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Analysis Of Recent Events

Posted on Sun Aug 13, 2017 @ 1:36am by Lieutenant JG Yusei Makimura
Edited on on Sun Aug 13, 2017 @ 8:39am

Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: Deck 8 - Primary Science Labs
Timeline: MD2 - 1430 Hours

Yusei entered primary science lab 1, his main place of work. The task at hand demanded the analysis of a big chunk of sensor data as well as comparison with the ship's log. He would start with the obvious, the complete scan of the Dominion vessel. Calibrating the console and the auxiliary programs needed to aid him in this particular quest he spent quite some time. Finally he got the readings he was after, although, he was not quite sure what to make out of it.

He first skimmed over the history of the Jericho being trapped in this protouniverse. He learned, that the Lumenites, the occupying race of this sector used a kind of gateway to get the Jericho here for whatever purpose. He brewed a cup of tea and let all the information sink in. It might be quite possible that a galactic civilization used those 'gates' to contact another. Maybe this was the case here as well.

He turned to the scanning results. The Dominion ship had sustained battle damage but the ship's systems were at 74,6% readiness. The transition must have rendered their offensive capabilities quite useless, but after adapting, they might have eliminated the Lumenite ship if the Jericho had not intervened. He glanced over the readings showing the Dominion vessel as a standard battle cruiser design. However, he could not get clear readings from all sections aboard.

Yusei contemplated. This might have been a direct result from battle damage, sections emitting radiation interfering with scan data. Nothing to be unheard of. But then he reminded himself to look through this kind of view and evaluated again to get a better picture.

"Computer, investigate and specify the kind of interference in scan sectors 35-A and 47-C." he stated, wanting to shed some more light on matters.

+++The interferences share the same origin+++ the computer answered after two minutes of analysis.

+++Reliability is estimated with 48.5%+++

"Specify." Yusei ordered.

+++Verteron particles detected in scan sectors 35-A, 36-A and 47-C. Radiation estimated at 537 Microchrane."

Yusei scratched his head. Verteron particles happen to exist at the presence of wormholes but none was detected in the vicinity of ten light-years. Even a collapsing wormhole should be detectable.

"Computer, search for possible wormhole existence in sector." Yusei added to narrow the possibilities.

After half a minute the computer voice blankly stated: +++Wormhole possibility equals 0.001% and less.+++

Yusei was startled. So, if there wasn't any wormhole and the Lumenites did not open what any means necessary to do so...that could possible mean the Dominion had a kind of measure to do so. Since the scan results were scrambled, there was a good chance they actually had. Yusei thought again. It was crucial, that he should be right with his hypothesis so he went for three other scenarios with alternate circumstances. All lead to the same result. The Dominion ship was brought here via an artificial wormhole, but its origins still were not precise as well as scan data on the Dominion ship.

Yusei opted to speak to Captain Rismore again and left for the bridge.


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