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Welcome To Hell, Part Two

Posted on Mon Aug 7, 2017 @ 11:21am by Lieutenant Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Ensign Vincent Larson & Chief Petty Officer Rakin Tarif & Crewman Lucas Moore

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 9 - Holodeck 1
Timeline: 0915 Hours

Crawling up to the edge of the ridge above the compound, Tehja looked down on it and counted the guards down below. Activating her combadge, she whispered "We're in position, ready to create that diversion on your order."

Tarif laid in the long grass at the edge of the ridge and aimed his phaser rifle down towards the west side of the building. Plenty of targets to choose from. He was confident of downing at least four before they were able to take cover and call for back up.

"Take 'em down." Ren said over the comm.

Looking to the side at Tarif, Tehja nodded at him and then took aim. The first of her phaser fire downed the nearest man down in the compound and before the others could react, she began to pick them off, one by one.

Tarif took the Lieutenant's glance as the order to fire and began downing targets with his rifle. After a few moments the west side of the compound was a buzz with enemy activity as they called for reinforcements and took cover from the phaser bombardment. "Looks like the Bajoran's plan is working." The Bolian commented.

* * * * *

Precise shots rained down on the unsuspecting enemy which meant that it was now their team's turn to move in. "Ready to go on your order, Sir," Lucas told the Lieutenant. At the moment, thanks to the adrenaline, the Crewman's self doubts were pushed aside. It was time to get to work.

Ren scanned the east entrance with his tricorder. "Two guards." He whispered. "Looks like everyone is heading to the west side. We'll need to move quick or the other team will be overrun."

Lucas nodded to indicate that he understood.

Larson also nodded as he pulled out his phaser.

"Let's get these hostages." Ren said as he pulled his phaser out. "Let's move!" He said as he broke into a jog and headed for the east entrance. Thankfully both guards, a Tellarite and a Klingon, were both distracted by comm chatter from what was going on on the other side of the compound. Ren shot before they had a chance to react.

The Tellarite fell to his knees clutching his right shoulder. The Klingon turned to face the direction the fire had come from. Larson calmly let out a breath, took aim and fired.

"Nicely done, Ensign." Ren said before taking another quick look at his tricorder. "Four more en route to the prisoners and two guards watching over them." Before nodding and waving the rest of his team into the compound.

Crewman Moore entered the compound with his weapon raised and ready to be used if it had to be. Within a few feet, the group was already met with a turn to the right. The next corridor wasn't very long either. It was about ten meters in length. At the end was another turn, this time to the left. "I don't like this place," Lucas muttered softly. There were too many twists and turns for them to navigate through.

"Neither do I." Agreed Ren as he continued to follow his tricorder. He suddenly lifted his fist, telling the group to stop. He then lifted three fingers telling the team there were three enemies up ahead, another sign told them they were on the left.

Lucas nodded again. He held on to his weapon tightly and waited for the Lieutenant's next signal which would presumably order them to move in and take them out.

Ren motioned his hand forward for Larson and Moore to move forward while Ren took position behind them protecting their six.

It didn't take very long for the three targets to come into view when they turned the corner. Lucas didn't fire his weapon right away. He moved forward as quietly as he could with his phaser drawn out in front of him. When he was about ten feet away from a lanky Andorian, he opened fire but his target moved.

Larson had his phaser ready as well. The Andorian shot back with a phaser blast that narrowly missed Larson's head by inches, causing him to instinctively duck his head. With cat-like agility he dove to the ground, took aim and shot first at the Andorian, then a quick second shot at the man behind the Andorian. A direct hit to middle of the forehead. The alien immediately fell forward falling into the Andorian causing him to loose his balance.

Although the Andorian was pinned down for the moment, Lucas couldn't take the chance that he'd somehow find a way to get back to his feet. So, he used his weapon at point blank rank to fully immobilize him. That meant that one of the three enemies remained, but where was he?

Ren heard footfalls rapidly approach them from a different corridor, he didn't have time to look at his tricorder, he trusted his instincts and spun around, raising his weapon as he turned. Two figures turned the corner and were met with phaser blasts to chest.

"We lost the third target," the Crewman said, looking back to Ren who appeared to be in the thick of things as well.

