The Possibility To Expand One's Horizons

Posted on Thu Oct 5, 2017 @ 9:51pm by Ensign Ethebias ch'Zelon
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Mission: The Fruit Of Tantalus
Location: U.S.S. Abeona: Deck 1 - Observations Lounge
Timeline: MD1 - 1415 Hours

Ethebias walked onto the observation deck. Beneath his stoic military trained exterior there was a strong admiration for the vast expanse of space. He took a moment to gaze across the windows of the observations. The observation deck of a starship was one of the few places he had always found peace and contentedness. As he entered and began that long walk to the captain, his antennas absently searched the room around him, looking for threats or anything out of place. About five feet away he went to the position of attention.

"Captain Udiel, you summoned me sir," he stated respectfully.

The Abeona's commanding officer smiled upon seeing a compatriot. She stood up from her seat and extended her hand to the Chan in greeting. "Ensign, welcome aboard my ship. I hope that your every comfort has been met thus far?" she asked him.

"It's more comfortable than one of our battle cruisers, ma'am. " He said softening at the informal nature of the questions. He took the hand, shaking it firmly. "I could get used to this life. The observation deck's a spectacular sight." He said breaking away, moving to the window, and relaxing his posture. Though not quite turning his back to the other Andorian. "Can you tell me anything about my upcoming assignment? All I know so far is I am being assigned to the U.S.S. Jericho. I can't complain being assigned to a long range exploration vessel, rather than a starbase."

"The Jericho is the reason why I asked you here," she informed him. "She's an Ambassador-class, not as luxurious as the Abeona, but I'm certain that it'll feel like home for you in no time at all." Udiel joined Ethebias at the viewport. "You will serve Captain Rismore as one of his science officers. Lieutenant Junior Grade Yusei Makimura will be your department head. He is currently aboard this vessel and will be transferring to the Jericho with you. The method of transfer will be a little different than most are accustomed to. You see, although we are in the Gamma Quadrant, the Jericho is not. Not exactly..."

"Not Exactly? With all due respect, what do you mean?" Ethebias asks incredulously as he stood up, his gut instinct telling him the upcoming news was going to be very, very worrying.

"Seventeen years ago, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax of Deep Space Nine discovered a protouniverse in the Gamma Quadrant," the Captain began to explain. "The Jericho was sent to check up on it, to see if it had changed at all with the passage of time. They found that it had significantly increased in size. While performing routine scans, the Jericho was pulled in by an alien force. Starfleet believed that the ship and its crew were lost, that was until the U.S.S. Black Hawk received a transmission from the Jericho about a month later. They were in the protouniverse. It seems that the people there needed the Jericho's help."

There was a dead silence as Ethebias stood there. His face a neutral mask. A slight twitch in his antenna betraying his underlying nerves. After a minute he spoke, "I am to be assigned, to a ship, in a protouniverse, with an unknown nature, possibly some form of alien physics, and dynamical interaction. To help an unknown people with an unknown nature, and an unknown intent?" Ethebias said this while he let out a deep sigh and contemplated everything. A slight smile appeared on the edge of his lips "I guess as a science officer I couldn't hope for a better first posting. After all, strange new worlds and pushing the frontier is what we're about."

Udiel smiled. "It'll certainly be an excellent opportunity for you to expand your scientific horizons," she suggested before turning back to the table and grabbing a PADD off of it. She handed it to the Ensign. It had a run down of what was to come for him. "Once the Abeona arrives at the listening post late tomorrow morning, we'll make contact with the Jericho in the protouniverse. They will initiate their Space Bridge and that will be used, in conjunction with our transporters, to beam you over there. The entire transport sequence will take a little longer than usual but thus far, there haven't been any adverse effects to biologicals. Nonetheless, the Jericho's medical staff will be on hand to welcome you aboard."

Ethebias nodded, and turned back towards the viewing port. His eyes glazed over lost in thought about the future ahead of him.

"Any questions, Ensign?" the Captain asked the Andorian scientist.

"None at this time Captain. I believe it's time for me to study up, and get better acquainted with my future home. Permission to be dismissed?" Ethebias said moving to the position of attention.

"I'd like for you to report to Doctor Durant in Sickbay before you do anything else," Udiel advised. "We need your up to date medical profile before the transport tomorrow. Otherwise, you are dismissed."

"Aye, Captain" Ethebias stated. Before walking back across the deck to the turbolift crisply. Entering he said aloud "Deck five."

As the turbolift moved, Ethebias allowed his mind to wander. A protouniverse? He read theories, but never anything conclusive; and now he was about to travel to one. An interesting assignment; a middle aged war dog turned scientist transferred to one of the last frontiers. When Shas said that Starfleet would be a good second life for him she probably thought some comfy starbase assignment near Andor, not traveling to another universe in another quadrant. Still, this was exactly the type of life Ethebias always dreamed of.