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Getting The Doctor Back Up To Speed

Posted on Thu Mar 23, 2017 @ 5:35pm by Captain Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant James Myers

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 1 - Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: MD1 - 1500 Hours

His first day on board definitely had held some surprises. Between finding out about his new LMH, which he didn't think was necessary...but who was he to question the Captain; and fighting with his son Adam who was becoming increasingly defiant; and his lunch being interrupted by a sudden loud argument between a man and woman which escalated into a shoving match causing the man to fall across his Caesar salad and almost into his lap. And now the Captain wanted to meet with him in person. Wondering what other surprises there might be, he touched the chime to the Captain's ready room.

"Come in," called a voice from beyond the closed door.

The doors slid open and Dr. Myers entered. "Dr. Myers, reporting aboard, Captain," he began as he stood before the Captain's desk.

Garridan smiled almost as soon as the man entered. He stood up from his seat and then rounded his desk to greet him. "Welcome back, Doctor," he said whilst extending his hand out to him. "I can't express more how pleased I am that you've returned to us."

Dr. Myers relaxed, smiled and shook the Captain's hand. "Thanks, I'm glad too...really glad." He looked around and took a seat across from the Captain's desk before continuing. "You know, I've interacted with dozens of alien species, and I've always considered myself a pretty patient guy. I've always thought I could handle any alien culture...but this one...suffice if to say, this one surely taxed my patience."

For a doctor to say something like that, Garridan knew that things must have taken a bad turn at some point on Celestia. "Does this have to do with your son?" he asked as he returned to his seat behind the desk.

“Yeah, that’s right. Adam didn’t come home from school. By dinner time my daughter Phoebe and I were getting pretty worried. We tried our neighbors, the school, friends, but no one had any ideas. The next morning I called Ardelean, the Chief Protector of the Peace. After several frustrating phone calls it became clear that they weren’t going to do anything. ‘We don’t investigate missing person,’ they said. ‘People don’t go missing here.’ I even paid Adam’s new friend Stoveland a visit. Boy was I shut down. The dad all but almost bit my head off for even suggesting that his son might know something about Adam’s whereabouts. And his son, in my opinion even though I’m not a psychologist, had all the hallmarks of a child abused. Maybe not physically, but definitely emotionally. I really had a feeling that he knew something but was terrified of his dad.”

That certainly doesn't sound like the Lumenite people I've seen and been told about Garridan thought to himself. He bit his lip softly before replying. "The Lumenites pride themselves on being a completely peaceful society. It might be difficult for them to even remotely consider something that we might perceive as a problem. Is the matter of the boy and his father something you would like to pursue further?" the Captain asked.

"I don't think so. It was just a perception on my part. Perhaps I over read something in my zeal to find my son."

"I can bring it up to Commodore Zembosi if you'd like," Garridan suggested. "It might simply be that there's a facet of theirs we aren't familiar with. Or maybe there is something going on with that particular family. Even though they have done their utmost to show us their good side, we do know that they aren't infallible. Veriathan is proof of that."

"I'm thinking let's not get Zembosi least not unless we come across anything else like it down the road. We found Adam and he mostly appears to be okay. Getting a little better emotionally every day."

"He's been through alot of change in a short amount of time," the Captain pointed out. "It'll likely do him some good to be back in a familiar environment. If things don't improve then I'm sure that the Counselor would be more than happy to help the two of you out."

"I know he's anxious to see his friend Dirk again, and Dirk's pet, Turfly. I'm also hoping that once he's back in his classroom that also will help. But I'll keep the Counselor suggestion in mind, too."

"Good," Garridan said with a smile and a nod. "Have you had a chance to stop by Sickbay yet?" he then asked.

"As a matter of fact I did stop in briefly on my way to see you. Looked like they were having a pretty calm day. I plan to go back after our meeting and get things more arranged."

"We've been fortunate that they haven't been inundated with emergencies. Even without a head of department, I think that your people held it together really well down there," Garridan commended. He then moved on to a subject he needed to speak to Myers about. "Did Commander Stross tell you about the... crewmember that we'll be receiving who will be a part of your team?" he asked.

"The long term medical hologram? Yes, he did mention it. Should be interesting."

Garridan was a little surprised about that response, but he was going to go ahead and say what he needed to in order to reassure the Doctor. "I've heard that medical personnel tend to regard the holograms with disdain. I cannot stress enough that the LMH isn't being brought aboard to replace you," the Captain told him. "Starfleet wants to test the LMH's viability for lengthy missions. That is all. Aside from that, I expect that she'll be quite handy to have around. Her vast knowledge of the medical database will be at your disposal."

"She, hunh? Well, might not be so bad to have a female encyclopedia at my beck and call," he quipped grinning. "Okay, seriously, though, I'm open and willing to try it out. Any other changes I might need to be aware of?"

There were only two that Garridan could think of. "Science and Engineering were able to develop a sort of gateway that has allowed us to not only communicate with Starfleet, but potentially transport items and people from the Gamma Quadrant to the Jericho. This is how we'll be getting the LMH and a handful of new officers aboard tomorrow. I'll need you in the transporter room, and your team on standby, for when they arrive."

"Sure, no problem. What time?"

"Probably late morning. You'll be notified once we're ready to bring them aboard," Garridan told him. "Other than that, three months ago we were able to acquire an ancient cloth that we believe used to belong to Veriathan. There is a team of Lumenite historians here, who are studying both that and the carvings we discovered from a dig site on Logidu Prime. They've been cooperative for the most part although for some reason the cloth's secrets have eluded us thus far. Once our new Chief Science Officer arrives, I'd like the two of you to work with the historians to get some answers. My hope is that it might provide us with some kind of clue that could stop Veriathan once and for all."

"Of course, I'd be happy to lend a hand. I'm no anthropologist, but I'll help."

"Your part will be more on the medical and biological side of things... however once we get to that point we'll have a meeting to get everyone at the same level," Garridan informed him.

"Sounds good."

"Anyhow, I think that's just about everything that's relevant that you need to know about for now," the Captain said. "If there is anything else, it's probably minor and I'm sure that you'll come across it in due time. Did you have any questions?"

"Not right now. Just anxious to get back into the swing of things. Glad to be back."

Garridan nodded in acknowledgement and stood back up from his seat. He rounded his desk but sat just on the edge of it. "I'm glad too. Don't let me keep you any longer," he said, dismissing the Doctor from the Ready Room.

"Thank you, Sir," Dr. Myers concluded as he turned and exited the Captain's office. As he headed back down to Sickbay his thoughts were swirling with the new things he'd learned such as how to incorporate his new LMH and the cloth that had belonged to Veriathan. He wondered what it might reveal. And alongside getting back into the swing of running his Sickbay once again, his thoughts couldn't help but turn to his son, Adam. Would this familiar environment help his mental recovery since the abduction? Would he still find Dirk to be his best friend? He stepped into the turbolift. "Computer, Sickbay," he commanded.


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