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Loading The LMH

Posted on Tue May 23, 2017 @ 1:26pm by Lieutenant JG Dralex & Lieutenant James Myers & LMH Mark II & Ensign Ileana Ramirez

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 8 - Sickbay
Timeline: MD2 - 1200 Hours

Dr. Myers found himself half running through the corridors making his way back to Sickbay. As he approached the turbolift doors, he realized it was more than just the flashing lights and klaxons sounding red-alert that had his anxiety level up. He hollered to a crewmember to hold the doors and he slid into a rather crowded turbolift. The conversations surrounding him seemed muffled as he pondered why his stomach was in knots.

Yes, the Denobulan, Lt. Dralex, had seemed so friendly when he met him in the transporter room. He remembered stretching out his hand in welcome, but in his heart he was so reluctant to return those friendly feelings. Why? ‘This is crazy,’ he muttered halfway to himself.

“Sir?” an adjacent crewmember queried.

He turned in surprise. “What? Oh…nothing. Sorry, just thinking out loud. Excuse me, this is my deck.”

He dodged people scurrying to report to their stations. I don’t need a holographic doctor. Geez, the last one I encountered had been bad enough. Lousy personality, arrogant, lacking in empathy. And just how am I supposed to integrate this non-person into my staff? Am I supposed to let this projection of force fields and photons actually assume responsibilities currently born by my flesh and blood doctors?

The doors swooshed open and he entered a lively Sickbay. He looked around at his Alpha duty staff, each busy with his or her assigned duties readying the medical department for whatever the red-alert might bring…like a well-oiled machine. Nagging thoughts of the long-term medical hologram were pushed aside as he approached his head nurse.

“Ileana, how’s Sickbay?”

“We’re good, Sir. Not sure what to expect, but everyone has reported in and is ready,” she replied.

“Good. I’ll be in my office.”

Almost as soon as the Doctor disappeared into his office, the door to Sickbay opened and the Denobulan Engineer, Dralex, entered the room. He was carrying a suitcase-sized device with him. The Lieutenant approached one of the nurses who was working nearby.

"Excuse me," he began. "You wouldn't happen to know where Doctor Myers is currently, do you?"

"Yes, Lieutenant, he is in his office. I'll let him know he has a visitor. And your name is?," Nurse Ramirez asked.

"Dralex," he answered. "I met the Doctor briefly about ten to fifteen minutes ago in the transporter room. I've just arrived from the Gamma Quadrant."

"I'll be right back," she responded as she turned to leave almost running into the doctor who was just entering the main room. "Oops, sorry, Sir."

"It's okay," he responded. "Oh, Lieutenant Dralex, thought I heard your voice. Ileana, this is Lieutenant Dralex. He just joined us, will be serving in the Engineering Department."

"Nice, to meet you," she said as she held out her hand.

"Likewise," the Denobulan replied with a wide smile and a shake of the woman's hand. "It's true, I am an engineer, however I expect I will be spending the majority of my time here with the two of you." He held up the large device that he'd brought in. "I have the LMH. I thought it would be prudent to get her loaded up into the Jericho's computer so that everyone could get acquainted with her."

Ileana smiled, "Her, it is? I can hardly wait." Turning to the doctor, she continued, "Isn't this exciting, Dr. Myers?"

Dr. Myers sighed, then tried to smile back, "Yeah, exciting. So, Lieutenant, I suppose we should get the program loaded...and hope this one is better than a Mark II I had an experience with."

Although he'd never worked with past models of the medical hologram, their reputation was well known. "I can assure you that she is one of a kind. Very curious-minded as well. I have a feeling that you'll never have met anyone like her."

"Ok, let's get on with it then, let's see if this program is all you say it is. I'm all for meeting a one of a kind hologram," he quipped back with an ever so slight grin.

"Doctor," Ileana teased back, "you're curious."


"Yes, you are. I can see it on your face...and that smile, now, don't deny it," she continued to cajole.

Throwing up his hands in mock resignation he said back, "Okay, you are right. I am curious. Okay, Lieutenant, let's see what you've come up with."

"I'll need to connect this mobile emitter to Sickbay's main computer console," Dralex told Myers. "From there it's just a matter of downloading the program into your systems. It should only take a few minutes."

"Okay, why don't you follow me, we can do the downloading over here," Dr. Myers offered, leading the way.

When he arrived at the main systems display, Dralex leaned down and pulled out two cables from the mobile emitter. He extended their length until they were about one meter long, before pushing them into a socket near the controls. "I am beginning the download now," he told them as he input the appropriate commands into the console. A few minutes later, the computer made a sound to indicate that it had completed its task. "There we go," the Denobulan said cheerily. "Computer, activate the Long-Term Medical Hologram."

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency." the LMH stated as she shimmered into existence then looked around her and turned in a circle. "Is this it? The Jericho you told me about?" she paused as she checked her database then smiled and nodded, "It is."

Dralex nodded to further confirm her observation. "I just arrived," he told her. "We're in Sickbay. I'd like you to meet Doctor Myers, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, and Ensign...." the Denobulan gave the nurse an apologetic look. "I'm afraid that I didn't get your name."

"Oh, it's Ileana Ramirez," she replied.

