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From One Universe To Another, Part Two

Posted on Thu Mar 30, 2017 @ 1:47pm by Captain Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant JG Dralex & Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah & Lieutenant James Myers & Lieutenant JG Yusei Makimura

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge, Deck 6 - Transporter Room 1, U.S.S. Pizzaro (Runabout), U.S.S. Abeona
Timeline: MD2 - 1115 Hours

Brendan had spent the last few hours going over the mission specifics, such as they were given, and still had misgivings about the transporting to another galaxy. He was concerned that no one else seemed to have the concerns he did which did put him at ease...somewhat. Brendan's worries about the transportation wasn't about the transport itself as much as it was with the distance he was to be transported.

So, it had kept him up for most of the night worrying about all the things that could go wrong. But he had come to the thought that he needed to put it out of his mind and focus on the task at hand. And what a daunting task it would turn out to be.

While in the midst of his thoughts, the door chime to his temporary quarters sounded.

It took him a second to answer having been woken from his reverie. He then said "Enter."

Dralex entered the room and he immediately looked from side to side for Brendan. "Lieutenant?" he called out. Someone ought to be home as both he and Yusei were permitted entrance.

"Come in, Mr. Dralex and Yusei. Welcome to my humble temporary abode," he said as he bent at his waist and gestured them to enter. "Now what can I do for you?"

The room was very much like the one he'd stayed in but still, the Denobulan smiled. "Actually, we've come to collect you," Dralex answered. "The Abeona has established contact with the Jericho and we are to be beamed over shortly."

"Brilliant! Let us away then," Dernah said with a big grin. He was actually excited about this journey.

"Actually, I am excited as well." Yusei added. He politely bowed towards the Denobulan. "This is a great possibility. One does not get to conduct science in another universe. I hope the transition will not present us with any problems."

"Theoretically, it shouldn't," Dralex told him, although he knew that sometimes the unknown suddenly happened which could cause complications. "Although I will admit that I do share your concern regarding that. I took the time to review the procedure before meeting with you to come here, and the transporting sequence will take about a minute to complete; about a forty-five seconds longer than it usually does."

"Interesting. Most interesting. May I see your data regarding the transport sequence?" Dernah asked.

"It's in the Abeona's database," Dralex told him. "So you should be able to bring it up on your personal computer." He motioned towards the interface above the replicator.

Brendan moved over to the replicator and keyed in a sequence and took the data rod. Studying the piece of technology, he intended to read through the pertinent information after arriving on the Jericho.

"Well we should get going," the Denobulan suggested enthusiastically. "Before they send security to retrieve us! Ha ha!"

"Yes I suppose you're right Mr. Dralex. Let us away as it were," Brendan said giggling at his own joke which his new friends didn't seem to get. Brendan picked up his bag and started for the door with his crewmates in tow.

It only took the trio a handful of minutes to reach the Abeona's transporter room. Upon seeing them, the transporter chief activated the comm from his console. "Transporter Room to bridge. They've arrived," the Chief reported.

"Best of luck Lieutenants, and safe voyage," Udiel said to them.

"Thank you again," the Denobulan responded in gratitude.

"Thank you, Captain, for all your hospitality. It was most good of you to allow your ship to be used in order for us to be ferried here," Dernah said bowing slightly at the waist.

"Your hospitality was very appreciated. I wish to express my thanks as well." Yusei added. "Now let us hope we will conclude this matter satisfactory." He bowed towards the captain.

"Which one of you would like to go first?" the transporter operator asked.

"I will," Dernah said anxious to go to his new ship as he stepped onto the transporter pad.

Once the Lieutenant was in position, the transporter chief reactivated the comm. "Abeona to Jericho, I'm sending over the biological data of Lieutenant Brendan Dernah." She input a few commands which began the transfer to the other universe.

"We have received the data." The voice of David Stross Jericho's XO and Chief Engineer announced over the open comm. There was a slight pause before the voice continued. "Abeona we are ready to proceed with the transport when you are."

"Hold on to your socks," the Chief said teasingly to the Lieutenant. "Commencing transport." She input a few additional commands into her console and then ran her fingers in an upwards motion over the transporter controls which began the entire sequence.

Brendan felt an odd feeling during transport that shouldn't have been there and as he re-materialized on the Jericho, he felt his bones vibrating which must have been a side effect of the trans-galactic transport.

* * * * *

The transporter on the Jericho came to life and the transporter room filled with the chime-like sounds of a working transporter and a column of light appeared on the transporter pad. After a few seconds the column of light solidified into the form of a Starfleet officer.

David watched the control panel intently while the transport was in progress and when the transporter shut down. He looked toward the transporter pad. "Welcome to the Jericho, Lieutenant." He said moving around to stand in front of the control console. "Doctor Myers will check your readings against the data that was sent to us. We need to make sure there were no adverse effects." He continued.