"I'm guessing they've gone to get help. Let's keep moving!" Ren said as he moved passed the other members of his team. The Bajoran looked at his tricorder. "They've set up a dampening field, keep your eyes and ears open."

"Tarif to Ren, they know you're inside about half of them have headed back towards the compound."

"Try and make bigger noise to draw them back to you." Ren said before cutting the comm. He began to move forward trying to remember the way with memory. With so many corridors it was tough going. Suddenly a massive explosion outside shook the building causing dust to fall from the ceiling. Ren could help but smirk, the Bolian did know how to make a noise when he needed to.

They rounded the final corner before the holding cells and were met with a barrage of weapons fire. "Looks like we're going to have to fight our way to the holding cells. Larson, do you think you could make it to the doorway of the right if we provide cover?"

"Absolutely," Larson confidently responded. "Just say when," he continued as he got into a partial squat stance, knees bent, leaning forward ready leap into action."

Ren turned to Moore, "Once Larson is in position, we will give you covering fire as you head down to the doorway on the left and take up a defensive position." Ren took a quick peek round the corner, he counted five guards before they started taking a dislike to the Bajoran's head and started shooting at it again. "Once in position, I want you to cover me while I make my way down to you."

"Yes Sir," the Crewman acknowledged, ready to move on the Lieutenant's order.

"When I start making my way down, I'm going to throw this." Ren said as he pulled a standard Starfleet issue flash bang from his pocket. "Hopefully this will keep them disoriented long enough to take them down." Ren moved himself into a doing position. "Covering fire!" The Bajoran called out as he began pelting the enemy with phaser fire. Not over fussed about hitting them just enough to keep them from firing back. "Go!" Ren said to Larson.

Larson took off in a slight zig zag pattern dodging enemy fire. He made a beeline for the doorway on the right.

Ren watched as Larson quickly, and expertly, darted down the corridor and took up a defensive position in the right door. "Ready?" He said to Moore.

Lucas nodded to indicate that he was.

"Go!" Ren said, taking aim down the corridor and giving covering fire.

Despite his towering size, Moore stayed low and quickly made his way to his new position on the left. Once there, he unleashed a flurry of orange phaser bolts at the guards to get them to temporarily hide from sight.

Once Moore was in position, the Bajoran then took his turn in the gauntlet and quickly made his way down the corridor. Half way down he pulled the pin out of the flash bang and chuckled it towards the enemy's position before taking cover in the doorway where Larson was. Once the flash bang went off, Ren quickly ran towards the enemy hoping to take them by surprise.

As firing in that direction now was out of the question, Moore left his position and followed behind the Lieutenant to join him in the fight.

As Ren reached the cell doors, he came across two Breen, a Ferengi and a Klingon. All were struggling to focus after the flash bang had temporarily disable their senses. It was too close to use phasers so they'd have to go hand to hand. Ren went for the large Klingon, he brought both of his hands together and uppercut the dazed Klingon, knocking him back but not dropping him like the Bajoran helmsman had hoped. The Klingon suddenly roared in anger and grabbed Ren by his uniform with one hand and went for his Daqtagh with the other.

Ren used his body weight to unbalance the Klingon by dropping to the floor causing the large Klingon to stumble forward and drop his Daqtagh close to Ren. He quickly made a grab for it and lunged it into the Klingon's stomach.

Being the tallest of the three Starfleet Officers, Lucas went towards one of the equally as formidable Breen goons. The two exchanged blows but the Crewman quickly realized how little his attacks were having against his armored foe. And so, he did the only thing he could think of in the heat of the moment. He reached for the Breen's helmet and attempted to pry it off. The other Breen would have none of that though. When he finally recovered from the grenade's effects, he joined in on the assault against Lucas.

So, Larson noticing his fellow crewmembers busy with the Klingon and the two Breen decided to take care of the Ferengi. Fortunately the short stocky Ferengi was preoccupied watching his fellow cellmates struggling with the Jericho crew. Larson quietly snuck up behind the unsuspecting Ferengi and delivered a firm calculated blow to the base of his head. The Ferengi dropped like a rock. Larson turned to his own crewmates with a big grin. That was fun, anyone need any help with theirs?

