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Deck Six, Part Two

Posted on Wed Sep 13, 2017 @ 3:33pm by Lieutenant Commander David Stross Jr. & Ensign Laren Shar & Lieutenant JG Dralex

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: P.V.L. Mavis - Deck 6
Timeline: MD2 - 1425 Hours

David could not say he was happy with the fit of the environmental suit he had been given. The extra length in the legs was evidence that it had been designed with someone almost a foot taller than himself but as long as it kept him safe that was all that mattered.

"Well if everyone is ready let's get a look at that busted conduit." David said.

"Agreed the sooner we get this done the sooner we can get out of these things." Shar replied. "This helmet was not designed for someone with antennae."

"Does your starship have environmental suits as well? Perhaps we could have some transported here for the duration of the repairs," the Lumenite suggested.

Shar looked at the Lumenite for a moment. "Let's just get to work. I can deal with the helmet." She said.

The Denobulan engineer, Dralex, snickered at the Andorian's misfortune. "Think of it as an adventure," he told her.

"If all goes well, you shouldn't have to don it for very long." He gestured to the exit of the room. "Come, this way," he told them.

The Starfleet Officers followed the Lumenite from the storage area where the suits were kept and headed down the corridor. They passed the point where the corridor had been blocked and continued down to an area where there was a large hole in the corridor's port bulkhead. From the hole, a greenish gas could be seen jetting out and into the corridor.

David pulled out his tricorder once more and scanned the area. "Looks like this is the breach. Once we cut the gas flow we can look at sealing the breach in the conduit." He said. "Where is the closest control panel?" He asked the Lumenite.

"There should be one about five meters from here in that direction," the alien answered as he pointed the way. With the gas concentration being as thick as it was, it was impossible to see it even from where they were standing.

"I got it." Shar said heading off toward the panel. When she arrived at the panel and the information displayed on it she took a moment to study the panel, familiarizing herself with the layout of the piece of alien equipment. Eventually she entered a few commands. "Okay, the dinitrogen tetroxide has been routed around the breached section." Shar said to the rest of the team.

"The flow has stopped." David confirmed as he checked out the damaged section of bulkhead. "Dralex help me remove this wall panel so we can get a better look at this damaged conduit." He said.

"Yes Sir," the Lieutenant complied. He put his tricorder away and went to Stross' side to aid him.

The two Starfleet engineers removed the damaged wall panel, exposing the damaged conduit. There was a large jagged hole in the side of the conduit facing them.

"Do you have any sections of conduit in storage we could use to repair this breach?" David asked the Lumenite.

"We do," the Lumenite confirmed. He then examined the affected area to determine the amount that they were going to need. After making a few calculations in his head, the engineer straightened his posture and his large black eyes closed. Unbeknownst to Stross, Dralex and Shar, the Lumenite was communicating with someone. "Some spare conduits will be brought up shortly," he informed them.

"Ok I guess we should start cutting this damaged section out." David said digging a cutter out of his tool kit and checking the settings. "I will take this end, Dralex you can take the other."'

The Denobulan engineer nodded and then he too retrieved a cutter out of his kit. He adjusted it to the appropriate settings and began to cut through the metal that needed to be removed. "Commander, may I ask... is it always this exciting out here?" he asked. Having just come aboard the ship, there was certainly quite a bit that was going on.

David didn't take his eyes off his work as he started cutting one end of the damaged section of conduit loose. "Yes, it is. There is never a slow day for the crew of the Jericho." He said.

That wasn't necessarily a bad thing. "It sounds as if I will have plenty to keep myself occupied with, aside from my regular duties of course. The Lumenites are much more advanced technologically than I expected," Dralex said as he continued cutting.

"I think we have surprised each other." David said as he finished cutting through his end of the conduit.

Dralex was a bit uncertain as to what, on their end, could surprise their alien friends with regards to Federation technology. It seemed so antiquated in comparison. The Denobulan couldn't really believe that he was thinking that in his head. He smiled and shook his head at the thought before finishing his task. Just as he'd done so, two Lumenite engineers arrived with the spare conduits that the Commander had requested.

"Just in time." David said as he and Dralex moved the damaged section of conduit so that it was out of the way. "If you two will move that new section into place we can get it connected." He continued directing the comment to the two Lumenites who were holding the new conduit.

The two Lumenite engineers said nothing but one nodded in acknowledgment.

With the new section of conduit in place, David returned the cutting tool to his tool kit and pulled out a different tool. "This is an electron bonder. It will attach the sections at the molecular level." He said as he placed the tool against the conduits were they pressed against each other. He started moving the bonder over the joint causing it to disappear as the two sections bonded to each other becoming one section of conduit.

When he was done he held the bonder out to Dralex. "All right now you get the other seam and we will have this done." He said.

The Lieutenant took the tool and repeated the same movements as Stross, albeit with his section of the conduit. Within moments, the section was repaired. "It's as good as new," he commented. Dralex handed the bonder back to the Commander.

"Okay Shar you can return the gas flow back to the conduit." David said.

"Aye sir." Shar replied from the console. She entered a set of commands before saying. "Gas flow has been restored.

David stuffed the electron bonder back into his tool kit and pulled out his tricorder and scanned the conduit. "Every thing looks good here. I think the next thing on the list is the life support systems." He said.

"I will take you to the controls," the Lumenite engineer said with enthusiasm. He certainly appreciated everything that they were doing to help them. They were a lot more capable than he imagined.


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