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To Help A Friend In Need

Posted on Sun Jul 16, 2017 @ 12:51pm by Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah & Lieutenant James Myers & Ensign Eric Compton & Ensign Laren Shar

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: P.V.L. Mavis - Bridge
Timeline: MD2 - 1330 Hours

The away team materialized on the bridge of the Lumenite ship. There were obvious signs of damage around the bridge with several work stations that were not working and the smell of burnt electronics hung in the air.

David moved his tool kit form one hand to the other before stepping forward. "I am Lieutenant Commander David Stross and me and my team have been sent to help. Lieutenant Myers and Ensign Compton are medical personnel and can help with any injured. Myself, Lieutenant Dernah and Lieutenant Ren are here to assist in repairs." He said indicating each member of the away team as he said their names.

"You are from the Jericho?" one of the Lumenites asked as he approached them from one side of the room. His dark eyes expressed relief of their arrival. "I am Captain Padma. We are in a bit of a predicament. My ship has suffered near catastrophic damage and many of my crew are either dead or in critical condition. We only came here out of curiosity. I couldn't even get any kind of answer as to why that other ship attacked us!"

"They are from our universe. Their civilization is called the Dominion and as for why they attacked you, well they are not the best at being good neighbors." David said.

"You have encountered them before?" Padma asked, even though it was more than obvious even to him that they had.

"You could say that." Ren commented.

"Commander, I'm going to check the bridge logs in order to determine what exactly happened here," Dernah said.

"Sounds like a good place to start." David said to Dernah before turning his attention back to the Lumenite Captain. "Where do you need me and the engineers to start first?" He asked.

"Yes, of course." Padma nodded and he escorted the others to a nearby console. He input a few commands into the holographic interface which brought up a schematic of the ship. "Life support on decks six, thirteen and fourteen has been intermittent and there are still people in those sections that we have been unable to reach to administer medical aid. Our main propulsion system is inoperative although that is not of importance for the moment. We need to get to our people first."

"Why haven't those sections been evacuated?" Ren asked, as he studied the schematic.

"The attack was unexpected!" the Lumenite suggested. "We weren't prepared for it. I thought that they would have behaved as you did. Many have heard about the Jericho. You are nice people. Evidently, they are not."

"They generally shoot first and talk later." Ren commented.

"We can start with deck six. Once we get to the life support systems there we should be able to get life support back up and that will make aiding your people easier." David said.

"My crew is at your disposal. Just tell us what you need and we will do whatever we can to assist," Padma told them.

"Thank you Captain. The more hands we have the quicker the work will go." David replied.

Eric looked around the foreign ship and his heart raced with anticipation. His first away mission! This experience was the meat and potatoes of why he joined Starfleet. Now he was here, on the frontier, having a chance to really make a difference. Turning to his superior, he asked, "Doctor, where should we begin?"

"Ensign, let's begin by securing the bridge, before we attempt to reach the other trapped crewmembers. I'll start with this one. Why don't you start on the other side? Let me know if anyone needs an emergency transport," Dr. Myers said as he quickly leaned down on one knee to assess the condition of the man lying in front of him.

David pointed to a point on the schematic of the ship. "Captain if you could have someone meet us there. We can get to work." He said before turning to Doctor Myers. "Once it is safe on deck six I will let you know." David said.

"Right," Dr. Myers answered a bit absentmindedly. A few seconds later he realized he hadn't given Commander Stross his full attention. "Sorry about that, of course, just let me know when you're ready for my team."

"This crewman will be fine, just a few minor burns that can be easily treated," he said to the Lumenite Captain. "Compton, what ya got over there?"

Eric looked over his casualty with eyes, while also glancing at the readout from the medical tricorder as he ran the scanner over the man's body. "Some plasma burns as well. I'll treat them with a dermal regenerator momentarily, doctor."

"Acknowledged," Dr. Myers responded as he also worked on his patient with a dermal regenerator.

As his people were now being tended to by the Starfleet doctors, Padma approached Stross to answer his question. "What kind of personnel do you need? An engineer? Physician? Security?" the Lumenite Captain asked.

"An engineer will do nicely. Having someone who is familiar with the ship's systems will make the repairs go more quickly." David replied.

Padma nodded. "Someone will be there," he told the Starfleet commander.

"Alright. Come on Shar let's get to work." David said heading toward the exit of the Bridge.

"Right behind you." The Andorian engineer replied from where she had been inspecting an inoperable console and following her department head from the room.


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