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Deck Six, Part One

Posted on Fri Aug 4, 2017 @ 5:14am by Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Ensign Laren Shar & Lieutenant Brendan Dernah

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: P.V.L. Mavis - Deck 6
Timeline: MD2 - 1350 Hours

The doors to the lift opened giving David and the others their first view of of deck six of the the Lumenite's vessel. Almost a third of the lights along the corridor beyond the door where out. As the group moved along the corridor David could feel the changes in his weight that signaled the gravity systems were failing and the smell that hung in the air let him know that the air was not circulating. Up ahead a Lumenite could be seen standing outside a door.

"I am Lieutenant Commander Stross and this is Lieutenant Dernah and Ensign Shar. We were sent to help with the environmental systems." He said coming to a stop next to the Lumenite.

"Greetings," said Dernah nodding his head.

"Hi there." Shar said with a bob of her head.

"Thank you for coming," the Lumenite expressed. He looked tired and his yellow face was marked with grease and grime from the work he'd been doing. "Normally we would have all of this under control but the damage was severe. I'm surprised the Mavis was able to stay together."

"Luckily the Dominion ship was dealing with the same type of systems problems we were when we first arrived in this universe, otherwise things might have been a lost worse." David said. "So where do you want us to start?" He asked.

The Lumenite nodded. It definitely sounded as if they were luckier than they should have been. Turning to the matter at hand. "We need to fix the environmental system on this deck so that our medical services can reach the remainder of the ship. One of our conduits ruptured and it's been releasing some dinitrogen tetroxide ever since.
The filtration system isn't having any luck in eliminating it and purifying the air. I suspect that it's been damaged too."

"I'll handle that, Commander. If someone would just show me where to start, please," Dernah said to the first officer before turning to the Lumenite.

"If we can stop the flow of the dinitrogen tetroxide at the main tank we can deal with the conduit breach and cleaning up the air." David said. "By the way what are you using the dinitrogen tetroxide for?" He asked the Lumenite.

"It is for our interplanetary propulsion system. It is a highly combustible gas that facilitates the reactions in our engine core," the Lumenite explained. "The reason why it hasn't been repaired yet is because we need to get by that debris that's blocking the way. We can't cut through it. My officers haven't been able to move it either." He pointed just ahead of the group where a wall of metal beams and fragments of metal sat directly in their path.

David looked at the rubble. "We could use one of the cargo transporters on the Jericho to clear this. We will need to take a few tricorder scans then feed the coordinates to the transporter operator and then we can have this out of the way in no time." He said.

"Your teleporter is advanced enough to do such a thing?" the Lumenite asked, as if not believing that such a primitive group of people could be capable of such a feat.

"The cargo transporters are designed do deal with bulk items." David said as he pulled out a tricorder and started to scan the rubble. "Plus dealing with no living matter is much easier that transporting living beings."

The Lumenite nodded, satisfied with the explanation. "Then by all means, do what you need to do if it will help."

David tapped his combadge. "Stross to Cargo Bay Three." He said.

"Bay three here." A voice of a cargo officer replied.

"I am sending some tricorder scans to the cargo transporter. I need you move some things." David replied.

"I have the scans, Locking on the the material, and transporting now." The cargo officer replied.

A few seconds later the rubble blocking the corridor dissolved into shimmering lights that eventually dissipated leaving the corridor open.

"Transport complete." The cargo officer said. "What do you want me to do with all of this, stuff?"

"Stand by, I will let you know." David replied closing the comm channel. "All right where is this breached conduit?" he asked.

"We will need to wear hazard suits before we head in further," the Lumenite told him. "If you come with me, I will lead you to one of our equipment rooms."

"All right lead the way.' David replied.

With time of the essence, the engineer didn't waste another moment. He led the Starfleet officers away from the damaged area so that they could make the necessary preparations to safely repair the environmental system on this deck.


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