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All In A Day's Work

Posted on Tue Sep 26, 2017 @ 12:18am by Lieutenant James Myers & Lieutenant JG Ren Kannu & Ensign Jonah Van Wyck

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: P.V.L. Mavis - Bridge
Timeline: MD2 - 1400 Hours

"Doctor Myers!" Called the Bajoran Lieutenant. "This patient has a collapsed lung and a possible laceration on her kidney." If you could call it that, The helmsman thought as he monitored the Lumenite's condition.

"Start an IV, saline solution," Dr. Myers called from across the room. "How are the vitals? Is she stable enough for a site to site transport?"

While he waited for the Lieutenant’s answer, Dr. Myers had a serious patient of his own. A male, unconscious, copious bleeding from an injury to the right parietal lobe above the ear, shallow breathing, circulation thready. He checked for any appearance of shock and began a saline solution on his patient, then called for an immediate transport to the USS Jericho's Sickbay, looking also at his crewmate to see if he should add that patient to the transport request as well.

Ren swallowed hard, he hadn't done an IV line since his basic first aid course when he joined the Bajoran Militia. "Vitals are weak but stable, I think." He said nervously as he hoped his was putting the IV line into a vein and not a vital organ.

"Right," Dr. Myers confirmed speaking again to Ileana in Sickbay, "okay, for now, that will only be one site to site. Advise Dr. Van Wyck, I believe he has duty shift right now, that we may be dealing with a subdural hematoma."

After he got confirmation from his head nurse and he watched his patient dissolve into the transporter, he turned again to his medic. "Lieutenant, how's it going over there? Do you need any assistance?"

The Lieutenant nodded, he was more than willing to help with first aid but this was definitely out of his depth.

"No problem, let's see how you're doin'," Dr. Myers responded as he moved over to Ren's patient. "Careful, good, you're doing fine."

The reassurance put Ren at ease as he finished applying the IV line and activated the control for the medicine to start following at the correct dosage. "Once her vitals start to improve, she should he ready for transport."

“Excellent,” Dr. Myers started to say until he was interrupted. He turned to the sound of another patient in distress.

“Help, help…,” cried the voice from behind a console. The doctor hurried toward the voice, “coming”, he called out.

“Hurry, he isn’t breathing.”

Dr. Myers ducked behind the console and saw a young Lumenite female struggling to help a fellow Lumenite crewmember. She turned in hopeful expectation as he knelt down. “He isn’t breathing,” she insisted.

Dr. Myers quickly ran a scan on his medical tricorder. “He’g gone into A-fib.” The Lumenite female stared blankly. “His heart isn’t beating correctly. It’s kinda vibrating wildly, and it can’t pump any blood.”

“What are going to do?” she asked worriedly.

Pulling out a device she’d never seen before, he answered, “this is a cardiostimulator. I’m going to give our patient here an electrical shock.”

“Will it hurt?”

“I rather doubt he’ll notice. Ren, do you have your patient stable enough for transport?” he called from behind the console.

The Bajoran Helmsman double checked his tricorder before nodding. "Yes, she's stable enough for transport."

"Great, go ahead then and make arrangements for your patient's transport. Then I could use you over here with this patient."

With a nod, Ren contacted Sickbay on the Jericho and arranged transport of his patient before heading over to the Doctor Myers' position. "How can I help?"

"Our patient here is in A-fib. I'm going to be using the cardiostimulator. The quite distraught young Lumenite crewmember beside him seems to be so worried about the procedure. Could you watch her and make sure she doesn't interfere or get too close?"

Ren nodded before he looked at the young female Lumenite "The Doctor needs to shock him. Try and stay out of the way and don't interfere." Said Ren, "It may look like we're hurting him but we're try to start his heart again." The helmsman gave the Doctor a nod before standing next to the the female Lumente in case she she tried to touch him.

"Thanks. Okay," Dr. Myers began as he attached several leads to the chest of the Lumenite. Thanks to his month-long stay on the Lumente homeworld, he had a working knowledge of the particular differences in anatomical placement of the organs. He administered a very minor electrical shock The body jumped but nothing happened. He quickly readjusted the millijoule level being careful to only set it at half that needed for a human, and tried again. Taking his tricorder he smiled as he noticed the multiple sinus rhythms ensue. An unusual heart to be sure, he mused as he remembered being introduced to their eight chambered heart.

"He'll be fine," the doctor encouraged as he looked up at the Lumenite woman. "Ren, I think we got the bridge secured. Why don't you check in with Stross, see if he needs you for anything. I'll get this one beamed over to our ship for some ongoing monitoring."

Ren nodded in agreement as he visually scanned the bridge. "Yes, sir." The Bajoran said before heading for the lower decks to Commander Stross' team.


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