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The Strange Case Of The Jem'Hadar In The Wrong Universe, Part Three

Posted on Wed Jun 14, 2017 @ 8:01pm by Captain Garridan Rismore & Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Tehja Oldan & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah & Lieutenant James Myers & Lieutenant Arnulf Keistler & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 1 - Bridge, Deck 8 - Sickbay
Timeline: MD2 - 1240 Hours

Once Lieutenant Dernah had informed him that he was ready to proceed with his idea to try and contact the Vorta telepathically, Garridan nodded and said, "Go ahead."

Brendan turned his mental prowess towards the Dominion ship. He appeared strained but was doing well. He attempted to first reach the Vorta, Mauna. But he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Opening his eyes, he turned towards Captain Rismore and Commander Stross and said, "I am unable to probe the Vorta's mind. She appears to be engineered against telepaths. Or it could be the layout of their brains still the same thing I would wager. I am sorry, Captain." Brendan looked a little let down and deflated. He had failed in his attempt to show his new CO his abilities.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. It was always a possibility given the species that we are dealing with," Garridan tried to reassure him. "What about the Jem'Hadar that was with Mauna? I believe she said that his name was Meteg'talok."

Brendan centered himself again and reached out towards the Jem'Hadar First. This time he could feel something. He was making contact with the Jem'Hadar. "I believe I've made contact with the Jem'Hadar First," Brendan said calmly.

That's a start, Garridan thought to himself. While he wasn't too certain that they'd be able to convince the First to do anything for them, maybe it would at the very least get Mauna's attention so that they could get back to talking.

* * * * *

"First, the Starfleet ship continues to block our line of sight!" Called out Third, who manned the Tactical station.

"Fifth, try and get past them." Ordered Meteg'talok the Jem'Hadar First as he stood next to the Vorta. "Have Starfleet already made allies here?" The First asked Mauna quietly.

"I hope not. In our damaged state we will not last long in a fire fight with both ships. We cannot allow them to know how we got here." Mauna replied, in a low tone.

"Perhaps we should..." The First paused, unsure what was going on. He felt a presence he'd never felt before.

* * * * *

The Captain moved up so that he was now standing between the helm and operations consoles. He rested his hand on the back of Dernah's seat. "Try to communicate with him," he advised the Lieutenant. "It may be a long shot, but maybe this First will listen to reason."

First Metegtalok, this is Lieutenant Brendan Dernah of the Federation starship Jericho. I would like to find another way of resolving this situation, Dernah thought at the Jem'Hadar First.

The Vorta has explained the situation. I would recommend you don't push her resolve, the First replied.

Dernah sighed mentally and proceeded despite the Jem'Hadar's veiled threat. First, we are only looking for a peaceful resolution to our mutual situation. If you would only hear me out...

Leave my mind or I'll inform the Vorta of your attempts to compromise me. Replied the First.

"Erg, Captain, failure again," Dernah said dejectedly. "The First didn't take to my intrusion. He almost ejected me from his mind but I was able to leave it under my own power. Now what?"

"You did your best Lieutenant," Garridan said to him. He patted the man's shoulder in the hope that he wouldn't give himself a hard time over it. Considering that Dernah told him beforehand that he had no telepathic training, the Captain felt that he'd done as well as one could have hoped for. Now what, was a very good question though and Garridan had an idea.

"Sir, the Jem'Hadar vessel is still trying to evade us." Ren reported.

"Let's see if we can get their attention," he said to David before he tapped his combadge. "Bridge to transporter room. Lock on to the Vorta on the Dominion ship and beam her directly to the bridge."

"Aye sir." The transporter chief replied over the open comm line. "I have a transporter lock on the Vorta beaming them directly to the bridge." A few seconds later the Vorta materialized in front of the main viewscreen.

Tehja was already training her phaser on the Vorta as she materialized, not willing to give her any wriggle room whilst she was in their domain.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Mauna demanded as she approached Rismore.

"The meaning of this is we would like to find a peaceful solution to the current situation and we cannot do that when you will not talk to us. " David said.

Mauna didn't like the Human's tone, she closed her eyes and quickly focused her mind and generated a powerful blast of telekinesis and shot it towards the Human, knocking him off his feet.

David had just enough time to register that he had been knocked over before he was laying on the deck, dazed by the force of the impact.

"Commander!" Garridan moved to his First Officer and knelt down to check on him. He then looked up to Mauna. "You didn't have to do that," he told her, disappointment clear in his voice. "We don't mean you, or your soldiers, any harm." The Captain stood up to confront the Vorta. "Your ship's systems are damaged, likely because the laws of physics in this universe aren't the same as they are in ours. We can help you effect repairs but you must stop the hostilities. We do not want to fight you. We just want to help."

