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Brendan And Yusei Meet The LMH

Posted on Sun Mar 26, 2017 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant JG Dralex & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah & Lieutenant JG Yusei Makimura & LMH Mark II

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: U.S.S. Abeona: Deck 12 - Sickbay
Timeline: MD1 - 1430 Hours

Yusei left the briefing room and made his way to the medical station at once. Time was not for wasting and if this was over he might have time for a small nap in his cabin. He was not really assigned to new tasks as he would leave the ship soon so why not make the best out of it. Finding the medical station the doors slid over automatically and he entered the standard-issue sickbay. He wondered, if all of them looked the same wherever he went. A middle-aged medical officer approached him. From his rank he could likely be the Chief Medical Officer.

"Hello. May I help you?"

"Makimura, Yusei reporting for pre-mission medical checkup."

The officer nodded and answered.

"One moment, please." He went to his console and typed in some commands.

"All right, I have access to your medical data. Please lay down on the biobed. We will start immediately." the doctor stated. "My name is Dr. Durant. We will start with a level one body scan. Have you had any infections recently?" And so the medic went to work.

The Denobulan, Dralex, didn't join the others in Sickbay right away. He actually returned to his temporary quarters first to collect the LMH whose program was currently contained in a backpack-sized device. From his past experience with her, he came to understand how important it was to treat her like everyone else. Like he, Yusei and Brendan, the LMH was going to be a member of the Jericho crew regardless of what her molecules were made of. She needed to be kept informed on what was going on and Dralex had every intention of filling her in on recent developments.

When the Engineer entered the Abeona's medical center, he put the not very mobile-mobile emitter on the floor. He looked up and saw Lieutenant Makimura being looked at, presumably by the Chief Medical Officer. "Ah! Doctor," he called out. "I wonder if I you'd permit me to bring the Jericho's Long-Term Medical Hologram online. I'll need to connect this emitter to your medical systems in order to accomplish this."

Dr. Durand stepped into sight. He was holding a hypospray syringe and was loading it with some kind of drug. "Mr. Dralex. I guess, we will be ready for action soon? Yes, why not. Proceed, but please understand, that you might not have my undivided attention while doing so. I assume you are scheduled for a check-up as well before leaving for the Jericho? You should stay then in that case. I will scan you as soon I am ready with Lt. Makimura." The Canadian doctor then applied the injection to the waiting scientist.

"Yes, I will need to be examined after the Lieutenant," the Denobulan confirmed. All the while he was wondering if maybe the Doctor had one too many coffees today at the speed he was asking questions. Having been given permission to load the LMH, Dralex moved to the nearest console. He pulled out an attachment from the mobile emitter and connected it to an open port. Once the computer recognized the connection, he accessed Sickbay's holo-emitters and fed the program through it.

Brendan Dernah walked in shortly after Makimura and Dralex but just stood to the side of the Sickbay door and waited for his turn while observing Dralex working on something. So instead of just standing out of the way, he decided to offer his aid."Lieutenant Dralex, do you require assistance?"

"Certainly," the Denobulan answered. "If you could recalibrate the emitter to a wavelength of four hundred seventy-four nanometers, that will help. The program is a bit... finicky."

"OK Lieutenant. There it is," Brendan said as he recalibrated the emitter to the aforementioned wavelength. "Done Lieutenant."

"Computer, activate the Long-Term Medical Hologram," he requested. It had been some time since he'd seen the LMH in person. It would be nice to do so again.

"Please state the nature of the medical emer...." the LMH began before looking around her and frowning. Spotting Dralex, she asked "Where are we?"

"We're currently aboard the U.S.S. Abeona," the Denobulan replied. "It's just a temporary stay. You see, we're going on an intergalactic voyage."

The LMH's eyes widened "Intergalactic? But how?"

"That's a bit complicated and you're more than likely to reply with something along the lines of 'I'm a doctor, not an engineer' but suffice it to say you won't actually feel a thing. I, and the others though.. that's another story." Dralex stopped himself from speaking further after having realized that he hadn't introduced the LMH to his new peers. "Where are my manners! Doctor, this is Lieutenant Brendan Dernah. He's coming with us." He then turned and pointed to the Japanese man being looked at by the Abeona's doctor. "And that's Lieutenant Junior Grade Yusei Makimura. He's coming too."

The Japanese man looked up from the biobed he was lying on and greeted. This hologram looked very convincing. If he would not know, he would have mistaken it for a real person. And he was pleased with the outer appearance they chose for it. A huge improvement over the gruffy holo-doc he was used to.

Brendan nodded towards the hologram and he admitted to himself that she looked like a real person; the only thing that discerned her from a real person was the fact that he couldn't read her 'mind', as it where. He was deeply curious about these artificial life forms and their thought processes.

"Pleased to meet you both." the LMH smiled and nodded her head in greeting before turning her attention back to Dralex, "So where exactly are we going on this journey?"

"Well, tomorrow we're going to be transferred to the U.S.S. Jericho. Naturally, you won't feel a thing," Dralex chuckled softly in an attempt to reassure her. "More specifically though, we're going to another universe. One that's growing inside of our own."

"That sounds...interesting." the LMH frowned, "Why is a Starfleet vessel in another universe?" she cocked her head to watch Dralex.

