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A New Year's Day Senior Staff Dinner

Posted on Thu Mar 30, 2017 @ 2:10pm by Captain Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 7 - Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Stardate 65002.0, 1800 Hours

What had originally been planned as a get together between Captain Rismore and Lieutenant Commander Stross had grown into a dinner party with the entire senior staff. Every one was expected to bring a dish and that was why David found himself standing outside the Captain's quarters with a dish of baked Katterpod beans. He reached out and pressed the door chime and waited for a response.

"Come in," came Garridan's voice from beyond the door.

Ren noticed the first officer standing outside the Captain's quarters as he turned the corner. "Commander," Ren said with a smile. "Smells nice." He said glancing at the hot dish Stross was carrying. Kannu also carried something for this little get together. A tray full of chilli hasperat. It was a recipe his mother had come up with when Ren was a child to incorporate his love of chilli and his fathers love for hasperat.

The Counselor, Arne, to friends, joined the group waiting outside the Captain's quarters. "Hey, all. Glad I'm not late. Food smells great...I'm starved." Holding up his contribution, he continued, "Chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, topped with a dark chocolate drizzle. Hope everyone likes chocolate."

"I know I like chocolate." David replied. " Well there is no reason for us to be standing out here." He continued as the door to the Captain's quarters opened letting the small group of officers to enter.

Garridan set down a bowl of salad onto the table and then quickly moved to the entrance to welcome his guests. "Hello everyone. Come in and make yourselves at home," he told them.

"Good evening, sir." Kannu said with a smile as strolled passed the Captain to lay the tray on the table and uncovered the his handmade Chilli Hasperat.

David set his dish on the table as close to the chair he planed on occupying. While he had brought the Katterpod beans to share with everyone he had chosen this particular dish because it was a favorite since his childhood.

Tehja was next to arrive carrying a large bowl of a Human dish that she'd gotten addicted to during her time on Earth. Macaroni cheese with added bacon, onions and made with four different cheeses. It was also easy to make and for a woman who didn't cook, that was fine by her. Tapping the door chime, she waited to be admitted.

"The door's open!" Garridan called out as he set out five drinking glasses on the table.

Stepping inside, Tehja was surprised that so many people were already there. She wandered over to the table to put down her dish.

"Mmm, Tehja that smells delicious. Do I detect bacon and onions in that mac 'n cheese?" Arne asked.

"It makes it extra special." Tehja grinned and nodded, "A wise Human once told me that everything tastes better with bacon."

"You got that right," he responded smiling.

"It's been a while since I've had bacon," the Elaysian said to Tehja. "It's not something that... appeals to my diet however I do agree that it is tasty."

"Bacon was one of the first things I learned to program into a replicator's database." David said.

"I would imagine that having it replicated is much healthier and less barbaric," Garridan said. The advent of replicators had pretty much eliminated hunger and the need to hunt for one's food. Of course on Gemworld there was no meat. All his people ate was fungi and vegetation. "Please everyone, have a seat. We've all arrived. I hope that you're hungry."

"I've not eaten since breakfast in preparation for this." Ren said with a smile as he browsed what was on offer.

"I definitely am ready to eat." David said taking a seat.

"I'm glad that you both have an appetite," Garridan said as he held up his plate to put a few items on it. What Ren had brought in seemed interesting and it had a spicy smell to it. As did David's beans. Of course, he also put some of the salad he prepared on his plate. The leaves weren't actually from Gemworld but they were a close approximation of what they were like. "What would everyone like to have to drink? I acquired a few bottles of tulaberry wine while we were at Deep Space Nine months ago... in the hope it would be used to celebrate a meaningful event."

"You kept those quiet Sir." Tehja grinned, her eyes lighting up at the thought of wine, "But as you're owning up about them, feel free to share." she winked at him before turning her attention to piling her plate high with food from every dish brought tonight.

"Captain's prerogative," Garridan said with a light chuckle. He put his plate down and retrieved a couple of the bottles. Thirty seconds later, he returned to the table and placed one of them at the far side of the table. He then opened the other one and began pouring the wine into everyone's glasses.

"I wonder what else the Captain has hidden around the ship." Ren said with a cheeky smile. Before giving Rismore a thankful nod for the wine.

"Who knows. I think a full scale investigation should be conducted." David said before taking a sip of the wine "Not bad." he said.

"It's a big ship. An investigation might take a while and I'm not certain that I can justify the use of resources on such an endeavor," the Elaysian pointed out with a grin. Once he'd finished pouring the wine, he set the bottle down and returned to his seat.

"Though as I'm in charge of security, I'd say it's in my job description to find out." Tehja teased as she lifted her glass to sniff the wine.

"Engineering will be willing to lend any support you need." David said continuing the joke.

"Well, who am I to stop you then?" Garridan finally conceded with a shrug. "I think you'll be disappointed though."

"Oh you never know Sir." Tehja wiggled her eyebrows at him, her eyes twinkling, "I'm sure we'll find something interesting." she chuckled.

Maybe. Maybe not, Garridan mused. He reached forward and took his glass in his hand. "Did anyone want to say a toast before we dig in?"

"Isn't that your job?" Tehja looked at him with a cheeky smile on her face. She always liked putting Garridan on the spot.

"Yes, yes, give us a toast," Arne grinned, holding up his glass.

The Elaysian nodded. "Very well." He cleared his throat and took a few moments to think about what he was going to say. Once he figured it out, he spoke anew. "I know that being in the protouniverse has been difficult. We seem to go from one crisis to the next. I can safely say, that despite everything we've faced thus far, Starfleet has given me a fine crew. You have all performed above and beyond what has been asked of you and I know that in the coming year we'll accomplish much. Hopefully... we'll even be able to return home. To my crew," Garridan raised his glass, "Happy New Year."

"Happy New Year." David echoed also raising his glass.

"Happy New Year," Arne agreed.

"Happy New Year." The Bajoran said raising his glass.

"Happy New Year." Tehja chimed in as she raised her glass too.

Each of them took a drink of their wine and then they started to eat their meal. Garridan looked at them, one by one and he smiled. It wasn't the same crew that he'd started off with all those months ago. Some were no longer with them. But each of the people here, now, were a big part of every day life on the Jericho today. This small moment, helped to lessen some of the hopelessness he'd felt at times about their mission to stop Veriathan. Maybe, with a little bit of luck on their side, they'd be able to pull off the impossible.


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