"Our ship's systems are fine!" The Vorta lied. "Right now my First is ordering his troops to board this vessel and take me back by force!"

"Sir. she's lying. Their transporters are down. Sorry Mauna. Shouldn't try to bluff and telepath especially one with his sensors trained on your ship!" Dernah quipped.

"Or your own sensors are faulty due to the physics in this universe." The Vorta replied with a smirk, she hoped she was stalling long enough for Meteg'talok to rescue her from these Federation do-gooders.

"Our sensors did malfunction when we first arrived, as did many of our systems," Garridan explained. Maybe if he gave her a few more nuggets of information, she'd be more inclined to give him some as well. "The Lumenites aided us in acclimating our vessel to this universe but it took some time. We could leave you here, if that is what you wish, but something tells me that your Jem'Hadar wouldn't make much progress. They are bred for only one purpose after all. As far as I know, your ship is the only Dominion vessel here in the protouniverse. The Lumenites have more than the one you attacked and they are more advanced than either of ours. Your fate is up to you, Mauna."

Mauna thought for a few moments, her options were limited and as the Starfleet Captain had said her ship was in no position to fight two ships. "Very well, Captain." Mauna said at length. "Open a channel to my ship and I'll order them to stand down."

Garridan nodded to his Operations Officer to go ahead with the Vorta's request.

"Aye, Sir," Brendan said as his hand flew over his console. Moments later, Dernah announced, "Channel open. You may speak freely," he said to the female Vorta.

"This is Mauna, stand down and await further instructions." Said the Vorta.

"It will be done." Meteg'talok replied. "Have they injured you?"

"They have not, I am a personal guest of the Captain." Mauna then directed a look at the officer who opened the channel and nodded, giving him her permission to close the channel.

"The channel is closed now, Sir. You may speak freely," Dernah said softly.

Now that the risk of a confrontation with the Dominion had hopefully passed, it was time to move forward and do something productive with them. "Lieutenant Oldan, stand down from red alert and escort Mauna to the observations lounge. I will join you both shortly."

"Aye Sir." Tehja cancelled the alert then moved to the Vorta's side, gesturing towards the exit as she added "Shall we?"

Mauna gave a simple nod before silently following the Lieutenant.

"Mister Ren, put us alongside the Lumenite ship," Rismore then requested.

The Bajoran nodded, "Aye, sir." He said as his hands danced over his console, as Jericho began to change position and draw alongside the Lumenite ship.

Once the Vorta was escorted off the bridge, Garridan turned to Stross. "Commander, see about getting our newcomers some quarters and then assemble an away team to help the Lumenites. I'm going to see what I can get out of Mauna. I want to know how they got here."

"I will get right on it. The away team will be ready to go in five minutes." David said.

"Commander, may I be a part of that away team?" Brendan asked the first officer.

"Well it would be foolish to turn down a volunteer. Mr. Ren you are going too." David said.

"Yes, sir." Ren said as a small smile crept across his face. It was always a privilege to be asked to join an away team.

"Thank you, Commander," Dernah said.

David tapped his combadge. "Bridge to Ensign Shar." He said.

"Shar here, go ahead sir. " The ensign replied.

"You're up for away team duty. Grab your tool kit and meet me in transporter room two in five minutes." David said.

"Aye sir, on my way." Shar said.

Once more David spoke into the open comm channel. "Bridge to Doctor Myers." He said.

"Myers here," he said after tapping his combadge.

"Doctor You have been picked for away team duties. Prep a med kit and meet me in transporter room two in five minutes. We are going to visit the Lumenite ship." David said.

"On my way," Myers answered as he immediately headed over to a nearby storage cabinet to grab a med kit.

* * * * *

"Ileanna," he hollered to his head nurse just as she started to leave Sickbay for a well-deserved lunch break. She reluctantly turned.

"Yes, Dr. Myers."

"I've just been called to participate in an away mission. Can you hold down the fort for me until the next shift arrives?"

"Hold down the fort?" she asked with confusion.

"Just a saying. I need you to monitor Sickbay. In other words, can you just order something from the replicator?"

"Sure, Doctor, what do I need with a lunch break anyway. Go, go," she said with a shooing motion of her arms. "You'd better hurry. We'll be fine. I got the LMH I can activate if I need to, right?"

"Right, or call one of the doctors from the next shift in early," he concluded as he backed out of Sickbay and headed to the transporter room.


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