Dr. Myers opened his medical tricorder and took a scan. "Looks good, I see no adverse effects at all."

Once the Doctor had given the all clear medically. David returned to his spot behind the transporter console. "Abeona, We are ready for the next person." He said.

"Thank you, Doctor. Commander, Lieutenant Brendan Dernah reporting for duty, Sir."

"Glad to have you aboard." David said.

* * * * *

Once the Transporter Chief received notification from the Jericho that the transport was a success, she looked towards Dralex and Makimura. "Who wants to go next?" she asked them.

"I have no preference," the Denobulan said with a shrug.

"Let us get over with it." Yusei replied. "I will go next. Since the previous person beamed did not end up as a bowl of instant-ramen in another dimension, I am sure nothing will happen to me as well. I will see you on the other side." then he bowed to Dralex.

"Enjoy the ride," Dralex said to him.

"Abeona to Jericho, I am sending you the data on Lieutenant Junior Grade Yusei Makimura," spoke the Transporter Chief.

"We have received the data. You can start the transport when ready." David replied as the medical data had been revived on his end.

"Commencing transport," she then announced. Like before, the Chief ran her fingers up, along the console's surface, and then back down. In that one motion, Yusei disappeared from the room.

* * * * *

After materializing, Yusei looked around and then looked down over his body. Everything seemed to have worked. Then, chiding himself to behave so childish he straightened up.

"Lt. J.G. Makimura reporting in for duty." he stated and left the transporter padd.

"Welcome to the Jericho Lieutenant. Please step down and see the doctor for a quick check up." David directed the new arrival.

"I'm happy to report that again I see no adverse effects," Dr. Myers confirmed.

Once the doctor had given Lieutenant Makimura a clean bill of health David contacted the Abeona once more. "Abeona we are ready to the next person." He said.

* * * * *

"It's your turn now Lieutenant," the Transporter Chief said to the Denobulan Engineer once she was notified that they were ready for the next crewmember.

Two out of three have gone through unscathed, Dralex thought to himself. Even so, he was a little nervous due to the length of time it took for the whole sequence to complete. Too late to back out now. Dralex took a deep breath and made his way to the platform. He took his position where both Brendan and Yusei had done so before him and ordered for the transport to begin. "Energize."

"Abeona to Jericho, I am now sending you the data on Lieutenant Junior Grade Dralex," the Chief said over the comm.

"We have the data, you can proceed with transport when you are ready." David replied.

"Looks like we're good to go." She smiled at the Lieutenant and then began the transporting sequence. Within seconds, Dralex was gone.

* * * * *

The whole experience was a bit... odd. It seemed to take forever to rematerialize. However doubtful that it could be, Dralex could swear that he could actually feel certain parts of his body being reconstructed atom for atom. Of course, that wasn't technically possible. It was likely that he was just imagining things. Nonetheless, once he did finally appear in what was a foreign transporter room to him, he was relieved to see that he was intact.

"Incredible," he said softly as he looked at his hands. Dralex slowly stepped off of the transporter pad and looked up to his superior, Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. "Commander, I am pleased to meet you and am reporting for duty."

"It is nice to me you. If you will step down, the doctor will need to give you a quick medical check up." David replied.

Yes, they were told about that. "Of course," Dralex agreed. He stepped off the transporter pad and approached the man he presumed was the Chief Medical Officer. "Hello Doctor," he said to him.

"Good, morning," Dr. Myers began as he also started a medical scan with his tricorder. "Good, no adverse effects. Welcome aboard."

"Thank you," the Denobulan replied with a warm smile. "I look forward to working with you and the LMH in Sickbay."

"Yes, I heard about the new member to my medical team. Should be interesting."

"Bridge to transporter room," the Captain called on the comms. "How are our new arrivals?"

"We have completed the transports and they are all in one piece and in good health." David replied.

"That's good to hear," Garridan acknowledged. "Good job, David. Starfleet will be more than pleased to hear about the breakthrough we've made. I'll let the Abeona know that everything went smoothly."

"Understood Sir. Once we have finished getting the new crew settled I will be heading back to the bridge." David said.

* * * * *

As she double checked the readouts on her screen, Tehja frowned. Looking over at Rismore, she said "Sir, I'm picking up a distress call from a Lumenite starship."

Garridan looked back towards Tehja. "A distress call?" With how peaceful the Lumenites portrayed themselves to be, he was a little surprised to hear it.

"They're being attacked Sir." the Angosian explained, "By an unidentified vessel."

The time for shock had passed. It was time to get to work. "Distance?" he requested from her.

"Zero point one two light years away. It'll take about fifteen minutes to get there at maximum warp." she replied, expecting Rismore to give the order to set course.

"Have the Pizzaro retrieve the Space Bridge and return to the ship," he told Tehja before announcing. "Red alert! All senior officers report to the bridge." Hopefully by the time they got to the Lumenites, it wouldn't be too late.


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