"That, well... again, is a little complicated. Once you are integrated into the Jericho's systems you'll be able to access all of their logs to become familiar with their mission. In short, you'll be serving with their Chief Medical Officer, Doctor James Myers." The LMH had previously held that station on the Adelaide and knowing her like he did, Dralex had no idea how she would react to such news; whether she would be offended or relieved about her new assignment.

"I don't understand." the hologram replied, "Why do they have need of me if they have a real CMO?"

"There is logic in it." Yusei threw in. "We will be in alien, maybe hostile surroundings. If we are to contract an alien illness you would be immune to it and be able to save the crew. Second: constant interaction with other medical personell will help your self-learning parts of your A.I. to refine itself in terms of inter-human relations. They say that humans do not stop learning whilst alive. You are programmed to resemble a human and behave like one so this should go for you as well. If it was upon me you should be active all the time and be allowed to take part in human life, like the Soong-type android Data was. I apologize for my intrusion of your talk."

"That had been the plan on the Adelaide." the LMH looked at Yusei, "Dralex here had plans to introduce holo projection nodes throughout the ship to enable me to live like a crewmember aboard." she beamed at the Denobulan engineer, "Isn't that right Lieutenant?"

Brendan merely sat on the sidelines, as it were, listening to all of this thinking this would all be some grand experiment on behalf of this new engineer and his ingenuity. Though he had never been a holographic engineer, he had some knowledge of holo-systems. And he thought he might offer his knowledge to Dralex but then thought he should wait and see what his new captain had in store for him.

"Yes," Dralex replied. "I'm not certain if there will be a similar arrangement on the Jericho but I will make sure to bring it up to Commander Stross once I've met with him." He looked over to Lieutenant Dernah. "I may require your department's assistance as well."

Dernah nodded and said, "Of course and you shall have it." Brendan couldn't wait to work with the LMH Mark II.

The Lieutenant didn't really expect anything less from his peers. "This LMH, like her predecessor, was designed for prolonged use," Dralex began to explain. "So being able to live and interact on a day to day basis is important for the growth of her programming, as well as her evolution as an individual. I can't imagine starships being replaced by holograms but one must admit that there are definite advantages to having one around."

Dernah watched his new friend chatting it up with the medical hologram who for all intents and purposes a truly living being. He was impressed at how human she truly was or thought she was.

Observing the conversation, Yusei asked himself, whether to have a living body still would be a prerequisite for being alive in the future. His Scientologist self told him that his brain activity was electrical signals within a biological computer - so why not believe in A.I. life? His humane, more spiritual self argued, that - although it looks very much like a human - it lacked the thing important - a soul. Whatever side of him was right - he was really curious and wanting to observe this artificial being. Learn from it. And somewhere in the darkest corner of his grief-ridden soul, hidden from his consciousness: the thought and hope of restoring his family by resurrecting it as A.I..

"I believe that I have my uses." the LMH nodded in agreement, "So we leave tomorrow huh?" she said, sounding almost eager.

"We do. I am not certain as to the exact time," the Denobulan told her. "However, I am certain that we will be notified. I wanted to inform you of these developments before we departed. We'd been asked to report here to undergo examinations by the Abeona's fine medical staff in preparation for tomorrow. So it seemed a convenient time to do this."

"I am grateful that you chose to include me." the LMH smiled at Dralex, "Am I to be deactivated again until we arrive at our destination?" she asked, sounding almost regretful.

"I suppose so, unless the Doctor requires your assistance," the Engineer suggested.

"I am fine, thank you. I was not made CMO for needing assistance in doing a regular check-up." the Canadian doctor replied. "Once I am through with Lt. Makimura, which will be just any minute, you are in for the same procedure, Mr. Dralex."

"Of course," the Denobulan said with an appreciative nod. Although when he turned back to the LMH, he gave her an apologetic look. "Deactivation it is then. It shouldn't be for long though. As soon as I am able, I'll transfer your program into the Jericho's computer."

"Then I will bid you all goodbye for now." the LMH looked around at them all before disappearing before their eyes.

"Astounding." the chief medic stated. "It seemed so real that I almost regret what I said." He shook his head and entered a few more commands into his console. "We are through, Mr. Makimura. You are fine except for a slightly low oxytocine overall level. Ask yourself, whether you felt depressed or sad in the last time over a long period. You might need some counseling."

Yusei stiffened but nodded then. "I...will think about it doctor. Thank you." Then he rose, bowed and made ready for his leave. "We will meet in the transporter room, then, Mr. Dralex."

"We shall," the Denobulan confirmed. What the Science Officer would be doing until tomorrow, Dralex didn't know. It wasn't really his place to know. Whatever was said between Yusei and the Doctor seemed to bother the Japanese man. In this case, it was probably best to leave him be. Besides, it was now his turn to be checked over by the Abeona's Chief Medical Officer.

Dralex turned to Brendan. "Lieutenant, would you be so kind as to return the LMH's program back to the mobile emitter while I am with the Doctor?" he asked.

"Most certainly, Mr. Dralex," Dernah started keying in a sequence that deactivated the LMH and returned her program.

The Engineer nodded his thanks to the Lieutenant and then approached Doctor Durant by the biobeds to get his examination started. Hopefully, once he was done in Sickbay and if he had the time, Dralex thought about stopping by the Abeona's engine room to have a good look around. After all, it wasn't every day that a person got to spend some time on a fabled Galaxy-class starship.


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