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The Strange Case Of The Jem'Hadar In The Wrong Universe, Part One

Posted on Sat Apr 22, 2017 @ 2:38pm by Captain Garridan Rismore & Ensign Genevieve Devaux & Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant JG Yusei Makimura & Ensign Lily Morgan
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Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge
Timeline: MD2 - 1200 Hours

David had lead the two new arrivals into the turbolift and as the the lift carried them toward the bridge he gave the new Science and new Operations officers a glance. It looked like he was going to get the chance to see how the two Lieutenants handled themselves.

"Right into the action." He said.

"Just the way I like it, Sir. I prefer to stay active. Keeps me out of trouble," Dernah said in response to the XO.

"Good to hear because the Jericho will definitely keep you busy." David said.

"Excellent! Commander, I think that this will be an interesting tour of duty," said Dernah as the three men made their way to the Bridge.

"Do not let the kami hear this, Lieutenant. Otherwise they will really make it interesting which translates to troublesome and dangerous for us mere mortals." Yusei responded.

The lift came to a stop and the doors opened allowing the three officers to step onto the bridge.

Garridan stood up from the center seat to greet the newcomers. "Lieutenants. Welcome aboard. It seems we are in need of your services right away. The grand tour will have to wait."

"Thank you, Captain. I am ready for anything you may need," Brendan said in reply as he moved to take his station next to the helm.

Yusei moved up to his station and eyeballed the console and made himself comfortable with its functions and design. "Science ready and standing by." he finally reported.

"The Pizarro is back on board Sir. Shuttlebay reports the doors are secure." Tehja informed Rismore.

"Helm, lay in an intercept course for the Lumenite ship, maximum warp," the Captain ordered.

"Aye sir," Ensign Morgan responded. She input a few commands into her console and in response, the Jericho turned and initiated its warp drive as it began its short journey towards the ship in distress.

After successfully and rather quickly docking the Runabout Pizzaro into the shuttlebay. Ren ran to his station on the bridge after hearing the ship had gone to red alert and was answering a distress call. He quickly settled himself into his position and made himself aware of the ship's course and speed.

"Lieutenant, what's our ETA?" Garridan asked.

"Nine minutes, sir." Ren replied.

Garridan leaned in his chair towards Stross who was sat next to him. "Any chance you can get more out of the engines? We don't know what we're dealing with and if the Lumenites are asking for help..."

"I think we can." David replied moving to the engineering station to confer with the officer sitting there.

It was difficult waiting for the inevitable to happen, especially when there was still so much uncertainty over what was going on. Garridan looked back to Tehja. "Anything yet on long range sensors?" he asked her.

"I'm picking up weapons fire Sir." Tehja responded then frowned, "This can't be right." she checked the sensor logs again and added "Sir...I'm detecting phased polaron beams." she tapped a few more buttons then added "I have no idea how but I'm picking up a Jem'Hadar battle cruiser." she looked over at Garridan in confusion.

The Jem'Hadar? Here? It was difficult for Garridan not to show his concern. The Jericho wasn't really a match for a battle cruiser. He gripped the arms of his chair tightly as he pondered their next course of action. Depending on when the Dominion ship arrived, it was possible that they held an advantage over them based on the many system-wide problems the Jericho experienced early on. Even so, they needed to get to the Lumenites before it was too late. "Commander, we could really use some more speed right now," he said to Stross.

"You have another fifteen percent." David said returning to the Command area but he remained standing looking toward the main viewer as if he expected to already see the Jem'Hadar. "Who would have thought we would run into Dominion forces here?" He asked.

"Do you reckon they got the memo stating the war is over?" The Bajoran helmsman said trying to lighten the mood ever so slightly.

"It would appear that they missed that particular 'memo', Lieutenant. But it would stand to reason since they are in another universe," Brendan stated.

"Wonder how they've survived for a while without a supply of Ketrecel White?" Ren thought out loud. "The extra fifteen percent means we shall arrive in six minutes, Captain."

"I'm wondering the same thing, Mr. Ren. Tactical, do you have enough power for shields and weapons?" Brendan asked the Tactical Officer.

"Green across the board Lieutenant." Tehja nodded, confident that the ship could give all she had if the occasion called for it.

"Sounds good, Lieutenant. I just wanted to make sure you had all you needed," Brendan said with a smile.

The Bajoran helmsman did bring up a valid point regarding the Jem'Hadar starship and their supply of White. How long had they been here for? Garridan looked over his shoulder to the back of the bridge. "Lieutenant, start running some scans of their ship. See if you can find out when they got here."

"Aye, Captain. Preparing for scanning." Yusei answered and set up a gamma-level scan routine intended to check internal structure, weapons, energy, and shields of both the Jem Hadar battlecruiser and Lumenites.

"Mister Dernah, open all hailing frequencies," the Captain requested.

Dernah ran his hands over his console and finally said, "All hailing frequencies are open, Captain." Brendan went back to monitoring power levels across the ship and saw that all departments were running in the green. But he also noticed a power spike in the port nacelle. His physical reaction was obvious to anyone who had any skill in reading body language. He pawned it off on the extra fifteen percent from Engineering. But then why was there only one spike and not two or both nacelles. Since all power levels were within Starfleet safety protocols, he decided not to alert the Captain.

"Dominion vessel, this is Captain Garridan Rismore of the Federation Starship Jericho. We request that you cease your attack on the Lumenites. They are a peaceful people and wish you no harm. Please respond." Garridan waited for some kind of acknowledgement. Seconds passed. Nothing. "Lieutenant, have they received our transmission?" he asked Dernah.

"Yes Sir, they heard you. They have as yet decided not to answer. Captain, I'm getting some odd power readings on the Dominion ship. Their main systems are going up and down at random. I don't understand quite what's going on over there," Dernah sad confused somewhat.

"Something weird is going on with their weapons too Sir. The pattern of weapons fire is sporadic and their targeting systems can't be working properly because there are more misses than hits." Tehja reported, a look equally as confused as Dernah's on her face.

Yusei looked up from his console. "Captain, entering scanning range. Jem'Hadar battle cruiser confirmed. Begin scanning." he reported.

"These readings are similar to the fluctuations we suffered when we first arrived in this universe." David said.

Maybe the Jem'Hadar couldn't reply to the hail. Garridan looked to the right where Keistler as now sitting. "I know that the Jem'Hadar are ruthless and efficient soldiers... In the event that their vessel would become compromised, does their behaviour coincide with what we know about them?"

"It might, if they are indeed low on the White. It's been known to cause a wide variety of strange behaviors," Arne answered.

Strange behaviour was a bit of an understatement. The Jem'Hadar relied and were controlled on their need for Ketracel White. Without it... well they were a bit unpredictable.

"Now within range of both ships, Captain." Ren said from the helm. He was a little anxious about a conflict with a Dominion Vessel.

"Take us out of warp," Garridan told him.

"Aye, sir. Dropping to impulse." The Bajoran helmsman said as the Jericho dropped out of warp in a flash. Revealing the Jem'Hadar warship and the Lumenite's ship on the viewscreen.


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