambassador...not in my genes...and those people could be somewhat aggravating after a while. I'll have to tell you about it sometime. But...why the formal greeting by the XO?"

"Dad," Adam, his son, interrupted. "Can I go see Dirk now?"

"What? No, you can't go see Dirk now. We've already had this conversation, remember? You and your sister are to go straight to our quarters and start unpacking your stuff."

"Awe, dad, but I want...." he whined.

"Adam! Now."

"Okay, okay, you don't have to yell," Adam responded as he and his sister headed down the corridor.

Dr. Myers turned back to the Commander, "Sorry about that."

"The Captain wanted me to advise you of some new staff in the medial department." David said.

"Uh...okay. You needed to come see me in person? Should I be worried?" he began as they exited the transporter room and headed down the corridor. "

"Nothing to worry about. Our departments will be sharing an officer by the name of Dralex. He specializes in nanotechnology and artificial intelligence. He will also be bringing along an experimental Long term medical hologram. To lend a hand in Sick Bay." David said.

"Hmm, not sure I've ever heard of a long term...what? medical hologram. How is it different than the EMH, and what is it trained to do?"

"It operates just like the standard emergency medical hologram. Just meant for long term use. It will have access full access to the Starfleet Medical database." David replied.

"I realize that I've been gone a while...but I didn't think that long. Is there a reason why this LMH is necessary? Are we having problems with maintaining an adequate staffing level in Sickbay?"

"The staffing level of Sickbay is still were it was when you left. Considered the LMH as a supplement to your staff, just like the EMH." David replied."

"Ok, I'm game. Since you've designated this hologram as an LMH, should I plan to include it on the duty roster, or only activate it when needed? Oh, and I guess I should it male or female? And does it have a name?"

David thought for a moment. "I am not sure what the gender or name of the LMH is as for including it on the duty roster. I will leave it up to you. When Dralex arrives talk to him and check out the LMH for yourself before making a decision." He said.

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. So, what else has been happening since I've been gone?"

David had to think about what had occurred while the Doctor had been a way. "There has been a lot. We thought we had found someone who was willing to help us find Veriathan but it didn't work out." David said finally.

"Geez, too bad, what happened?"

"We found a guy who said he would set up a meeting between us and a group of people who followed Veriathan. He cam back saying the leaders of this group where trying to kill him becuse of us so we took him back to the ship. He ended up taking over engineering had holding some of my staff hostage. Luckily we were able to handle that without any one getting hurt but when we took him back to the planet to check out the place the Veriathan followers had been meeting he ended up killing himself. All told it could have gone better and we were luck it didn't go worse." David said.

“Glad for you guys too. You know, I had my own experiences with dishonesty. When I first got to Celestia with our previous XO, everyone was all smiles and congeniality, offering all sorts of help and assurances for a cure for Yvonne Scott. But it soon became apparent that they really just wanted to try out some experimental drugs…she became more of a guinea pig for them. When I tried to argue back, they lost their big smiles fast enough. Hope this duplicity isn’t a pervasive trait.”

"I hope not but if it is we could always go home now that we can use the transporters. Given enough time we could probably even get the Jericho back, probably. Just don't tell the Captain I said that at least for a few weeks my people could use some down time." David said.

The doctor grinned, "Won't say a word."

"Thanks. Well I am sure that you want to go get settled back into your quarters so I won't take up anymore of you time." David said.

"Thanks for coming to meet us. I do look forward to getting settled back into our old quarters, then checking out Sickbay."

"No problem Doctor. I will see you around." David replied.

"Yep, see ya," Dr. Myers said as he headed down the corridor the other direction. 'Now all I have to do is remember how to get to my quarters,' he quipped to himself, as he turned to head back the way he'd come.


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