Ren finally wrestled the dead weight of the Klingon off of him and hauled himself up. He saw the two Breen laying into Moore. The Bajoran jumped onto one Breen and pushed him down to the ground chest first. He then yanked the Breen helmet back until he heard their neck snap.

That gave the Crewman an opening. He laid an elbow into the Breen's mid-section which stunned him for a moment. Moore then tackled him to the ground and began laying into him with his fists. Once the Breen was winded enough and unable to retaliate, he pulled off the alien's mask which caused him to cry out and agony and roll over. At least that fight was over. Moore discarded the helmet and got back up to his feet.

Ren approached the cell doors, pulled out his phaser and destroyed the locking mechanism. He then pulled the door open.

The elderly man within the cell rose to his feet. He arched his right brow and nodded his approval over what had just transpired. "Your arrival is most welcome, Lieutenant," spoke the deep voice of Ambassador Spock of Vulcan. "For a brief moment, I was uncertain whether or not you and your team were going to be able to get past the guards."

Kannu was a little taken back by finding Ambassador Spock in the cell. "They proved difficult to get past. We need to move quickly and get you to safety, Ambassador."

"Of course," Spock acknowledged. "You and your team do Starfleet proud."

Larson made it to the cell. Peering around Kannu, he was surprised to see Ambassador Spock. "Whoa, wasn't expecting to see him as the prisoner."

If this had been an actual kidnapping, Lucas would have wondered what these various races would have wanted with the Ambassador. Obviously they were on the holodeck and sadly it was reported that the real Spock disappeared in the middle of the last year so the impact of seeing such a revered figure was somewhat lessened.. It was a shame. It would have been nice to ask the Ambassador a few questions about his adventures from so long ago.

"Alright, Larson and Moore take point, Ambassador Spock in the middle and I'll take the rear." Ren said before tapping his comm badge, "Lieutenant Oldan, we have secured the prisoner and proceeding with extraction."

"Excellent work." Tehja responded, "We're just about done tidying up out here so we'll meet you by the exit." she added, turning to her team and gesturing that they should move out.

"Let's move out!" Kannu said looking at Larson and Moore to lead the way, before checking behind to make sure there wasn't anyone approaching.

Once the group was ready to start heading back, Crewman Moore readied his weapon and he left the room first so that he could guide them back towards the meetup point.

* * * * *

Lucas pulled the tricorder out from his belt and he glanced at the readings on it. He then looked back to the others who following closely behind. "Lieutenant Oldan is twenty-five meters away," he informed them.

"Any signs of them or us being pursued?" Ren asked, trying to catch his breath.

The Crewman took another look at the scanning device but shook his head. "Negative," he replied.

"Miss me?" Tehja asked as she rounded a corner and jogged up to the others, her party in tow.

"Of course...not." Ren teased. "Mission accomplished, sir."

"Good job people." Tehja smiled at them all, "You did well and I have to say that you've done wonders for my confidence in you for when we're faced with the real deal."

"I agree with the Lieutenant," the holographic Ambassador Spock chose to add. "The fact that I am here with you, and alive, demonstrates your capability to work as one unit which is of immense importance during times of crisis."

"You mean you doubted our ability?" Tarif asked, unamused at the notion.

"I doubt everyone until they've been put to the test." Tehja responded, flashing him a wide smile.

Despite the compliment, Moore wasn't going to get ahead of himself. Yes, they'd done what they set out to do but they were in a holodeck. Things would undoubtedly be different for all of them in real life. Nevertheless, it was important to note progress and he'd made some today.

"Computer end program." the chief tactical officer called and the holographic projection disappeared to be replaced by the familiar black and yellow grid, "Now...debrief time. How about we head for the lounge and grab some drinks whilst we talk?"

"Sounds good. I could do with a right about now." Ren said remembering it was still the morning.

"Coffee sounds good to me too," Larson agreed.

"Make that three," Lucas chimed in with a soft smile. Whilst he was more than awake thanks to the adrenaline still flowing through him, he wasn't opposed to spending a bit of down time with his peers.

Tarif nodded, "I suppose a cup of tea wouldn't go a miss."

"Alright then, let's head to the lounge." The Bajoran said with a smile, as he began heading for the exit.


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