"Do you have a name?" she asked addressing the new LMH.

"I am the Long Term Medical Hologram Mark Two." the brunette replied with a smile, "Though people normally refer to me as the LMH." she added with a nod, "It is a pleasure to meet you both. I trust that my services to your department can prove worthwhile."

"The crew of the Adelaide encouraged her to pick a name for herself however we were reassigned before any meaningful progress could be made on that front," Dralex told them.

"Oh, goodie," Ileana reacted with a tease, "I'd love to help her pick a name. I'm full of good ideas."

"Ileana," Dr. Myers cut her off, "Dralex, that's fine, there will be time for choosing a name in due time. The more important matter at hand is how efficient or effective this LMH can be to my department. What kind of medical practices have you had her perform?"

The Denobulan shrugged. "She was previously the Chief Medical Officer on the Adelaide so I imagine she handled a variety of tasks." He looked to the LMH so that she could elaborate on that as she was more knowledgeable of the subject.

'CMO,' Dr. Myers cringed feeling a decided knot start to build in his stomach. Visions of a Mark I started to flood his memory: a faulty, second-hand emergency medical hologram his cargo-hauling brother had picked up in a late night poker game, an EMH riddled with problems in its programming...not the least of which was a rude and acerbic bedside manner...worse yet were the glaring medical mistakes. Dr. Myers swallowed and forced his attention back to the current situation...waiting for this LMH to answer his question.

"I am programmed for all known medical and surgical specialties and am able to access the Starfleet Medical Database regarding all known species." she began to explain, "As CMO of the Adelaide, I dealt with minor illness and injury, performed several surgical procedures, helped to deliver two babies and carried out all routine medical care and check ups of the crew. If you'd like, I can provide you with a list of experience thus far." she smiled at Myers warmly.

Her humble elicitation of her achievements and warm smile somewhat disarmed him. He could help himself, he smiled back, but just for a moment. He turned back to Dralex.

"So, okay, I concede this hologram could be useful to my department. But...I still have some concerns. What kind of fail safes for her program do you have in place in the event of a power outage? My brother...nevermind. What would happen to a crewmember if she was performing a serious operation during a battle and the power in Sickbay was somehow terminated?"

It was a reasonable concern. "Starfleet learned a great deal from the U.S.S. Voyager's extended use of the Emergency Medical Hologram. As such, they've installed independent power units to the emitters in Sickbay to mostly circumvent such a problem. So, if the Jericho picked up that upgrade, then the LMH should be unaffected by any sudden power outages. I am also continuing my work on the mobile emitter." He looked to his side at the large device that contained the program before it was transferred to the computer. "Yes, it is large and cumbersome, but it is all that we have access to at the moment as a backup to the backup."

"Yes, I concur, we should upgrade Sickbay with independent power units. I'd sure feel better knowing that something isn't going to cause the LMH to go offline right in the middle of a critical procedure. Since I just came on board myself, I was away for about a month, could you check to make sure these independent power units to the emitters have been installed?"

"Certainly," the Denobulan replied. "It should only take a moment." Dralex turned once more to the main systems display and brought up the power distribution schematic of the room. He put a finger on his lip and nodded as he examined them. "There are independent power units connected to the holographic emitters, alongside the secondary EPS conduits. However, I may look to upgrading the units further if possible. It appears as if they've had to use an older model most likely because the Jericho is an older class of starship. I don't foresee it as a problem though."

"Call me a worrywart, but you see, my brother, like I said, picked up a used Mark I in a poker game. Tried having it installed in his freighter. Told me some long story about how it would save him money, wouldn't have to pay for a medical crewman, etc, etc. Well days later, they hit a meteor storm, power fluctuated and eventually went offline right in the middle of an operation this Mark I was performing on the Chief Engineer. The man died. Guess I've always been a little leery of photonic doctors. Give me a flesh and blood any day. But," and he looked to Jericho's new LMH and smiled, "I'm game. And I think I could learn to appreciate this LMH. She's certainly better on the ole' eyeballs than the Mark I."

"What I look like is hardly relevant Doctor." the LMH said almost snootily as she watched Myers.

Dr. Myers grimaced, "Uh, right, of course, sorry." He glanced over at his nurse Ileana, but she just glared back. 'No back up, there,' he thought.

"However, I believe that with the back-up power options that the Lieutenant here suggests, the chances of my programming failing at an inopportune time will be zero to none."

"And I can reassure you that she won't cost you any form of currency," Dralex added. "One could say that she is priceless." He looked to the LMH and gave her a wide, friendly smile.

"Free, huh? Can't beat free. Okay, let's give her a try," the doctor replied trying to smooth things over after his failed attempt at humor.

"I will not disappoint." the LMH promised, confident in her abilities as only an artificial lifeform could be.

"Well, Dralex, if you concur, I don't see why I couldn't get her started on the schedule immediately. I'm sure Ileana would be happy to 'show her the ropes', so to speak. In other words, introduce her to the medical department and procedures."

"I'd love to help our new medical hologram," Ileana interjected with a big smile.

The LMH returned the smile, grateful to the seemingly happy woman for accepting her into the fold though clearly she had some work to do to prove to the CMO that she was worth his while.


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